Radio Shack PLVH2 User Manual

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This infrared headphone is supplied with the main unit that has the infrared transmitting function. The user can put on the infrared headphone within proper range to hear the sound signal emitting from the infrared transmitting window of the main unit.

Operation for the headphone batteries

Two Size AA (1.5V) batteries are required to operate the headphones. Rechargeable batteries with a sufficiently high voltage can be used as well. Choosing batteries with a high capacity (mAh) will extend operating time. There are two battery compartments, located on both sides, each housing one battery.

Installing the headphone batteries:

1.To access each battery compartment, push on the edge of the battery lid. This will release the battery lid. Then remove the lid to gain access to the battery compartment.

2.Insert the battery by pressing the minus pole of the battery against the spring on the battery compartment until the plus pole can slide into the battery compartment. The battery should snap into place.

Be sure to only use batteries with a well formed plus pole to ensure proper contact between the plus pole of the battery and the plus pole inside the battery compartment and also to ensure that the battery will not slide out of the battery compartment unintentionally.

3.Finally, close the battery lid by pushing it into the slot. It should snap into the closed position.


Removing the headphone batteries:

To remove the batteries, open the battery lid as described above and pull the battery out of the battery compartment by pushing the battery towards the spring until the plus pole is released and slides out.


Never leave batteries inside the headphones for very long periods of time to prevent any damage to the headphones from leaking batteries. Dispose of spent batteries conforming to local waste disposal rules.

Check the remaining power of the headphone’ s battery:

When install two batteries into the battery compartments, switch on the headphone by slide the switch to “ON” position. Check that the headphone’s power indicator lights in red. You can now use the headphone. Charge the battery or install a new dry battery, if the power indicator light is weak or turned off and the sound becomes distorted or has a lot of noise.


Listening to a program

When the main unit is working, it will automatically transmit the audio signal, and then you can use the infrared headphone to listen to a program.

1.Set the volume control of the headphone to minimum then switch on the headphone. And then put on it. The length of the headphone’s band can be adjusted to your need.

2.Adjust the volume.

Slowly increase volume level. After each use, be sure to switch off the headphone to extend battery life.


Listening over headphone at high audio levels can cause hearing impairments! Also, switching on or off the headphone can cause loud clicks and pops that can impair your hearing! Therefore, always set the volume control minimum.