JL Audio Stealthbox SB-J-LBRTY-12W3v3-TN User Manual

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This Stealthbox is a product which requires professional installation skills and tools.

Please read this installation guide thoroughly before beginning the project. It will guide you step by step through the installation. Several of the steps in this process may require two people to accomplish.

It is absolutely vital that the enclosure be properly mounted to the vehicle according to these instructions. Failure to mount the enclosure properly presents two problems: 1) The sub-bassperformance will suffer due to the movement of the enclosure caused by the force exerted by the woofer(s) and 2) A loose enclosure presents a serious safety hazard in the event of a collision or sudden deceleration.

Please enjoy your JL Audio Stealthbox responsibly.



STEP 1: Open the rear door and remove

STEP 2: The enclsoure will be mounted on

STEP 3: To remove both cleats, you need to

any contents and the retractable security

the driver’s side cargo area. Both cleats are to

remove both of the OEM rivets.


be removed.





STEP 4: With a 1/4” drill bit, drill out the rivet’s head.Then with a punch out and hammer, carfully tap out the rivet’s body.

STEP 5: After the rivets are completely removed, the cleats should pull up.They are still going to be attached to the carpet.

STEP 6: Unasnp the cleats to remove them from the carpet.


Please keep these cleats with the vehicle’s owner.They will need to be reinstalled if they remove the Stealthbox.

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STEP 7: You will need a tape measure and a marker or pencil for this step.

Rear Cleat Location: Spread the carpet. Find the center between the two holes, then measure 1/2” out from the center to the outside of vehicle.Then mark.

STEP 8: Front Cleat Location:Spread the carpet. Find the center between the two holes, then measure 1/2” out from the holes to the middle of vehicle.Then mark.

STEP 9: With 1/2” drill bit and drill. Drill at the marked locations fromSTEP 7 &STEP8


Before drilling make sure that you are not going to be driling into gas lines, gas tank, brake lines, eletrical wiring and what ever else that might cause a bad day.

STEP 10: This is what your 1/2” drilled hole is going to look like.This is the front cleat location.







STEP 11: With the supplied four rivets, rivet into the exposed holes from the drilled out OEM rivets from STEP?

STEP 12: Hand thread the two supplied socket cup set screws into the bottom of the Stealthbox, leaving about 1” of each threaded rod exposed.

Make sure that the slotted end is exposed.

Place the Stealthbox into the mounting location. Be careful guiding the threaded rods through the 1/2” drilled holes.(If you’re not careful you will damage the threads).

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SB - J - LBRTY/12W3 JL AUDIO, Inc 2003



STEP 13: With the Stealthbox in place and a second person pushing down, it is time to mount the Stealthbox into place.

Double check the socket cup set screws for proper exposed length outside of the vehicle. Use a large flat blade screw driver to adjust the threaded rod length.

The front threaded rod is not going to be easy to access.There is a fast simple way and a more time consuming way, please pick. Please read STEP 13(a) andSTEP 13(b) before mounting the Stealthbox Enclsoure.

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STEP 13(a): This is the fast simple way. Gather up one supplied 3/8” hex nut, one supplied 3/8” lock washer and one supplied 3/8” fender washer.

Place the hex nut into a 3/8” drive short socket(long socket used in picture), dab a little dum-dumor hot glue to the rim of the socket, place a supplied 3/8” lock washer onto the socket, dab a littledum-dumor hot glue to the rim of the 3/8” lock washer, then place a supplied 3/8” fender washer on top. Make sure that all middle holes of the mounting harware line up. Carefully guide the mounting hardware and the socket to the front exposed threaded rod.

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STEP 13(b): This is the more time consuming, but easier way to access the front exposed threaded rod.You need to unbolt the over flow gas can. Please make sure that you are careful and you do not tip over this plastic tank. Do not do this while smoking.

The three arrows show the three mounting nuts that have to be removed. Unbolt and carefully support this palstic tank.

After the tank is supported, place a supplied 3/8”fender washer, a supplied 3/8” lock washer then a supplied3/8” hex nut in this order onto the threaded rod.Thighten.

STEP 14: The rear exposed socket cup set screw is a lot easier to excess. Place a supplied 3/8” fender washer, a supplied 3/8” lock washer then a supplied 3/8” hex nut in this order onto thesocket cup set screw.Thighten.

STEP 15: With the Stealthbox properly mounted, run speaker wire to the Stealthbox’s terminal cup. Wire it up.

Double check for proper functioning of the woofer at this time.

Included Hardware:

(2) 3/8”-16x21/4”Socket Cup Set Screws

(2) 3/8” x 1 1/4” Fender Washer

(2) 3/8” Split Lock Washer

(2) 3/8” Hex Nut

(4) Rivets

Difficulty Of Installation:


Enclosure Type: Acoustic Suspension (Sealed)

Driver Type: One12W3v2-D2Subwoofer

Nominal Impedance: 4Ω

Cont. Power Handling: 300Watts

JL Audio recommends using a high quality amplifier such as the JL Audio 250/1. The diagram below shows the recommended crossover, infrasonic filter and equalizer settings for the 250/1 when being used to power your Stealthbox®.

+12VDC Ground Remote

Preamp Output Section

Bass Control

Amp LP Filter

Amplifier Input Section


Output Mode

Infrasonic Filter


Input Voltage

Input Sens. Signal Sensing
























JL AUDIO 250/1















monoblock subwoofer amplifier









Left Ch.

Right Ch.

LF Boost (dB)

Filter Freq. (Hz)

Left Ch.

Right Ch.

The JL Audio 250/1 is a very versatile audio component. Please consult the owner’s manual for detailed information about installing and tuning this amplifier.

Mid/High Frequency Driver Information:

Front Location OEM’s Driver Size:

6 3/4” (171.45mm)

Applicable JL Audio Products:


TR,VR,XR 650-CXi,CSi


Rear Location OEM’s Driver Size:


6 3/4” (171.45mm)


Applicable JL Audio Products:


TR,VR,XR 650-CXi





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