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Please keep the receipt in a safe place.

You may register your product online at

www.whistlergroup.com. If the unit is

nedreturwithout a dated pr

oof of

purchase, an out of war


Note: charge applies. ranty Your


period begins at the time of purchase.



ranty is Thevalidatedwar

by your



Now is the time to record the serial

number of the unit in the space provided

anty sectionintheof thewar



Dear Whistler Owner,

For many of tationus,.vehicleIt is more than just transpor

can be a mobile office, communications or entertainment center, or simply an expression of our personality. Whistler products are designed to make the time you spend in your vehicle more productive, more fulfilling, safer, or just simply more fun. Our mission is to provide products that improve your driving experience.

Whistler offers a complete line of DC to AC inverters ranging

from 100 tersWattsofto 3000 Watts. These inver

fer advanced

technology, dependable operation and will provide years of

vice whenreliableused inseraccor

dance with our operating




Your new WhistlerunmostpowerAC inverter allows you to r

appliances right from your car, boat or RV. They’re great for weekend use and life on the road. They’re also great for power outages. To fully acquaint yourself with the operation of this power inver , we recommend reading this entire manual.




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Features Summar ..................................................................


n tant InforImpor



ter InforInver ..............................................................




• Getting Star




• Don’t Push It



InforBatter ...........................................................




• Selecting the Optimum Power Source


Cable Infor .............................................................




• Wire Cable Gauges



Operation ..........................................................................




• Making the Connection



• The Power Source



• TV Fans and Audiophiles



• Microwaves


ful Advice•Power




• Technical Types




Technical21 Operating22

Principles ........................................

23Operation Summar

Troubleshooting ................................................................

Specifications .............................................................................................................................


Warranty Infor ........................................................

A Word About Whistler Power Inverters

ters convert lowWhistlervoltage,inverdir




toect110cur ent (DC)

nating householdvoltalter


ent (AC). The AC output is called


“modified sine wave”. See “Technical Operating Principles”


section formationre. Dependinginfor on the model and its

power eithertersratedfrdrawinvercapacity, Whistler




om standard


12 volt automobile and marine batteriestableor highfrom por


power 12 volt sources.





ter FeatuInver











“A” = Pro-2000w& up models


“B” = Pro-1200W&Pro-1600W








Note: Front panel layout and controls are similar for models 1200 watt and up.



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Three 110 AC Outlets



Remote Operation Jack


ter is designedTheinverto be operated fr

om a


remote location via a WHISTLER Remote Control


Switch (P/N Pro-RS01)which plugs into this socket.

le thr

This optional accessor



WHISTLER or your WHISTLER dealer.


3.USB Power Por

t is alwaysThisonporand independent of the ’ ter inver s on/off switch.

4. On/Off Switch


nsTurthe unit On/Of


n itself of ter will• OverloadturThe inverProtection.


when the continuous draw or the surge draw of the

equipment being operated exceeds the maximum

power rating for the inverter.


n itself of ter will•turThermalinverProtection.


nal temperaturwhen the inter

e exceeds safe design



7.Cooling Fans

8.Power Input Terminals

ve pr (Obser

oper polarity)


Digital Power Meter














On/Shutdown Indicator Light



In the event of an automatic shut down or continuous


The LED will illuminate GREEN when the inverter is






ter OFF (O)nuntiltheinvm,thetursour

audible alar

ce of the

malpoweredconditionsin .norThis light will tur


mined and r related problem has been deter


r will automaticallyandthe shutinverdown (except





hen any of lowthe folvolowingtagealar







problems occur:






t Cir

• Shor

cuit Protectionter will shut. The






down until the shor






• Low Voltagem will AlarmsoundAnalar.when the





y discharvoltage from the batter


ges to 10.5+/-0.5





volts DC. This is an indication that the battery needs





to be recharged.






n itself

ter• Overwill turVoltageThe inverProtection.






off when the input exceeds 15.5+/-0.5volts DC.




n•terUnderwill turVoltageThe inverProtection.

itself off when the input is less than 10.0+/-0.5volts DC.



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Important WhistlerInformationAbout Your New ter Inver .

This manual will provide you with directions for the safe and efficient operation of your Whistle Power Inverter. Read the manual carefully before using your new Whistler

ter andinverkeep the manual on file for futur e reference.

