TRENDnet Not available User Manual
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MAC Address

Enter the MAC address of a computer that you want to control with MAC filtering. Computers that have obtained an IP address from the router's DHCP server will be in the DHCP Client List. Select a device from the drop down menu.

The rule of thumb:In mixed mode, multicast key has to be TKIP, but unicast key can be different per stations.In WPA or WPA2 only mode, unicast and multicast key can be only AES for WPA2, and TKIP for WPA. (AES means the unicast and multicast key are all AES. TKIP/AES means multicast is TKIP. But unicast can be AES or TKIP, which depends on the peer.)




Enable the WPS feature.

Lock Wireless Security Settings

Locking the wireless security settings prevents the settings from being changed by any new external registrar using its PIN. Devices can still be added to the wireless network using WPS.

PIN Settings

A PIN is a unique number that can be used to add the router to an existing network or to create a new network. The default PIN may be printed on the bottom of the router. For extra security, a new PIN can be generated. You can restore the default PIN at any time. Only the Administrator ("admin" account) can change or reset the PIN.

Current PIN

Shows the current value of the router's PIN.

Reset To WPS Default

Restore the default PIN of the router.

Generate New PIN

Create a random number that is a valid PIN. This becomes the router's PIN. You can then copy this PIN to the user interface of the registrar.

PBC Settings

The push button method can be used to allow wireless clients to connect to the router without entering/remember any encryption keys. The user can use the PBC method by pressing the WPS button on the side of the router or select the PBC option under Wireless/WPS settings page and hit Apply.


All the wireless clients connecting to the router will be shown here, you could monitor your network and prevent any unauthorized wireless connection easily.