HTC Z4619 User Manual
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Lubrication Schedule






Lubrication schedule and Symbol Key



12/12= Every year

Lubricate with grease gun

Lubricate with oil can


Every Week

Oil change

Level check


Every day

Filter change



Remove the ignition key to prevent unintentional movements during lubrication.

When lubricating with an oil can, it must be filled with engine oil.

When lubricating with grease, unless otherwise stated, use a high grade molybdenum disulphide grease. For daily use, the machine shall be lubricated twice weekly.

Wipe away excess grease after lubrication.

It is important to avoid getting lubricant on the belts or the drive surfaces on the belt pulleys. Should this happen, attempt to clean them with spirits. If the belt continues to slip after cleaning, it must be replaced. Gasoline or other petroleum products must not be used to clean belts.

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Lubricating With The Schedule

Caster wheels

Lubricate with a grease gun. One zerk for each bearing, two strokes. Use only good quality grease. See General in Lubrication.

Engine Oil

Changing the Engine Oil

The engine oil should be changed for the first time after 5-8hours of operation. Thereafter, it shall be changed every 50 hours.

1.Place the machine on a flat surface.

2.Remove the yellow cap and fit a hose to the drain valve.


Engine oil can be very hot if it is drained directly after stopping the engine. Allow the engine to cool for a 2-3minutes before maintenance.


Caster wheel zerk

3.Place a container under the engine where the hose from the oil drain valve exits.

4.Remove the dipstick and open the drain valve by turning and pulling out the black sleeve.

5.Allow the oil to run out into the container.

6.Then close the oil drain valve.

7.Remove hose and install the yellow cap. The cap must be installed to stop flow if the valve is opened by mistake.

8.Replace the oil filter if necessary.

9.Fill with new engine oil in accordance with Checking the Oil Level.

10.Start the engine. Run it for a few seconds. Stop and recheck the oil level.


Used engine oil is a health hazard and must not be disposed of on the ground or in nature; it should always be disposed of at a workshop or appropriate disposal location.

Avoid skin contact; wash with soap and water in case of spills.


Oil drain valve

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Oil Level

Check the oil level in the engine when the machine is standing level and the engine is stopped.

Remove the dipstick, wipe it clean, and screw it back into place.

Take the dipstick out again and read the oil level. The oil level shall lie between the markings on the dipstick.

If the level is approaching the “ADD” mark, fill the oil to the “FULL” mark on the dipstick. Never fill above the

“FULL” mark.

The oil is filled through the hole for the dipstick. API class SF, SG, SH, SJ or higher must be used

Synthetic oil SAE 5W-30or 10W30 is recommended at all temperatures. Mineral oil SAE5W-30,10W30 can be used between 0°F/-18°C and 40 °F/+5 °C. At temperature above 40 °F/+5 °C single grade SAE 30 must be used.

The engine holds 1.5 quarts (1.4 liters) of oil excluding the filter; including the filter 1.6 quarts (1.5 liters).

Changing the Oil Filter

1.Drain the engine oil following the procedure described in Engine Oil/ Change Engine Oil section.

2.Remove the oil filter. If necessary, use a filter remover.

3.Wipe new, clean engine oil on the seal of the new filter.

4.Mount the filter by hand with + ¾ turn.

5.Run the engine warm, to check that there are no leaks around the oil filter seal.


The transmission is maintenance free and there is no need for level checks or oil changes. If a leak occurs, replace the unit or contact your Husqvarna dealer.

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Remove the dipstick


Dipstick markings


Kohler oil filter


Briggs & Stratton oil filter