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Application Profile

Market: Furniture and Woodworking

Account Type: Cabinet Assembly

Application Description

3MLaminating Adhesive 468MP which utilizes 3M High-performance 200MP Acrylic Adhesive is ideal for bonding wood veneer when building and refinishing cabinets.

Application Method

A combination of metal and rubber rollers with moderate pressure is recommended for initial lamination of the adhesive to “backed” veneer. Veneer is backed to provide stability and minimize checking and splintering of the veneer.

Key Application Requirements

Adhesive has to have excellent shear holding and bond strength to most substrates.

Product Replaced

Contact cement.

Benefits/Advantages To Customer

High-performance: For exceptional environmental resistance and enhanced bond strength.

High cohesive strength: Resists edge lifting and slippage.

Moisture-stable liner: Resists curling or wrinkling in high humidity.

Fast and easy to use: The aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive is easy to use.

Initially repositionable: Allows for placement, then builds to a significantly higher bond strength with time.



Acrylic Adhesive 200MP


3MLaminating Adhesive 468MP


North America


Bonding Wood Veneer


2434 – Wood Kitchen Cabinets

3M Bonding

Systems Division


3MLaminating Adhesive 468MP is laminated to “backed” veneers using standard laminating equipment. The liner is then removed and the veneer is applied using a hard edged “scraper” tool. The scraper tool allows the veneer to be applied with more contact pressure than can be achieved with a roller.

Related Products

3MLaminating Adhesive 9668MP with 5 mil. 3M High-performance Acrylic Adhesive. Ideal for application requiring heavier lay flat liner.

Key Decision Makers

Design Engineers

Production and Quality Managers

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