Paxar Gold 6037EX User Manual

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S a m p l e 6

F u n c t i o n

Scans and prints.

A l g o r i t h m

1. Initializes the Print subsystem without allocating font storage memory.

2. Loads a format.

3. Enables the scanner.

4. Performs the following until the operator presses the trigger, b (to break out of the loop), or f+0 to calibrate supplies.

A. Initiates a scan.

B. Checks whether the battery is charged enough for printing.

C. Loads the batch, prompting for a quantity.

D. Waits until the label prints by checking the status repeatedly until it returns something other than “busy.”

5. Disables the scanner.

6. Closes the Print subsystem.

S a m p l e 7

F u n c t i o n

Scans and prints.

A l g o r i t h m

1. Initializes the Print subsystem without allocating font storage memory.

2. Loads a format.

3. Enables the scanner.

Sample Applications A-5

4. Sets the scanner to transmit the System characters and country code with UPCA bar codes.

5. Performs the following until the operator to presses the trigger, b (to break out of the loop), or f+0 to calibrate supplies.

A. Initiates a scan.

B. Checks whether the battery is charged enough for printing.

C. Prompts the operator to enter a quantity.

D. Builds the batch dynamically with the entered data.

E. Loads the batch.

F. Waits until the label prints by checking the status repeatedly until it returns something other than “busy.”

6. Disable the scanner.

7. Close the Print subsystem.

A-6Programmer’s Manual


Following is a list of terms you must be familiar with to write printer applications.






The programmer-definedbuffer in the


application used to save the data from a scan.


The way a character appears on the printer’s


display: in normal or reverse video.


The automated process where the printer


determines the size, length and type of the


supplies it is using.

Display Page

Any of four virtual pages that the printer can


display (one at a time) on the physical display.


An application can write data to a display page


behind-the-scenes,and display it when ready.

Motion Control

The printer subsystem that controls how paper


feeds through the printer.


Monarch Printer Control Language. This


language contains commands that drive the


printer. Refer to the Packet Reference Manual


for more information.


A unit of MPCL commands. For example, to


print a particular label, the application writes a


particular group of MPCL commands to the


print subsystem. This group is enclosed in


braces and is known as a packet. Refer to the


Packet Reference Manual for more information.

Print subsystem

The part of the printer that controls printing.


The MS-DOS6.22-compatibleoperating system


that the printer runs. Datalight manufactures it.



Glossary B-1






Software Development Kit. This kit includes


everything you need (libraries, utilities,


documentation, etc.) to create printer



Scanner Buffer

The buffer internal to the scanner that contains


the bar code data immediately after scanning.

Stock Type

The type of supplies you load in the printer.


They can be paper, fax, or synthetic.


The media that the printer prints on. For


example, it can print labels or tags. Supplies


can be made of different stock types. See


“Stock Type” in this glossary for more



Video Mode

The 20 columns on the printer’s display.



B-2Programmer’s Manual



1223 scanner configuration CODABARINFO data structure, 5-2CODE128INFO data structure,5-4CODE39INFO data structure,5-5,5-7D2OF5INFO data structure,5-8

for Codabar bar codes, 4-74for Code 128 bar codes,4-76for Code 39 bar codes,4-78for Code 93 bar codes,4-80for D 2 of 5 bar codes,4-82for I 2 of 5 bar codes,4-86for MSI bar codes,4-88

for UPC/EAN bar codes, 4-92GENERALINFO data structure,5-9I2OF5INFO data structure,5-12MSIINFO data structure,5-14

retrieving Codabar bar code values, 4-52

retrieving Code 128 bar code values, 4-53

retrieving Code 39 bar code values, 4-54

retrieving Code 93 bar code values, 4-55

retrieving D 2 of 5 bar code values, 4-56

retrieving general configuration values, 4-57

retrieving I 2 of 5 bar code values, 4-58

retrieving MSI bar code values, 4-59

retrieving UPC/EAN bar code values, 4-66

setting general information values, 4-84

UPCEANINFO data structure, 5-16



function key mode, 4-9lower-casealpha mode,4-6numeric/normal mode,4-11upper-casealpha mode,4-8

adjusting LCD backlight, 4-99applications

building, 3-3compiling,3-3developing,3-1linking,3-4samples, 1

testing away from PC, 3-4writing,3-2

Index 1

AUTOEXEC.BAT bypassing, 2-12

receiving prompts for each line, 2-12


backlight, adjusting, 4-99backlight, turning on or off,2-3

bar code type last scanned, retrieving, 4-46

bar codes

Codabar, 4-52,4-74,5-2

Code 128, 4-53,4-76,5-4

Code 39, 4-54,4-78,5-5

Code 93, 4-55,4-80,5-7

D 2 of 5, 4-56,4-82,5-8

EAN, 5-16

I 2 of 5, 4-58,4-86,5-12

MSI, 4-59,4-88,5-14

UPC, 5-16

UPC/EAN, 4-66,4-92battery level (NiCd)

checking if okay for printing, 4-12retrieving,4-24

beeper, sounding, 4-96

BIOS version, retrieving, 4-97

black mark sensor, retrieving state of, 4-26


normally, 2-11

options, 2-12


applications, 3-3

packets dynamically, 6-5

bypassing CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT, 2-12


calibrating supplies, 4-13,4-18


reading at current cursor location, 4-104

retrieving from scanner with echoing, 4-50

retrieving from scanner without echoing, 4-48

writing at current cursor location, 4-114

writing with attribute at current cursor location, 4-116


for data in scanner buffer, 4-72

if NiCd battery level is okay for printing, 4-12


display, 4-107

motion control errors, 4-20

close command, 7-7

2 Index

closing Print subsystem, 4-21Codabar bar codes

configuration data structure, 5-2retrieving configuration values,4-52setting configuration values,4-74

