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Application Profile

Market: Custom Cabinet

Application Description: Drawer stiffening.

Application Method


3MScotch-Weld Hot Melt Applicator PG.

3MScotch-Weld Hot Melt

Adhesive 3792-LM, 3762-LM,

Key Application Requirements

3792 or 3762


Bonding the bottom of the drawer to the sides to help provide stiffening and prevent drawer rattles.

Benefits/Advantages To Customer

Eliminates mechanical fasteners: The original design of this application used nails and “white” glue that affected the appearance of the finished product.

High-strength bonds: Provides high-strength bonds for wood-to-wood bonding and is easier to apply than the former nail/glue application.

Fast production and manufacturing time with quality results: The finished products are assembled quickly with a more attractive appearance, helping increase the overall quality and customer satisfaction.

Improves durability and quality with quality results: Helps increase the overall quality and satisfaction by minimizing the rattling noise and the chance of drawer-bottom warpage.

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