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with EH-Series Adhesive

3M EH-Series Tapes combine the air release of 3M E-Series Tapes with adhesive that resists edge

lifting on small diameter cylinders. These ten tapes provide production enhancements for printers plus

the print quality customers expect.

On easy with reduced air entrapment

Unlike flat or pebbled liners, crosshatched microchannels

in EH-Series liners allow air to bleed from between the tape and plate, and between the tape and cylinder

Helps eliminate bubble problems for easier, virtually error-free mounting

Setup is faster with smoother surfaces for cleaner print quality and higher productivity

Plus Tapes

Easy Mount Adhesive that holds the edge on cylinder diameters as small as 2"



Stays on with reduced edge-lifting

Exclusive adhesive maintains tight contact between tape and plate to dramatically reduce edge lifting

Saves prep, downtime, and labor of sealing plate edges

Prevent blemishes in screen and process printing

Help assure proper registration

Balancing solids and dots for customer satisfaction

Choice of constructions for solids or halftones, or combination solids and dots

EH-Series and E-Series Selection Guide

Select EH-Series

E1820H, E1815H, E1720H, E1715H, E1020H, E1015H, E1920H, E1915H, E1120H, E1115H:

Higher plate side adhesion

Small diameter print cylinder

0.107" thick plate or greater

Don’t have time to clean back of plate

Select E-Series

E1820, E1815, E1720, E1715, E1020, E1015, E1920, E1915, E1120, E1115:

Easier plate removal

Larger diameter print cylinder

0.067" thick plate or less

Clean back of plate

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