HTC Z4619 User Manual
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Gauge Wheels

Anti-scalprollers are properly adjusted when they are just slightly off of the ground when the deck is at the desired cutting height in the operating position. Antiscalp rollers then keep the deck in the proper position to help prevent scalping in most terrain conditions.


Adjust Anti-scalprollers with the mower on a flat level surface.

The gauge wheels can be set in three positions:

Upper position 1½ to 3" (38 to 76 mm) grass.

Middle position 3" to 4½" (76 to 114 mm) grass.

Lower position 4½" to 6" (114 to 152 mm) grass.

The rollers should be approximately ¼" (6.5 mm) from ground. Do not adjust the rollers to support the deck.

1.Adjust the deck to the desired cutting height (see

“TO ADJUST DECK CUTTING HEIGHT” in the operation section of this manual).

2.Using a ¾" wrench and a 9/16" wrench, remove the nut and shoulder bolt from the gauge wheel.

3.Lower the gauge wheel to the ground, and raise it up to the next highest hole.

4.Replace and tighten the nut and shoulder bolt.

5.All of the gauge wheels should be adjusted to the same position.

6.Readjust the gauge wheels if the cutting height is changed.






Regular cleaning and washing, especially under the mower deck, will increase the machine’s life-span.Make it a habit to clean the machine directly after use (after it is cooled), before the dirt sticks.

Do not spray water on the top of the mower deck. Use compressed air to clean the top side of mower deck. Regularly clean deck and underside of the deck with normal water pressure. Do not use a high pressure washer or steam cleaner. Avoid spraying engine and electrical components with water.

Do not rinse hot surfaces with cold water. Let unit cool before washing.

Use protective glasses when cleaning and washing.



Caster Wheels


Check every 200 hours. Check that wheels rotate


freely. If not, take the unit to your dealer for service.


Foam filled tires or solid tires will void the warranty.


Removal and Reinstallation


Remove nut and caster bolt.


Pull the wheel out of the fork and take care of the




Install in reverse order. Tighten caster bolt.



DO NOT add any type of tire liner or foam fill material to the tires. Excessive loads

created by foam filled tires will cause premature failures.

Only use O.E.M. specified tires.


1. Caster bolt

Caster wheel


Check daily. Inspect the entire machine for loose or missing hardware.