CODABARINFO data structure, 5-2Code 128 bar codes

configuration data structure, 5-4retrieving configuration values,4-53setting configuration values,4-76

Code 39 bar codes

configuration data structure, 5-5retrieving configuration values,4-54setting configuration values,4-78

Code 93 bar codes

configuration data structure, 5-7retrieving configuration values,4-55setting configuration values,4-80

CODE128INFO data structure, 5-4CODE39INFO data structure,5-5CODE93INFO data structure,5-7commands

uclient, 7-5commands, uclient

close, 7-7get,7-7help,7-8lcd,7-9

ldel, 7-9ldir,7-10lmd,7-11lrd,7-11lwd,7-12open,7-12ping,7-13put,7-13

putbios, 7-14puttrueffs,7-14quit,7-15reboot,7-15setbaud,7-16setport,7-16settimeout,7-17ucd,7-17

udel, 7-18udir,7-18udiskfree,7-19umd,7-20

urd, 7-21urun,7-21uview,7-22uwd,7-22

compiling applications, 3-3CONFIG.SYS

bypassing, 2-12

receiving prompts for each line, 2-12

Index 3


1223 scanner for Codabar bar codes,


1223 scanner for Code 128 bar codes,


1223 scanner for Code 39 bar codes,


1223 scanner for Code 93 bar codes,


1223 scanner for D 2 of 5 bar codes,


1223 scanner for I 2 of 5 bar codes,


1223 scanner for MSI bar codes, 4-88

1223 scanner for UPC/EAN bar codes,


1223 scanner with general information, 4-84

either scanner

retrieving values, 4-62

setting values, 4-90

contents, of SDK, 1-3


MPCLII packets, 3-2

current supply type, retrieving, 4-33

cursor location, current reading characters at, 4-104retrieving,4-106

writing characters and attributes at, 4-116

writing characters at, 4-114

writing strings and attributes at, 4-102cursors

defining style, 4-109setting locations,4-101


D 2 of 5 bar codes

configuration data structure, 5-8retrieving configuration values,4-56setting configuration values,4-82

D2OF5INFO data structure, 5-8data entry modes

function key, 4-2,4-9lower-caseAlpha,4-6numeric/normal,4-11upper-casealpha,4-8

data structures CODABARINFO, 5-2CODE128INFO,5-4CODE39INFO,5-5CODE93INFO,5-7D2OF5INFO,5-8

4 Index

for Codabar bar codes, 5-2for Code 128 bar codes,5-4for Code 39 bar codes,5-5for Code 93 bar codes,5-7for D 2 of 5 bar codes,5-8

for general 1223 scanner information, 5-9

for I 2 of 5 bar codes, 5-12for MSI bar codes,5-14

for UPC and EAN bar codes, 5-16GENERALINFO,5-9

I2OF5INFO, 5-12MSIINFO,5-14reference,5-1UPCEANINFO,5-16

data, checking scanner buffer for, 4-72deactivating function key mode,4-2defining cursor style,4-109developing applications,3-1

disabling display, 2-12scanner,4-44

display, 2-2clearing,4-107disabling,2-12enabling,2-12

scrolling up or down, 4-107setting active page,4-112

display speed, setting, 2-3display, turning on or off,2-3documentation, related,1-4


EAN bar codes

configuration data structure, 5-16retrieving configuration values,4-66saving configuration values,4-92

enabling display, 2-12scanner,4-67

scanner while sharing the serial port, 4-69

end users, training, 3-5errors

clearing for motion control, 4-20retrieving messages,4-28


features, of printer, 2-1feeding labels,4-22fonts

descriptions, 2-7function key mode

activating, 4-9deactivating,4-2

functions kbdClrFunct, 4-2

Index 5

kbdGetMode, 4-3kbdRestoreMode,4-4kbdSetAlpha,4-6kbdSetCaps,4-8kbdSetFunct,4-9kbdSetNormal,4-11pclBatteryOkToPrint,4-12pclCalibrate,4-13pclCalibratePaper,4-18pclClearError,4-20pclClose,4-21

pclFeed, 4-22pclGetBatteryLevel,4-24pclGetBlackMarkSensor,4-26pclGetErrorMsg,4-28pclGetOnDemandSensor,4-30pclGetSupplyType,4-33

pclI nit,4-35pclOpen,4-37pclPaperInfo,4-38pclPaperSetup,4-39pclStatus,4-42pclWrite,4-43reference,4-1

scnCloseScanner, 4-44scnGetBarCodeType,4-46scnGetch,4-48scnGetche,4-50

6 Index

scnGetCodabarInfo, 4-52scnGetCode128Info,4-53scnGetCode39Info,4-54scnGetCode93Info,4-55scnGetD2of5Info,4-56scnGetGeneralInfo function,4-57scnGetI2of5Info,4-58scnGetMSIInfo,4-59

scnGets, 4-60scnGetScanInfo,4-62scnGetScannedData,4-63scnGetUPCEANInfo,4-66scnOpenScanner,4-67scnOpenScannerShared,4-69scnScannerHit,4-72scnSetCodabarInfo,4-74scnSetCode128Info,4-76scnSetCode39Info,4-78scnSetCode93Info,4-80scnSetD2of5Info,4-82scnSetGeneralInfo,4-84scnSetI2of5Info,4-86scnSetMSIInfo,4-88scnSetScanInfo,4-90scnTrigger,4-95scnUPCEANInfo,4-92spkBeep,4-96sysGetBIOSVersion,4-97