LG N195WU User Manual
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MultiPoint Manager

Using MultiPoint Manager

1 The MultiPoint Manager will run automatically upon booting the operating system.

2On the first boot after the installation of the operating system, MultiPoint Manager will start in maintenance mode.

3Add user accounts for multi-user.

4Adjust the screen resolution for each station accordingly.

5If you switch to normal mode, the multi-computingenvironment will be established after the reboot.


yyMultiPoint Manager runs automatically when the PC boots up; run time may vary depending on the system.

yyWhen adjusting the window size of MultiPoint Manager on a PC with Display Link installed, the user interface tab area may not be fully visible.

yyIf you disconnect thenre-connectthe USB cable of the standard station, the user account of the corresponding station may be displayed in duplicate in MultiPoint Manager for several seconds.

yyWMS 2011 can enable automatic logon for each individual station. If you delete a user account with automatic logon, the corresponding station will switch to manual logon mode.

yyAlso, blocking a screen duringfull-screenplayback will cancel thefull-screenmode.

yyThe MultiPoint Manager projection function may not work properly when playing a video in full screen.yyIf themode-changingfunction of MultiPoint Manager freezes, reboot your PC.

yyMultiPoint Manager occasionally fails to display currently connected user accounts. This is not related to the monitor's performance.



yyThis monitor does not support station partitioning.

yySome keyboards and mouse devices may not be compatible with this monitor.

yyAfter adding a newU-Seriesmonitor to an existingU-Seriesmulti-computingenvironment, or after modifying its configuration (cable connection), you may need to reboot the PC to ensure normal operation.

yyIf a USB cable is disconnected from aU-Seriesmonitor when it is on, the primary station may log off or other errors may occur. In this case, connect the USB properly and reboot the PC.

yyThe screen saver for each station is not supported in themulti-computingenvironment.

yyIf you disconnect thenre-connectthe USB cable of the standard station, the desktop slideshow settings will be disabled.

yyDue to the internal virus detected in WMS 2011 Window Media Player, malfunctions including video freezing or disconnection may occur. But, the repeat playback function may not work properly in Windows Media Player in WMS 2011.

*Please note that video playback may vary according to PC performance.

yyIf the keyboard or mouse is connected to PC via a USB hub, the system may become unstable. In this case, you need to reboot your PC.

yyRebooting your PC, running the remapping function of MultiPoint Manager, or switching between maintenance mode and normal mode may cause the mouse and keyboard of each monitor screen to cross between stations. The same issue may occur when installing a specific program that is not verified as being compatible with WMS 2011.If this issue occurs, please reboot the PC.

yyWMS 2011 is a64-bitoperating system. When installing a program in this operating system, make sure that the program supports a64-bitoperating system. If a program is only designated32-bitand does not support a64-bitoperating system, it may not install or operate properly.

yyThe screensaver may run when the PC boots up. When the screensaver is running, it may not switch off immediately after keyboard or mouse input (it will take approximately two minutes). This is not related to the monitor's performance.

yyBe sure to check that the monitor is switched on before you power on the PC. Otherwise, this may cause a malfunction.

yySome32-bitdesignated programs may be compatible with WMS 2011.

For more information on these programs, please visit the Microsoft community sites below. http://rdcompatibility.com/compatibility/Default.aspx?srv=4 http://rdcompatibility.com/compatibility/Default.aspx?v=1

yyUpdates and patches for the WMS 2011 operating system can be downloaded from the DLC (Microsoft Download Center) site below: