TRENDnet Not available User Manual
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Admin Password

Enter a password for the user "admin", who will have full access to the Web-basedmanagement interface.

Device Name

The name of the router can be changed here.

Enable Dynamic DNS

Enable this option only if you have purchased your own domain name and registered with a dynamic DNS service provider. The following parameters are displayed when the option is enabled.

Dynamic DNS Provider

Select a dynamic DNS service provider from the pull-downlist.

Host Name

Enter your host name, fully qualified; for example:



Enter the account provided by your service provider. If the Dynamic DNS provider supplies only a key, enter that key in all three fields.


Enter the password provided by your service provider. If the Dynamic DNS provider supplies only a key, enter that key in all three fields.


Once you have a firmware update on your computer, use this option to browse for the file and then upload the information into the router.



Export Settings

This option allows you to export and then save the router's configuration to a file on your computer. Be sure to save the configuration before performing a firmware upgrade.

Import Settings

Use this option to restore previously saved router configuration settings.

Load Factory Defaults

This option restores all configuration settings back to the settings that were in effect at the time the router was shipped from the factory. Any settings that have not been saved will be lost. If you want to save your router configuration settings, use the Export Settings option above.

System Reboot

This restarts the router. It is useful for restarting when you are not near the device.


Time Configuration

Current Router Time

Displays the time currently maintained by the router. If this is not correct, use the following options to configure the time correctly.

Time Zone

Select your local time zone from pull down menu. Automatic Time Configuration

Enable NTP Server

Select this option if you want to synchronize the router's clock to a Network Time Server over the Internet. If you are using schedules or logs, this is the best way to ensure that the schedules and logs are kept accurate. Note that, even when NTP Server is enabled, you must still choose a time zone and set the daylight saving parameters.

NTP Server Used

Select a Network Time Server for synchronization. You can type in the address of a time server or select one from the list. If you have trouble using one server, select another.

Set the Date and Time Manually

If you do not have the NTP Server option in effect, you can either manually set the time for your router here.