Targus ThumbPad Palm m125 User Manual
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Targus ThumbPad

Portable Keyboard for Palmm125


Making Your Mobile Life Easier.



ThumbPadTM Portable Keyboard

Congratulations on your purchase of the Targus ThumbPadPortable Keyboard. The ThumbPad is a convenient andultra-portablekeyboard for your mobile computer.

With the ThumbPad keyboard you can:

Enter text directly into your mobile computer.

Use the function (Fn) keys to quickly execute commands and options.

Use the cursor and space keys to play games on your mobile computer.

Take a keyboard with you whenever you travel with your mobile computer.

In addition to this user’s guide, this package contains the Targus ThumbPad Portable Keyboard and the keyboard driver software CD.

ThumbPad Portable Keyboard


Installing the Keyboard


Before installing the driver software for the

ThumbPad keyboard, make sure that:

You synchronize your mobile computer to back up your files.

You disable any previously installed keyboard software.

Your mobile computer has at least 24K bytes of free memory.

Windows® Operating Systems

To install the driver for the ThumbPad keyboard on a computer with the Windows® 95/98/Me/ 2000 or Windows NT® 4.0 operating system, do the following:

1Insert the keyboard driver software CD into your computer’s CD-ROMdrive.

2Click Start,Run, then enter D:\ThumbPad.prc (where D: is the path of yourCD-ROMdrive) and then clickOK.

ThumbPad Portable Keyboard


The Install Tool program then installs the driver software. When installation is complete, the Install Tool window appears.

Sample Install Tool window

3Click Done.

4To exit the Install Tool program, click OK.

5Connect your mobile computer to your desktop or notebook computer and synchronize to copy the keyboard driver to your mobile computer.

ThumbPad Portable Keyboard


After synchronization, the ThumbPad keyboard icon appears in the Applications screen on your mobile computer.

To complete installation, reset your mobile computer.

Macintosh® Operating System

To install the driver software for the ThumbPad keyboard on a computer with the Macintosh 8.5.1 or greater operating system, do the following:

1Exit all active programs, including those in the Startup folder, and disable any virusscanning software.

2Insert the keyboard driver software CD into your computer’s CD-ROMdrive.

The ThumbPad keyboard application folder is added to your desktop.

NOTE: You may find it more convenient to drag the ThumbPad.prc file into the folder where you store your mobile computer applications, such as theAdd-onfolder.

3Double-clicktheThumbPad.prc file to launch the Install Tool program.

Installation automatically begins. When it is complete, you regain control of the Install Tool window.