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General Purpose Foil Tapes

These aluminum tapes reflect more than heat. They reflect our reputation for high quality sealing.

3MGeneral Purpose Aluminum Foil Tapes 1449 and 1450 allow you to give

sensitive surfaces and assemblies the extra sealing and holding protection they demand. The dead-soft aluminum foil backing affords excellent heat and light reflection to protect against high temperatures and U.V. degradation. The foil also serves as an excellent barrier against moisture, dust, flame, and certain chemicals.

In selecting your tape, consider which type of adhesive best meets your needs. Tape 1449 has an acrylic adhesive, while 1450 features synthetic rubber. Acrylic supplies superior temperature, U.V., and solvent resistance. It provides excellent age life and is ideal for harsh, long-term outdoor environments. Rubber offers high initial tack and performs best indoors, in short-term, stable environments.


3MGeneral Purpose Aluminum Foil Tapes. The choice is easy.

Tape 1449 gives you:

Tape 1450 gives you:

• Long-aging properties

• High unwind

• Indoors/outdoors versatility

• High initial tack

• High temperature resistance

• Effective bonding to low

• Excellent solvent and

energy surfaces

U.V. resistance

• Good solvent resistance

• Ability to withstand harsh

• Dependable indoor


performance in stable



• Application versatility from


general sealing to moisture

• Application versatility

resistance and heat reflection

from holding down coils


to heat reflection

Typical Physical Properties









Synthetic rubber




Tensile strength at break:

19 lbs./in. (83.2 N/25mm)

19 lbs./in. (83.2 N/25mm)

Backing thickness:

0.0014 in. (.036mm)

0.0019 in. (.048mm)

Total tape thickness:

0.0026 in. (.066mm)

0.0031 in. (.079mm)

Temperature use range:

-25 – 250°F (-32 – 121°C)

-40 – 200°F (-40 – 93°C)




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uniquely within the user’s knowledge and control, it is essential that the user evaluate the 3M ITSD product to determine whether it is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for the user’s method of application.

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