TRENDnet N300 Wireless PoE Access Point User Manual

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Quick Installation Guide



Table of Contents




Before You Start



Hardware Installation







Version 01.08.2010

1. Before You Start

Package Contents


?Multi-LanguageQuick Installation Guide

?CD-ROM(Utility and User's Guide)

?AC Power Adapter (12V DC, 0.5A)

?Cat. 5 Ethernet Cable (0.6m / 2ft.)

System Requirements

?Web Browser: Internet Explorer (6 or higher)

?A computer with a network adapter or wireless adapter properly installed

?A router with an available network LAN port

?An available DHCP Server – routers usually have abuilt-inDHCP server

?Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switch (e.g.TPE-80WS)(Optional)

?Injector (e.g.TPE-111GI)(Optional)

Note: TheTEW-638PAPonly works with Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices that follow the IEEE 802.3af standard.


2. Hardware Installation


1.Locate an optimum location for the Access Point. The best place for the Access Point is usually at the center of your wireless network.

2.Disable any anti-virusand firewall programs before starting hardware installation.

3.For Power-Over-Ethernetinstallation instructions, please refer to section


For Windows Users

1.Insert Utility CD-ROMinto your computer'sCD-ROMdrive.

2.Click Run Setup.exe (Windows 7/Vista only)

3. Click Setup Wizard.

4.Click I accept the terms in the License

Agreement and then click Next.


5.Connect the provided RJ-45cable from a LAN port on your Router to the LAN port on theTEW-638PAP.Then clickNext.

6.Connect a RJ-45cable from a LAN port on your Router to the Ethernet port on your computer.

7.Connect the Power Adapter to the Access Point and then to a power outlet. Verify that the power switch is set to the on position. and then click Next.

8.Select the TEW-638PAPfrom the list and then clickConfigure.


9. Enter a password and then clickLogin. The default password isadmin.

10.Select Access Point and then clickNext. Note: For AP Client setup, please refer to the User's Guide for step by step instructions. The User's Guide can be found on this product'sCD-ROM.

11.Select Dynamic IP Address Configurationand then click Configure.

12. SelectManual setup and then clickNext.


13. Enter a SSID and then clickNext. By default, the SSID isTRENDnet638PAP.

14.Select the desired Wireless Mode and then clickNext.

15.Select a Security Mode and then clickNext (example showsWPA-PSK).

16.Select the desired WPA mode, enter characters for yourPre-Sharedkey and then clickNext. ForWPA-PSKorWPA2-PSK,thePre-SharedKey must be between 8 and 63 ASCII or 64 HEX characters. Make sure to copy down thePre-SharedKey.


17. ClickSave (optional).

18.Give the file a name, then click Save (optional).

19. ClickConfigure to apply the settings.

20. Click Exit.


21. ClickYes to exit.

22.Connect the 2dBi detachable antennas to the TEW-638PAP.

Note: to connect a wireless computer to theTEW-638PAP,please refer to the first question in the troubleshooting section.

Your Installation is complete

For detailed information regarding the TEW-638PAP’sconfiguration and advanced settings, please refer to the Troubleshooting section, User's Guide on the UtilityCD-ROM,or TRENDnet's website at

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Thank you for choosing TRENDnet


3. Power-over-EthernetInstallation

Using the TEW-638PAPwith a PoE switch

1. Connect aRJ-45cable from thePower-Over-Ethernet Switch (e.g. TRENDnetTPE-80WS)to theLAN port on the Access Point.

2.Verify that the wireless, LAN, and power LEDs are on.