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Application Profile

Market: Transportation

Account Type: Automotive Interior Trim Assembly





































Application Description

3MDual LockReclosable Fasteners SJ-3751 and SJ-3781 are used to attach the headliner to the roof on the interior of sport utility vehicles.

Key Application Requirements

Hold headliner in place, reclosable, meet interior component specifications.

Product Replaced

Conventional mechanical fasteners.

Benefits/Advantages To Customer

Variable strengths: Different stem densities provide different engagement and disengagement strengths to suit each application.

Easy to use: 3MDual LockReclosable Fasteners are are easy to align during assembly, helping to improve throughput and provide a good fit of the headliner.

Reliable bond: The aggressive high-tack, pressure-sensitive adhesive provides immediate application during assembly.

Improved appearance: 3MDual LockReclosable Fasteners are hidden from view, providing a clean, uncluttered look to the headliner.

Quiet: 3MDual LockReclosable Fasteners do not come loose, helping reduce squeaks.

Reclosable: 3MDual LockReclosable Fasteners allow easy access to wiring for service needs, helping to reduce service costs.

Die-cut parts: 3MDual LockReclosable Fasteners may be die-cut to shape and size to meet specified shapes.


3MDual LockReclosable

Fasteners SJ-3751, SJ-3781


North America


Attaching Headliner


3711 – Motor Vehicles

and Car Bodies

3714 – Motor Vehicle Parts

and Accessories

3M Bonding

Systems Division

Product Information

3MDual LockReclosable Fasteners consist of continuous strips of plastic backing, with plastic mushroom-shaped stems protruding up from the backing strip. When two pieces of the fasteners are pressed together, the mushroom heads interlock with an audible snap. To open, simply pull apart. This provides fast, secure, reclosable fastening performance for a wide range of applications. Cycle life exceeds 1,000 reclosures.

3MDual LockReclosable Fasteners are die-cut to specified size by a specialty converter and shipped to a Tier 1 supplier. The panel supplier applies 3MDual LockReclosable Fastener pieces to the headliner. The automotive manufacturer applies the mating 3MDual LockReclosable Fastener pieces to the appropriate location on the interior roof of the sport utility vehicle. The automotive manufacturer then attaches the headliner by snapping it in place.

Related Application Ideas

Attaching various automotive interior trim.

Qualified for Industry Specifications



General Motors

3MDualLock Reclosable Fastener

PF 8543




PF 8858



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