Radio Shack 430-1907 User Manual

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430-1907RadioShack Adjustable Boom Microphone

Your RadioShack In-EarHeadset lets you keep your hands free while making and receiving call for portable, convenient communication. The headset connects easily to many cordless, corded or wireless phones with a3/32-inch(2.5mm) jack.

The headset’s features include:

Reversible in-earheadset—letsyou insert the headsetear-piecein either ear. Reversible earhook—wrapsbehind either ear for a

comfortable fit.

Flexible condenser microphone boom—letsyou adjust the microphone’s position so the other person can hear you more clearly.

4-footcord with lapelclip—letsyou securely clip headset’s cord to your clothing to help prevent slippage.Gold-platedright angleplug—ensuresa good connection.

Connecting the Headset

1.To wear the earphone o the right ear, rotate the earphone cup counterclockwise until R is on the top, then rotate the ear hook to the right side of the earphone cup.

To wear the earphone on the left ear, rotate the earphone cup clockwise until L is on the top, then rotate the ear hook to the left side of the earphone cup.

2.Pull down the ear hook and place the earphone over either ear, then push back the ear hook to secure the earphone on the ear.

3.Hold the headset in place and adjust the microphone boom until it is about even with your chin. Experiment until you find the most comfortable position.

4.Attach the cord’s lapel clip to your clothing. To adjust the clip’s location, carefully slide it up or down the cord. Leave enough slack in the cord so you can move your head without pulling the headset.

Listening Safety

To protect your hearing, follow these guidelines when you use a headset.

Set the phone’s volume to the lowest setting before you begin listening. After you begin listening, adjust the volume to a comfortable level.

Do not listen at extremely high volume levels. Extended high-volumelistening can lead to permanent hearing loss.

Once you set the volume, do not increase it. Over time, you ears adapt to the volume level, so a volume level that does not cause discomfort might still damage you hearing.

Traffic Safety

Do not wear a headset while operating a motor vehicle or riding a bicycle. This can create a traffic hazard and could be illegal in some areas.

Even though some headsets let you hear some outside sounds when listening at normal volume levels, they still can present a traffic hazard.