Nuvo ESSENTIA NV-E6GMS User Manual

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Probable Cause

When the Control Pad is plugged in there is a loud pop through the speakers and the Control Pad does not work.

One of the zone Control Pad displays a “NuVoNet Not Detected” message.

The amplifier is plugged in and turned on, but the STAND BY LED is not lit and none of the system functions work.

All of the system’s Control Pads display a “NuVoNet Not Detected” message.

Improperly wired CAT5 cable.

Zone CAT5 is plugged into the Accessory jack on the back of the Control Pad instead of the NuVoNet jack. Improperly wired CAT5 Cable.

This is most likely caused by a blown fuse on the power supply.

The MCU card internal to the Essentia is damaged, or the data (blue and blue stripe) conductors on one or more of the CAT5 cables are shorted or not making good contact in the RJ45 connectors.


Check that you are using the 568A or B wiring standard (see section I: Crimping CAT5 wire). The best way to know is to use a CAT5 tester.

Check the CAT5 connection at the back of the Control Pad. Plug the Control Pad directly into the Network cable and into the NuVoNet input on the Essentia.

The fuse is accessed internally on the power supply. It requires a 4 amp time delay fuse.

Remove all of the CAT5 connections from the system and test cables one at a time. If the issue is a shorted CAT5, the symptom will display when that cable is connected to the system. A damaged MCU must be replaced by NuVo.

With the Control Pads plugged in, the

One or more improperly wired CAT5 cables.

Make sure the amplifier is turned on. Test

POWER LED on the front of the amplifier will


that the POWER LED on the amplifier

not turn on.


turns on when the Network Cable is



unplugged. Next, unplug all the CAT5



cables from the Allport and plug them



back in one at a time until the bad



cable(s) is discovered.

The IR repeater does not properly control the audio source equipment.

One or more of the IR emitters are not properly placed over the IR receiver on the audio source equipment, or the IR output number on the Essentia does not correspond with the audio equipment you are controlling.

Reposition the LED end of the emitter on the face of the source equipment, so it is flashing directly over that source’s IR receiver. Make sure the emitter plugged into IR Output #1 is actually going to source #1 , and so on for sources 2-6.




Probable Cause

The IR repeater does not properly control

The NuVo IR output is not set at the best

the audio source equipment.

carrier frequency.


Within IR Library tab of the Configurator Software, each library has a “Properties” button. This button has a drop down menu that lets you select different carrier frequencies from 38kHz to 56kHz. This will default the library to the selected frequency. Cable and Satellite typically needs the 56kHz setting.

The IR repeater does not properly control the audio source equipment.

An External light source is interfering with IR communication through the system.

In the Configurator Software (see pg. 19,IR Passthrough), or in the Advanced Zone Setup menu (see pg. 27Remote Controls), at any Control Pad, you have the ability by zone to “Disable” the IR receiver. This will prevent direct sunlight, or possibly, plasma and fluorescent light from affecting IR response through the other zone receivers.

When downloading a Configuration to the Essentia Main amplifier, a “board not found” error message appears on the computer screen.

This occurs when the Essentia is not plugged into an AC power source, or a faulty USB to RS232 conversion cable.

A communication error can be as simple as not plugging the Essentia in prior to the download. Often the error is also corrected by closing and reopening the Configurator Software, or if you are using a USB to RS232 cable for communication, try a different cable. If these do not correct the error, it could be a faulty MCU board in the Essentia.


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