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Application Profile

Market: Household Appliance

Application Description: Attaching the polycarbonate control panel to a self-cleaning oven.

Key Application Requirements

High temperature resistance, no edge lifting, long aging.

Benefits/Advantages To Customer

Excellent temperature and chemical resistance: 3MLaminating Adhesive 7952MP uses 3MHigh Performance Acrylic Adhesive Technology 200MP, providing resistance to high temperatures and household cleaning chemicals.

Resists edge lifting: High cohesive strength prevents edges of control panel from lifting.

Strong bond: 3M Laminating Adhesive 7952MP provides a long-term bond.


3MHigh-performance Adhesive

Technology 200MP


3MLaminating Adhesive 7952MP

3M Industrial Business

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3MLaminating Adhesive 7955MP

5.0 mil thick adhesive provides higher bond strength on rough or


smooth surfaces.

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Attachment of graphic overlays to membrane switch or keyboard.

SIC Codes

3631 – Household Cooking Equipment

3639 – Household Appliances

Key Decision Makers

Design, Manufacturing, and Quality Control Engineers

Product Development Managers

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