Radio Shack 120-0201A User Manual

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AM/FM Radio


Faxback Doc. # 51790


Your new AM/FM Radio has Great AM Sound, a Built-InSpeaker and a supplied Earphone.

Installing Batteries

Note: You must remove the belt clip before you remove the battery cover.

Push the battery compartment cover in the direction of the arrow to remove if from the radio.

Install two AA batteries according to the polarity symbols marked inside the battery compartment.

Install the battery compartment cover by sliding it back onto the radio until is snaps into place.

Reinstall the belt clip.

CAUTIONS: Match the polarity symbols (+ and -)marked inside the battery compartment.

Always use fresh batteries of the required size and type.

Listening Safely

To protect your hearing when using earphones, set the volume to the lowest setting before you begin listening, then adjust it to a comfortable level. Wearing earphones while driving a car or riding a bicycle can create a traffic hazard and could be illegal in some areas.

AM/FM Radio


Faxback Doc. # 51791


Using The Radio



Rotate the switch on the left side of the radio to turn it on and to adjust the volume. (see "Listening Safely" in Faxback Doc. # 51790).

Rotate the control on the radio's right hand side to select your favorite station.

Note: To improve reception, adjust the radio's position.

Use the jack on the back of the radio to connect the supplied earphone.

AM/FM Radio

Care and Maintenance

Faxback Doc. # 51792


FCC Statement



Your radio might cause TV or radio interference even when it is operating properly. To determine whether your radio is causing the interference, turn it off. If the interference goes away, your radio is causing it. Try to eliminate the interference by moving your radio away from the receiver or contacting your local RadioShack store for help. If you cannot eliminate the interference, the FCC requires that you stop using the radio.

Caring For Your Radio

To enjoy your radio for a long time handle it gently and keep it away from dust, moisture, and temperature extremes. Clean it with a damp cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals and do not take it apart. If something is wrong with the radio, take it to your local RadioShack store for assistance.