TRENDnet Windows 7 User Manual

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TE100-P21/TEW-P21GWindows 7 Installation Instruction

Hardware Installation

1.Go to to download the Windows 7 Utility. Save the file to your desktop.

2.Right click on the file and select Extract All. Follow the wizard to uncompress the file.

3.Connect a RJ-45Network cable from a switch/router to the LAN port of the Print Server

4.Connect the detachable antenna (for TEW-P21Gonly)

5.Connect the AC power adapter to the Print Server and then to a power outlet

6.Connect the Printer to the USB or parallel port on the Print Server

7.Power on the Printer

Configure the Print Server

1.Double click on PSUtilitySetup_v3.13.exe

2.Follow the steps to configure the Print server

a. Select the Print Server and click Change IP Address.

Manually assign the IP Address of the Print

Server and then click OK.Note: The IP Address must match the network segment of your network.

b. Click OK

c. Click Show Web Setup.

d.Click on Configuration, then Wireless. Select the proper SSIDand then click Save. (Enable and enter the encryption key if your wireless network is encrypted. Please contact your Network Administrator for the encryption key)(TEW-P21G only).

e.Unplug the Ethernet cable and the power adapter from the print server. Wait 15 seconds, then plug the power adapter back in (TEW-P21Gonly).

Add the Printer to your computer

1.Double click on PSWizardSetup_v2.20.exe

2.Follow the steps to add the printer to your computer

a.Select the print server, select the desired port and then click

Add Printer. Note:

1.If your printer is connect to USB1, selectPS-XXXXXX-U1.If your printer is connected toUSB2, selectPS-XXXXXX-U2.If your printer is connected toLPT, selectPS-XXXXXX-P3.

2.PS-XXXXXXrepresents theServer Name of your print server. Your print server will have a different

Server Name.

b.Click Select from manufacturer list.

Select the appropriate driver for your printer and then click Next.

c. Click Next.

d. Click Print Test Page.

e. Click OK.

f.Click Finish.

g.Repeat the above steps to add the printer to other computers on the network


The PS Wizard / PS Utility is unable to see my printer server. What should I do?

1.Double check your hardware connections; make sure that the print server and printer are powered ON and are properly connected.

2.Click Discover.

3.Disable any software firewall programs (e.g. ZoneAlarm). Also, disable the built in Windows firewall program.

My printer does not print the entire document. What should I do?

Windows 7

1.Click on the Windows icon on the bottom left-handcorner of the screen.

2.Click Devices and Printers.

3.Right click on the printer and select Printer Properties.

4.Click the Advanced tab.

5.Uncheck Enable advanced printing features.

6.Click Apply.

7.Click OK.

I successfully added a printer to my computer and I can print a test page, but I cannot print anything from Microsoft Word or other applications.

Make sure the printer is set as your default printer. Click the Windows icon->Devices and Printers and verify that your printer icon has a check on it.

I configured my print server to automatically receive an IP Address from a DHCP server, and now I cannot go into the Print Server’s web utility.

Open PS Wizard (See Add the Printer to your PC) to locate your print server’s IP Address.

After I successfully configured the TEW-P21Gto match my wireless network settings, I can not print through the Print Server.

1.Verify that the wireless settings match your wireless network settings.

2.Verify that the antenna is attached to the Print Server and the WLAN LED on the Print Server is lit.

I forgot the administration password. How do I reset my print server?

Factory reset the print server using the following procedure. This procedure will reset all settings to default. By default, there is no password.

1.Take a pin or paper clip and press the reset button. The reset button is located on the back of the unit.

2.Wait 15 seconds, then let go.