JL Audio SB-T-4RNR2-10W3v2 User Manual

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Edition & Limited)

This Stealthbox is a product which requires professional installation skills and tools.

Please read this installation guide thoroughly before beginning the project. It will guide you step by step through the installation. Several of the steps in this process may require two people to accomplish.

It is absolutely vital that the enclosure be properly mounted to the vehicle according to these instructions. Failure to mount the enclosure properly presents two problems: 1) The sub-bassperformance will suffer due to the movement of the enclosure caused by the force exerted by the woofer(s) and 2) A loose enclosure presents a serious safety hazard in the event of a collision or sudden deceleration.

Please enjoy your JL Audio Stealthbox responsibly.










X 2.5”


STEP 1: Clean out all contents. Remove the cargo cover and carpet mat.

STEP 2: Remove the rear sill plate(A) and side storage door(B).

With the sill plate removed, pull and fold over the carpet out of the corner(circled).

On Limited Edition interiors, remove the plastic tray. The flooring carpet will not fit flush aginst the Stealthbox, once isntalled.

STEP 3: Place the supplied wax square into position.

The middle of wax square (X marks the spot) needs to be3.5” back from the wheel well and2.5” from the side panel.

Remove the adhesive protective paper from the under side of the wax square and stick to the floor.




STEP 4: Thread in the supplied tsocket cup set screw, leaving about a 1/2” out of the Stealthbox. Make sure that the socket cup end is exposed.

Place the Stealthbox into position and press down firmly.


STEP 5: With the Stealthbox removed and wax square still in position, use a 1/2” drill bit to drill out the marked location.

After hole is drilled, remove the wax square.

STEP 6: Place and line up the hole, of one of the supplied black metal plates to the 1/2” drilled hole from STEP 5.

Use tape to temporary secure the metal plate into position.

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SB - T- 4RNR2/10Wv2, JL AUDIO, Inc 2003

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STEP 7: Place the carpet that was pulled out of

STEP 8: Remove the access door(A) and cargo



the corner in STEP 2, back into position.

net cleat(B).



Cut out an access hole in the carpet, that is lined up

Follow STEPS 8A and8B to properly remove



and position above the black metal plate’s hole, from

the cargo net cleat.
















STEP 8B: When the knob is unlocked correctly, the exposed knob will pull away from the side panel, but is still attached to the cleat assembly.

With the cleat unlocked, remove from the side panel.

STEP 9: Run the speaker wire to the Stealthbox’s location.

Check for proper operation of the woofer and attach speaker wire to terminal.

Before placing the Stealthbox back into location, back out the threaded rod to expose about 1”.

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SB - T- 4RNR2/10Wv2, JL AUDIO, Inc 2003

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STEP 8A: This is how the cleat looks when installed into the side panel. (side panel not seen)

Grab a hold of the exposed knob’s edge with your finger nails and pull out. It should not require a lot of force. *Do not force it.*

STEP 10: With the Stealthbox wired up and in location(with socket cup set screw placed through the carpet, metal plate and floor).

Place a supplied flat washer onto the supplied bolt. Place the bolt assembly through the upper mounting support bracket of the Stealthbox and the factory plastic side panel.

On the back side of the plastic side panel, place a supplied flat washer, lock washer and then thread supplied nut onto the bolt assembly .(through the removed excess door location.)

Using a 9/16” open end wrench to hold the nut behind the

plastic panel.Tighten the exposed bolt with a 9/16” socket.

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STEP 11: Take the other supplied black metal plate, lock washer, flat washer and nut to the under side of vehicle.

STEP 12: Place the other black metal support plate, flat washer, lock washer and thread the nut onto the threaded rod. Use a 9/16” socket and long extension to fully secure the mounting assembly.

If the socket cup set screw is not protruding far enough, loosen.

STEP 13: Replace the carpet and any other contents back into cargo area.

For cosmetics, we folded the corner of the carpet back under it self. We do not recommend that you cut this carpet.

Supplied Hardware:

2) 3/8” Split Lock Washers

2) 3/8” Flat Washers

2) 3/8” x 1-1/4”Fender

2) 3/8”-16x2-1/4”hex

1) 1/4”-20Install Bolt

1)3/8”-16x2-1/4”Socket Cup Set Screw

1)3” x 3” Wax Square

2)3/8”-16Hex Nut


Enclosure Type: Acoustical Suspension (Sealed)

Driver Type: 10W3v2-D2

Nominal Impedance: 4Ω

Cont. Power Handling: 300Watts

JL Audio recommends using a high quality amplifier such as the JL Audio 250/1. The diagram below shows the recommended crossover, infrasonic filter and equalizer settings for the 250/1 when being used to power your Stealthbox®.

+12VDC Ground Remote

Preamp Output Section

Bass Control

Amp LP Filter

Amplifier Input Section


Output Mode

Infrasonic Filter


Input Voltage

Input Sens. Signal Sensing
























JL AUDIO 250/1















monoblock subwoofer amplifier









Left Ch.

Right Ch.

LF Boost (dB)

Filter Freq. (Hz)

Left Ch.

Right Ch.

The JL Audio 250/1 is a very versatile audio component. Please consult the owner’s manual for detailed information about installing and tuning this amplifier.

Mid/High Frequency Driver Information:

Front Location Driver Size:

6”x9” with separated tweeter

Applicable JL Audio Products:


TR690-TXi&VR690-CXi,does require


spacer/mounting rings.


Rear Location Driver Size:


6 3/4”


Applicable JL Audio Products:




does require spacer/mounting rings.





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SB - T- 4RNR2/10Wv2, JL AUDIO, Inc 2003

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