Paxar Ultra Gold 6037 User Manual

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Monarchâ Pathfinderâ

Ultraâ Gold 6037 Printer


Weights and Measures


Calibrate supplies.

Log on, enter store information, and select supermarket or retail pricing.

Set system parameters that affect how processing occurs.

Scan bar code and enter price with optional description.

Print listing of scanned items with bar codes and prices.

Scan listing at POS (point of sale) to compare prices and enter discrepancies on the printer.

Print listing of discrepancies.

Print summary reports.

Upload data to your PC.

Clear data to start next audit.

Check the battery charge level.

Set backup mode. Files in Static Ram are backed to Flash.

TC6037WMUM Rev. AC 04/05 ã2005 Paxar Americas, Inc.

All rights reserved.

Logging On

Note: To switch between alpha and numeric, press

Shift. Refer to theEquipment Manual for information about data entry modes.

1.Enter County Name: (1–13characters). Press


Note: Available at initial prompt. Otherwise, pressF4 to change.

2.Enter I.D.: (1–10characters). PressEnter.

3.Enter Store: (0–17characters). PressEnter.

4.Enter Address: (0–17characters). Press


5.Enter Store City: (0–17characters). Press


6.Press 1 forSupermarket fornon-discountedprices–OR–press2 forRetail to allow percent off for discounted prices.

Checking the Battery

1.From the Main Menu, press7.

2.Right arrow to Battery Check. Press Enter. Something like the following displays. The closer the lines are to the F, the higher the battery charge.

E=================== F

3.Press any key to exit.

Setting the Date and Time

1.From the Main Menu, press7.

2.From the Tool Menu, press3. Enter the date and pressEnter.

Note: Use afour-digityear.

3.From the Tool Menu, press4. Enter the time and pressEnter.

Processing Merchandise

Note: When prompted for price, do not use decimal points. For example, enter 169 for $1.69.

1.From the Main Menu, pressEnter.

a. Scan Item or enter bar code.

Note: WhenPrice appears, pressF1 (optional) to enterAisle # orF3 (optional) to enter

Description. Press Enter.

b.Supermarket only. Enter shelf price. Press Enter.

c.Press Enter again to go toBonus Price- OR-right arrow atshelf price and go toBonus Price. Enterbonus card price.

Press Enter.

d.Left arrow at bonus card price goes toshelf price (if necessary). Enter one or two prices.

e.Retail Only. Enteritem price. Press


f.Enter percent off Discount (1–2digits) – OR– pressEnter for no discount.

g.Total Qty (only if the Prompt for Quantity parameter is set). Enter the quantity of the current item(1–3digits).

h.Press Enter and repeat stepsa–f.

i.When you finish, press Esc.

j.Right arrow to Print Data. Press Enter.

2.Scan printed bar code at POS to compare prices.

3.Right arrow to Record Errors(twice if necessary). Select 1 to test against regular shelf price–OR- 2 to test against bonus card price. (Supermarket only)

Note: If errors exist for both shelf prices and bonus card prices, perform theRecord Errors function twice. (Supermarket only)

a.Scan item bar code.

b.Enter Description line(1–15characters). PressEnter.

c.Enter POS register price(1–6 digits). Press Enter.

d.Repeat steps a–cuntil finished.

e.Press Esc to return to Main Menu.

Note: If you accidentally enter an error, pressF4 at the Collect Data Scan prompt to delete the error.

4.Right arrow to Print Errors(if necessary). Press Enterafter each error prints.

5.Right arrow to Print Summary. Press Enter. Summary prints.

Setting System Parameters

System Administrators Only.

1.From the Main Menu, pressF6.

2.From the Utility Menu,press Enter.

3.Test for UPC/EAN Codes? Y/N

Press Y to print with UPC or EAN bar codes, depending on the data–OR–pressN to print with the default bar code.

4.Default Bar Code

Press 1 to set Code 128 (22 characters maximum) as the default bar code–OR–press2 to set Code 39 (16 characters maximum) as the default bar code.

5.From the Main Menu, pressF6.

6.From the Utility Menu Right arrowto Prompt for Qty. Press Enter.

7.Prompt for Total Qty? Y/N

Press Y to set the quantity prompting option. Otherwise, pressN.

Uploading Data

System Administrators Only.

1.From the Main Menu, press6.

Note: Perform steps2-8only when you need to change a communication parameter on the printer. Otherwise, skip to step 9.

2.Right arrow to Set Comm. Param.Press Entertwice.

3.Right or left arrow to your baud rate choice. PressEnter. The default value is19200.

4.Right arrow to Set Parity. Press Enter.

5.Right or left arrow to your parity choice. PressEnter. The default isNone.

6.Right arrow to Set Data Bits. Press Enter.

7.Press Enter or right arrow to your data bits choice. The default value is 8.

8.Press Enter, thenEsc.

9.Connect the printer and the PC with a communication cable.

10.On the PC, start FXEdit. Refer to the File Transfer Utility User Manual for information.

11.Choose Options from the View Menu, and enable the available ports on the PC.

12.Create a new script or choose an existing script and run it.

To create a new script:

A.Use Setup Comm as the first step in the script. Set the communication parameter values the same as you set on the printer. Also, set Port toAuto Assign, Stop Bits to1, and Flow Control toXOn/XOff.

B. UseReceive File as the second step. Set the Transfer Protocol toMonarch PFX, Idle seconds to autoclose to0, and do not enter a File Name.

C.Choose Save from theFile Menu to save the script.

D.Choose Run Scriptfrom the File Menuto execute the script.

To use an existing script:

A.Exit FXEdit and start FXComm. Refer to the File Transfer Utility User Manual for information.

B. ChooseOpen from theFile Menu and select the script you want

(.FTS file).

13.On the PC, click run.

14.On the printer, press Enter three times. The software uploads records to a file named Ultra.Dat.

The printer beeps and returns to the Comm Menu when the transfer finishes. The utility writes the transferred file to the C:\Program Files\Monarch Software\Fxfer\Data directory. Click Close.

15. Exit the utilities.

Setting File Backup Mode

1.From the Main Menu, press7 to set backup mode.

2.From the Tool Menu, press6

3.Press 1 forAlways (slower), press2 forWhen critical (faster, default) mode.

Using Function Keys

This list can also be printed. Press 7 at the Main Menu. Then, pressEnter. The list prints.

F0 - to calibrate supplies.

F1 - at Collect DataScan prompt to enter aisle #.

F1 - at Main Menu orlogon prompts to toggle the backlight on or off.

F2 - at Main Menu to reprint all.

F3 - at Collect DataScan prompt to enter description.

F4 - atI.D. prompt to change county name.

F4 - at Collect DataScan prompt to delete errors.

F4 – at Main Menu to print one record if there’s a bad print or supply runs out. EnterRecord #, pressEnter.

F5 - at Main Menu to clear data file.

F6 - atI.D. prompt to go directly to the Main Menu.

F6 - at Main Menu to access the Utility Menu.

Esc – at Main Menu to exit to DOS. PressY to exit orN to return to the Main Menu. If you accidentally press Y and exit the program, pressG, thenEnter to return.

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