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Application Profile

Market: Handheld Devices

Application Description: Cushioning, Protecting or Decorative Bumpers for Flip-type Mobile Phones.


Protective Products

Application Method

Easily applied by long term durable PSA. Supplied in easy to apply sheet format.

Key Application Requirements

Shape, size and color matches with phone total design. Strong and long term durable adhesion to the body.

Benefits/Advantages To Customer

Custom designed molded Bumpon products: Provide perfect match to the design of the phone.

Sound damping: Urethane molded Bumpon products provide sound damping and cushioning when closing the flip phone.

Adhesive strength: Variety of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) selection provide secure, strong bond to the body of the cell phone.



Protective Products

3M Industrial Business

Product Information

Material: Pigmented or clear polyurethane.

Color: Colors may be matched to almost every color. Translucent colors are also available.

Surface finish: Gloss or matt.

Adhesives: Acrylic or rubber based PSA.

3MBumponProtective Products are also available in sheet form as custom die-cut shapes and sizes for low-applications. A converter will die-cut sheets of 3M Bumpon Protective Product into the specified ashape and size. The die-cut parts are shipped to the OEM plant for application during the assembly process.

Industry Trend

Appearance and personalization are becoming more important to consumers. 3M Bumpon Protective Products can be used to help differentiate cell phones from another manufacturer’s design.

Related Applications

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Key Decision Makers

Product Designers and Design Engineers

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