ImportantEachNote:of the following operating procedures and safety features must be carefully reviewed and thoroughly understood prior to using the inverter. Failure to do so may result in damage to the inverter, equipment or serious personal injury.



gned toYoperateurWhistlerfr inver

om a 12 volt

power source only. Never attempt to connect your

any otherWhistlerpowerinversour

ce, including any

AC power source.


110 volts can be lethal. Improper use of your Whistler

ter mayinverr

esult inty properdamage, personal

y or injurlossof life.



Getting Star


Power equipment and appliances which operate with motors

or tubes require an initial surge of power to get them up unningand.Thisr power sur ting ger is refer ed to as the "star

load" or "peak load." (By comparison, electrical devices such as standard light bulbs do not requireload.ting)a large star

Once the equipment or appliance has been powered up, it settles down to a slower pace and requires far less electrical power to operate. This lower power requirementr is refer ed to as the "continuous load."

Whistler In order to ensure that the capacity of your

ter inver

is sufficient to meet thet requiredupload, staryou must first


mine deterthepower consumption of the equipment or


appliance you plan to operate.


Power consumption is rated either in wattage or amperes,

mation r and infor

egarding the required "watts" or "amps"

generally is stamped or printed on most appliances and equipment. If this information is not indicated on the appliance or equipment, check theContactowner’sthemanual.

appliance or equipment manufacturer to determine if

the device you are usingychar(TV’s, batter

ger, computer,

Do not

connect the



output to any other


etc.) is compatible with a modified sine wave.


power source.






If the power consumption is rated in amps, multiply the number

Not recommended for use with medical equipment.





of amps by 110 (AC voltage) to determine the comparable



with the


manufacturer for


wattage rating. Induction motors may require 2 to 6 times


compatibility with modified sine wave inverters.




their wattage rating to start up.



Some appliances may not work well, not at all or be



ue for medicaldamagedequipment. This is especially. tr









Formationreoinforcompatibility issues, please visit

mation ontherinforfundamentalForfur



ter F

our inver

AQ page at:

wwwwhistler. .comgroup




principles of

ters ainverd

elated technical
















data, see

echnical Operating Principles."




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Don’t Push It.




power overload. Testing appliances and equipment with


Although yourter has the capacitypowerinverto


t upstarload ratings comparable to your inver

ter wattage



rating will not damage it.



provide power output (excess current) equal to approximately








two times its rated wattage capacity for a very brief period,

If a piece of equipment or an appliance will not operate,


it is designed to operate equipment and appliancesterhaswithbeen pr m that thefirstinverconfir


operly connected


t upstarload wattage ratings no higher than its own maximum

to the 12 volt power source (See "Making The Connection").


continuous wattage rating.




If allterconnectionsthehaveinverbeen properly made, tur



For example, the Pro-1200W


has a maximum

rocker switch ON (l), OFF (O) and ON (l) again in quick


cessionuc. If this pr

ocedure is unsuccessful, it is likely that


continuous rating of 1200 watts. Although this model has


terthedoesinvernot have the r

t upequiredcapacitystaror



the capacity to briefly provide more than its continuous





t large enough to operate the


power (that is, excess

ent), it is designed to operate



equipment or appliance in question.



equipment and appliancestup loadwithr star

equirements of








1200 watts or less.




Selecting the Optimum Power Source.









Consequently,up load ratingif theofstaryour equipment

ter for extended periodsOperatingcombinthedinverwith












or appliance is slightly higher than the maximum continuous

a high continuous load demand may result in excessive


rating of therinverwill attempt,the inverto star



powery drain from the batter . Therefore, thevecapacityreser


above the continuous rating.






y you select toof powerthebatterthe inver


ter is an








Some refrigerators, freezers, pumps and other similar

important consideration.



equipment and appliancestup loadsrequireyhigh starver


The potential power drain can be estimated by calculating


to operate. Before attempting to power up this type of


thevepowereser ("amp-hour"orAh) of the batter

y and


equipment or appliance, make certain that all connections


theter ampstomeetrequiredthe continuousby the inver



have been properly made and that the power source is fully



load demand of the equipment or appliance being






















mine whetherTodeteryourticulainver


ter will operate a par






piece of equipmentteris or appliance, run a test. The inver






designed to shut down automatically in the event of a







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1. To calculate the Ah of minethebattery, first deter





