JL Audio Slampak SLPK-POL-RZR800 User Manual

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Thank you for choosing a JL Audio Slampak® for your side by side sport utility sound system. With proper installation, your newvehicle-specificenclosed subwoofer system will deliver years of listening pleasure.

We strongly recommend that you have your new Slampak® installed by your authorized JL Audio dealer. The installation professionals employed by your dealer have the necessary tools and experience to disassemble and reassemble your vehicle properly. Also, keep in mind that your warranty coverage extends to 2 years if your system is installed or approved by your authorized JL Audio dealer. If you prefer to perform your own installation, please read this installation guide completely

before beginning the process.


If you choose to perform the installation yourself, it is absolutely vital that the Slampak® be properly mounted to the vehicle according to these instructions. Failure to mount the enclosure properly presents two problems:

1)The sub-bassperformance will suffer due to the movement of the enclosure caused by the force exerted by the woofer(s).

2)A loose enclosure presents a serious safety hazard in the event of a collision or sudden deceleration.




Estimated TIME:


S T E P 1

Unpack the Slampak® mount the two brackets as shown

S T E P 2

There are two each of the pictured clamps, the ones with the short spacers (un-assembeledin the bag) go directly in front of the speakers, the ones with the long spacers

(assembeled on the right) are installed from below, there are also locking pins that are not shown that are available and, can be put in place through the clamps to keep them in the locked positions. Make sure that all of the hardware on each of the clamps is snug so that when the arm is pushed flat, the rubber section of the clamp is squeezed and expands to hold the clamp in place.

S T E P 3

Line up the brackets with the existing holes as shown in the pictures at left and below.

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S T E P 4

once both compression clamps are in place, fold the lever down and insert the locking pin.

S T E P 5

This is seen from the rear wheel looking up and to the front, notice the expansion clamp inserted from below going up into the enclosure from below. This will be done on each side then the locking pins need to go into place to secure the clamp.

S T E P 6

Plug the two jacks for the included harness into the Stealthbox®

S T E P 7

Run the cabling to the outside of the vehicle and secure using zip-tiesas shown, make sure that there is clearence for the seat so that when it’s in place, the cabling isn’t pinched.


S T E P 8

Looking back from the front, run the cabling through this access hole near the floor and, secure it as shown in the DETAIL picture below.

D e t a i l

S T E P 9

Looking down through the battery area, run the cabling along side the large harness seen at the bottom of the picture towards the front of the vehicle, secure the cabling as needed to the main cable that is right next to it.

S T E P 1 0

Remove the four screws that hold up the “belly pan” on the Drivers side of the vehicle, secure the cabling along with the OEM Harness along this run. When completed, re-installthe removed screws.

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S T E P 1 1

As you run the cable up under the hood, take precautions to remain close to the OEM harness securing the two harnesses together with zip ties as shown to ensure that there is no slack and, that the cables avoid an moving parts of the vehicle such as the steering components shown.

S T E P 1 2

Looking towards the “firewall” from the drivers side front tire, locate the hole where the OEM harness runs towards the dash. Run the cabling along with the OEM harness.

S T E P 1 3

From under the dash, run wires as needed to each of the front speakers and, whatever source will be used. If using a portable music source, run the remote turn-onwire to a (+)12vdc switch to turn the amplifier on, off.

S T E P 1 4 ( o p t i o n a l )

When running the wires from the firewall location as shown above to each of the front speakers (for example, JL Audio MX650-CCX-CG-TBas shown), make sure that those wires are secured out of the way and cannot interfere with any safety or control functions of the vehicle.

NOTE: if no speakers are being used in the front, the speaker wires discussed above need to be insulated and secured out of the way.


S T E P 1 4

Hook up the power and, ground, securing the fuse block to the cabling with the supplied zip-ties.

S T E P 1 5

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !

You have completed the installation for this model!

If access to the amplifier is required, remove the four Allen

Head screws that secure the top cover.

Looking at the control panel on the amplifier, these are the recommended amplifier settings to optimize the performance of the system. The final input sensitivity settings for the amplifier may differ according to the source unit being used.

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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