HTC Z4619 User Manual
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Steering Control Levers

The machine’s speed and direction are continuously variable using the two steering controls. The steering controls can be moved forward or backward about

a neutral position. Furthermore, there is a neutral position, which is locked if the steering controls are moved outward.

When both controls are in the neutral position (N), the machine stands still.

By moving both controls an equal amount forward or backward, the machine moves in a straight line forward or backward respectively.

In order, for example, to turn right while moving forward, move the right control towards the neutral position. The rotation of the right wheel is reduced and the machine turns to the right.

Zero turn can be achieved by moving one control backward (behind the neutral position) and carefully moving the other steering control forward from its neutral position. The rotation direction when zero turning is determined by which steering control is moved backward behind the neutral position. If the left steering control is pulled backward, the machine turns to the left. Use extra care when using this maneuver.


If the mower is not tracking straight, check the air pressure in both rear tires. Recommended air pressure is 15 psi. (1 bar) Tracking must be checked on a flat and level concrete or blacktop surface. If the unit

still does not track straight contact your Husqvarna workshop for adjustments.


Steering controls


The machine can turn very rapidly if one steering control is moved much further forward than the other.











3.Neutral slot, Neutral lock


Motion control lever pattern (right side)



Seat Adjustment Knobs

The seat can be adjusted lengthways. When making adjustments, loosen the four knobs under the seat pan, after which the seat can be moved backward or forward. Retighten the knobs at the desired setting.


Lengthwise adjustment


The fuses are located in a holder at the right hand side of the battery compartment. They are flat pin fuses of the same type used in automobiles.

There are three fuses as well as a socket for one spare fuse.

Fuse ratings and functions:

20 A, Primary fuse.

7.5 A, Mower deck coupling.

7.5 A, Accessory outlet.

Socket for spare fuse.

Bypass Linkages

When pushing or pulling the mower, engage the IZT (Integrated Zero Turn Transaxle) bypass linkages. The IZT bypass linkages are located on the rear of the frame, below the rear engine guard.

Raise the deck into the highest cutting position

Pull the IZT bypass linkages out and into the slots. Release the linkages so they are held into the bypass position

To reengage the IZT's into drive, reverse the above procedure





1. IZT Bypass Linkages

Bypass position with linkage head outside rear deck




Read the safety instructions before refueling. The machine has one fuel tank, just behind the seat. The tank capacity is 3 gallons (11.4 liters).

Regularly check the gas cap gasket for damage and keep the cap properly tightened.

The engine will run on a minimum of 85-octaneunleaded gasoline (no oil mix). Environmentally adapted alkylate gasoline can be used. See Technical Data concerning ethanol fuel. Methanol fuel is not allowed. Do not use E85 alcohol based fuel. Damage to the engine and components may occur.

When operating in temperatures below 32° F. (0° C.), use fresh, clean winter grade gasoline to help insure good cold weather starting.


Fuel tanks


Gasoline is highly flammable. Observe caution and fill the tank outdoors (see the safety instruction).


The engine and the exhaust system, become very hot during operation.

Risk for burns if touched.

Allow engine and exhaust system to cool at least two (2) minutes before refueling


Fill to bottom of filler neck. Do not overfill. Wipe off any spilled oil or fuel. Do not store, spill or use gasoline near an open flame.


Experience indicates that alcohol blended fuels (called gasohol, ethanol or methanol) can attract moisture which leads to separation and formation of acids during storage. Acidic gas can damage the fuel system of an engine while in storage. To avoid engine problems, the fuel system should be emptied before storage of 30 days or longer. Drain the gas tank, start the engine and let it run until the fuel lines and carburetor are empty. Use fresh fuel the next season. See Storage Instructions for additional information. Never use engine or carburetor cleaners in the fuel tank or permanent damage may occur.



Blade switch

To engage the mower deck, pull the blade switch knob out. The mower blades are disengaged when the knob is pressed down fully.


Blade Switch

Ignition Switch

The ignition key is placed on the control panel and is used to start and stop the engine.


Do not run the starter for more than five seconds each time. If the engine does not start, wait 10 seconds before retrying.


Ignition Switch

Choke Control

The choke control is used for cold starts to provide the engine with a richer fuel mixture.

The throttle control is equipped with a choke detent. Pressing the throttle control all of the way forward will choke the engine. For full throttle, press the throttle control forward until you feel the detent.


Choke control