• It may be advisable to operate the inverter from a bank


ve"reserminutes" rating. (Deep cycle marine batteries




of batteries of the same type in a "parallel" configuration.


generally have the highestveminutereser ratings). This




Two such batteries will generate twice the Ah of a


rating typically is marked on the battery along with the

y; thr

single batter

ee batteries will generate three


"Cold Cranking Amps" (CCA) rating. Multiply theve reser




times the Ah and so on. See “Making a Connection”


minutes ratingmineofthe battery by 0.3 to deter




on page 13 formatioren. infor

y apprbatter

oximate Ah rating. A battery withvea reser







minutes rating of 166 has an Ah rating of 49.8.




This multiple parallel battery option is especially


To estimate the maximumterbattery cur ent the inver




recommended for the Pro-2500WandPro-3000W




ters dueinverto the

high level of amps these models


will requirpieceuna to r of equipment or appliance,










require to produce up to 3000 watts of continuous


divide its continuous load wattage requirement by 10.






load. Formatioren infor y poweregarding batter










The Pro-1200Wwatt model utilizes 50 amps of battery




please visit our inverter faq page at:





wwwwhistler. .comgroup.


power to operate an appliance with a 500 watt continuous









load requirement. (500W divided by 10V = 50A).




Wire Cable Gauges











y is suf3.

Conclusion: Thevepowereser of the batter





For safe and proper operation of the inverter, connect the


to satisfy the continuous load demand placed on the







ter toinvtherpower sour

ce with the proper gauge available

ter forinvera maximum of about one hour

. (49.8 Ah



test length practicalandin. the shor



divided by 50A = 1 hour).






























will be operating•Whenequipmthe invernt or

y ar


ter and the batterWhen the inver

e set up within three feet


appliances with high continuous load ratings for extended



of each other, use a minimum of #4 gauge wire to make the


periods, it is not advisable to power theinverter with




connections. Within four to six feet, use a minimum of #2 gauge

y used to powersameyourbattervehicle. If the car


uck or tr




wire (Pro-1200W),#0 gauge forPro-1600W.At distances

y is utilizedbatterfor an extended period, it is possible that




between six feet to ten feet, use #0 gauge wire (Pro-1200W),

y voltage maythebatterbe d ained to the point wher






#00 gauge for Pro-1600W.

y has insufthe batterthe vehicle. ficientvepowereser to star










pro1200to3000w.qxp 4/30/2010 8:54 AM Page 15



Pro2000Wand Pr


the batterWhen the inver

e set up within three

feet of each other, use a minimum of #2 gauge wire to make the connections. Within four to six feet, use a #0 gauge wire (Pro-2000W),#00 gauge forPro-2500W.At distances between six feet to ten feet, use #000 gauge wires (Pro2000W), #0000 forPro-2500Wconnected in parallel to the

ybatter .

Making the Connection.

tain 1that. theMakePowcer switch is in the OFF (O) position.

2.Connect the cables to the power input terminals at the

ter and tightenreartheofscrthe inver

ews to make a

secure connection.


(To make these connections, install the wire connectors flush with the metal backing plates and fasten the nuts securely.



3. minalConnect the cable from the Negative (-)ter



ter to thetheNegativeinver (-)ter

minal on the 12 volt

the batterWhen the inver

e set up within three

tainpowtherconnectionsource. Makeis securcer




feet of each other, use a minimum of #0 gauge wire to make

m4that.Confirthe cable you have just installed is

the connections. Within four to six feet, use a #000 gauge

properly connected. Specifically,tainthat make cer

wires. At distances between six feet to ten feet, use 2 sets of

the cable is connected to the Negative (-)terminals

#00 gauge wires connected in parallel to the battery.

ter and the 12 voltonpowerboth thesourinver


5. Connect the cable from the Positive (+) terminal on

Check Whistler’s online store for cablterthetoinvether Positiveaailability(+) ter minal. on the power source.

