JL Audio Stealthbox SB-T-4RNR-10W1v2-TN User Manual

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Fits 1996 - 1999 Toyota 4Runner

Installation Guide:

This Stealthbox is a product which requires professional installation skills and tools. Please read this installation guide thoroughly before beginning the project. It will guide you step by step through the installation. Several of the steps in this process may require two people to accomplish.

It is absolutely vital that the enclosure be properly mounted to the vehicle according to these instructions. Failure to mount the enclosure properly presents two problems: 1) The sub-bassperformance will suffer due to the movement of the enclosure caused by the force exerted by the woofer and 2) A loose enclosure presents a serious safety hazard in the event of a collision or sudden deceleration.

STEP 1: Remove the door from the storage pocket on the passenger side of the cargo area.

STEP 2: Place the supplied 4" x 4" wax square, sticky side down, on the wheelwell in the vicinty of the threaded insert in the Stealthbox as shown at right.

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STEP 3: Thread the supplied 3/8" x 11/4" bolt into the

Stealthbox. Tighten fully.

STEP 4: Place the Stealthbox into its mounting position. When placing the Stealthbox, lift the inside edge (speaker baffle side) to prevent dragging the bolt across the wax square. Press down firmly to leave a clear impression in the wax.

STEP 5: Remove the Stealthbox. There should be an indention in the wax square.

Caution: Before drilling check under the vehicle for any brake lines, fuel lines or other potential hazards.

STEP 6: Using a 1/2" drill bit, drill a hole in the vehicle using the indentation in the wax square as a guide.

STEP 7: Remove the wax square.

STEP 8: Remove the bolt from the Stealthbox.

STEP 9: Run speaker wire to the the Stealthbox mounting location. Trim to proper length and attach to the Stealthbox.

STEP 10: Test the operation of the enclosure.

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STEP 11: While one person adjusts the position of the Stealthbox from inside the vehicle, a second person should bolt the Stealthbox into place using the supplied hardware. Before tightening the bolt apply a bead of silicone sealant between the two flat fender washers and the vehicle's floor pan. Then tighten the bolts fully. See diagram at right:

Threaded Insert Enclosure Wall (fiberglass) Molded into


Flat Washer

Split Lock Washer

3/8" Bolt

Car's Sheet Metal

Bead of Silicone Sealant


Once the bolts are tightened, spray undercoating onto the bolt heads to prevent rust, leaks and loosening of the bolts over time. Failure to do so may result in severe corrosion and may present a serious safety hazard.

This completes the installation.


Supplied Hardware:

Enclosure Type: Acoustic Suspension (Sealed)


4" X 4" wax square

Driver Type: JL AUDIO 10WØ-4Subwoofer


3/8" X

1 1/4" Bolt

Cont. Power Handling: 125 Watts


3/8" X

1 1/4" Fender Washers

Nominal Impedance: 4Ω


Split Lock Washer

P.O. Box 839004, Miramar, Florida 33083-9004Voice: (954)981-9497Fax: (954)987-7855

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