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Customer Abrasive Methods Center

Our mission. Your methods.

Put the CAM Center

to work for you.

Think of the 3M Customer Abrasive Method CAM Center as an extension of your plant…a valuable resource in your quest for innovative methods, greater

productivity and improved quality.

3M engineers and product application specialists work on a wide range of projects and requests:

Process development

Process and machinery evaluations

Robotics and fixed automation

Partnerships with machine builders worldwide

Research and development

Application training

Each year the CAM Center processes hundreds of requests and hosts hundreds of visits from customers, distributors, and industry officials from around the world. To take advantage of the CAM Center, contact your 3M Sales Representative.


The CAM Center is completely equipped to demonstrate the typical operations found in a furniture or cabinet plant, including:

Lumber planing

Wide belt sanding

Shape and edge sanding

Stroke sanding

Hand sanding and portable tool sanding

Solid surface finishing

Top coat rubbing


The CAM Center features a host of machines for wet and dry metalworking applications, including:

Precision centerless grinding and finishing

Stroke sanding

Weld grinding and finishing

Paint preparation

Sheet deburring, cleaning and finishing

Tube and rod grinding and finishing

Coatings removal


The CAM Center is equipped to grind and finish all types of cast and forged parts, such as golf club heads, hand tools, orthopedic implants and engine parts:

Advanced robotics and automation for grinding and finishing

Rapid Grinding Systems capable of a metal removal rate of up to 1/2 cubic inch per second per inch of belt width used

Wet or dry grinding

Scale removal

Intermediate and final finishing


The CAM Center features complete facilities for testing products for the automotive industry, including:

White metal preparation for paint

Clearcoat and topcoat finishing

Plastics finishing

CAM and crankshaft grinding and finishing

Advanced robotics and automation for grinding and finishing


For general product information, call 1-866-279-1235.

For scheduling a visit to the CAM Center, contact your local 3M Industrial Business representative or call the CAM Center at 651-733-4643, Option 4.




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