Cable options: For model Pro-2500at 10 foot length, a subsitute for the #0000 gauge can be using 2 sets of #0 gauge wires connected in parallel to the battery.




pro1200to3000w.qxp 4/30/2010 8:54 AM Page 17







m7that.Confirthe equipment or appliance to be


Loose connections can result in a severe decrease in

ned of

operated is tur

f. Plug the equipment or


voltage which may cause damage to the wires and insulation.


appliance into one of the AC receptacles on the

Failure to make proper connection between the inverter


front panel of the the inverter.



and the power source will result in reverse polarity.

ter to the8. ONnTurthe(I) inverposition. T


n onur the


Reverse polarityterwill blow the internal fuses in the inver


damage toandthe mayinvercause per





equipment or appliance.



Damage caused by reverse polarity is not covered


Plug the USB powered device into the inverter’s


under the




Making the connection between the Positive (+)


USB power por



minalster may cause a sparkras a r

esult of cur ent flowing





to the capacitors malinthenorinverter. This is a







y “chirp”

m may make• a momentarTheaudible alar



occur ence. Due to the potential for sparking, however,





tant thatitis extremelyboththe inverimpor



ned OFFter(O)is. turThe samewhenalar the inver





and the


may also sound when the inverter is being connected

be well r

12 volt batter


emoved from any possible



source of flammable fumes or gases.Failure to heed


to or disconnected from the 12 volt power source.


this warning could result in fire or explosion.

The use of an extensionterto cord from the inver








Run a ground from the Ground LugminalTer at the


the appliance or equipment being operated will

to a pr

rear of the inver


oper grounding point using


decrease the power being delivered to the load.

test practicaltheshorlength of 18 A



WG wire. Selection


For best operatextensionng coresults, the



of the grounding point will depend on where you are


should be no more than 50 feet long.



using the inver

. The ground wire may be connected






to the chassis of your vehicle or to the grounding






system in your boat or to the earth*

if you are operating





ter in a r the inver

emote location. Before connecting





tain that the ground, make cer









Operating the inver









grounding it may result in electrical shock.






gr ound can’t be the same ground as the AC ground.







pro1200to3000w.qxp 4/30/2010 8:55 AM Page 19



















• Check frequently to ensure that the input and





The Power Source.




output connections are secure. Loose connections




When the engine is off, most batteries will provide ample power


may damage the inver

, the power source, or





may generate excessive heat.




ter for one to twohe inverhous. The actual length

of time










is a function of several variables including the age and










condition of the battery, the number of batteries and the power

To generate the maximum output, the Pro-3000Wwatt




demand being placed on it by the equipment being operated


with the terinverwhile.Iftheyouenginear using the inver


model (for example) should be connected to a power



t the engineisoff,everwe recommend you star






y 30 to 60



supply which has the capacity to produce up to 300





echarge the






un for at least 10 minutestoandr let it r

amps. The loads should be distributed between the




batter . We also recommend that the device plugged into

receptacles to ensurethat each outlet is pr oducing no




ter be turthe inver

f beforoverningtur the engine.


more than its maximum 1500 watt output.

ned of









If more than one piece of equipment or appliance is




Although it is notningnecessaryof terto whentur turfthe inver





operationoverthe engine, the inverter may momentarily cease


to be operated at the same time, first turn on the







y voltage decras the batter

eases. When the inverter is not

pieceterof andequipmentinverthen turor










supplyingned power,on,it drawsand islowturamperage


appliance separately to enable the inverter to produce





y (see specifications)from the. batter



thet requireduploads.star
























For You Television Fans & Audiophiles.


tant yInforImporChar


mation on Batter


ter is shielded andAfilterhough the inver

ed to minimize signal

atter Using your inver


gers for power tools,

flashlights, video cameras and laptop computers may cause



fer inter ence, some inter

ence with your television picture




may be unavoidable, especially with weak signals. However,

damage to the inver

ging unit. Check with the







here are some suggestions that may improve the reception.

appliance manufacturer for compatibility with modified sine










if you’rwave inver

e unsure.



tain that the televisionFirst,1.makeantennacer pr









Although we advise against it, if you attempt to use a





a clear signal under normal operating conditions (i.e.,

charging unit, monitor the temperature of the charging unit




at home plugged into a standard 110 AC wall outlet).

for approximately 10 minutes. If the charging unit becomes




Also, ensure that the antenna cable is properly shielded

onnectunusuallyit fr


ter immediatelyom the inver





and of good quality.