2N Analogue UMTS gateway 2N EasyGate UMTS USB - Quick Start User Manual


EasyGate UMTS Data quick installation guide

This installation guide can be used for easy drivers installing, modem configuration a Internet options settings using EasyGate UMTS Data. Inserted screenshots illustrate the settings in Windows XP ENG, settings in other versions of Windows system is almost same.

EasyGate UMTS Data connection a drivers installation

1)Insert the USIM card into the EasyGate UMTS Data (follow the Manual on CD)

2)Connect the EasyGate UMTS Data with Your PC using A B USB cable.

3)Connect the gateway to supply adapter (use the original adapter).

4)If Your PC is not turned on, turn it on.

5)Make sure You have directory with EasyGate UMTS Data drivers including following files:






Drivers take place on the included CD in directory Data\EasyGate\Modem driver. The file EasyGate 3G USB Modem Drivers.zip is necessary to unzip in somewhere in Your PC before installation.

6) If finding of new hardware components is turned on in Your PC, Windows find automatically the new hardware and display following window. Choose You don’t want to connect to Windows Update Web and click “Next”. If finding of new hardware components is turned off in Your PC, skip to part 13).

7) In following window choose “Install from a list or specific location“and click “Next”.

2N Analogue UMTS gateway 2N EasyGate UMTS USB - Quick Start User Manual

8) Choose the options as shown in the screenshot and click “Browse“ to set the directory path to modem drivers You copy in part 5)

9) If warning window is displayed choose „Continue Anyway

10) The modem is properly installed, choose “Finish

11) During installation 3 new hardware items are found and have to be installed. For all items use the procedure described up. After installing all new hardware items following is added to device manager (Control panels >System >Hardware >Device manager):

Telit HSDPA USB Modem

Telit Auxiliary Port

Telit Diagnostics Interface

Device manager with these hardware items is shown down. The numbers of COM ports can differ.

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