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Application Profile

Market: Office Furniture

Account Type: File Cabinet Manufacturer

Application Description


3MDual LockLow Profile Reclosable Fastener SJ-4570, with pressure

3MDual LockLow Profile

sensitive adhesive, is used to attach decorative side panels to a mobile storage

Reclosable Fastener SJ-4570

filing cabinet. This allows the manufacturer to ship smaller parts that meet


parcel shipment requirements.


Key Application Requirements

North America


Reclosable, to allow installation of side panels on location.


Product Replaced

Fastening Decorative Side Panels


Conventional mechanical fasteners, such as screws and bolts.


Benefits/Advantages To Customer

2522 – Office Furniture


Easy to use: Low profile fastener is easier to use than other attachment methods. No need to drill holes.

No tools needed : No need for tools or machines for attachment.

Quick to install: Faster to attach decorative panels.

Light weight: Helps reduce shipping costs.

Snaps in place: Audible sound indicates complete closure.

Repositionable: Allows adjustment during re-assembly.

Clear backing: Transparency helps assure complete adhesive attachment.

3M Bonding Systems Division

Product Information

3MDual LockLow Profile Reclosable Fastener consists of a continuous strip of clear plastic backing, with low profile plastic mushroom-shaped stems protruding up from the backing strip. When two pieces of the fastener are pressed together, the mushroom heads interlock with an audible snap. To open, simply pull apart. This provides fast, secure, reclosable fastening performance for a wide range of applications.

Related Application Ideas

Attaching decorative panels to other office furniture.

Key Decision Makers

Product Manager

Production Manager

Design Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer

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To request additional product information or to arrange for sales assistance, call 1-800-362-3550. Address correspondence to: 3M Bonding Systems Division, 3M Center, Building 220-7E-01, St. Paul, MN 55144-1000. Our fax number is 651-733-9175. In Canada, phone: 1-519-451-2500. In Puerto Rico, phone: 1-787-620-3000. In Mexico, phone: 1-525-270-2060.

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Bonding Systems Division

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St. Paul, MN 55144-1000

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