HTC XV6800 User Manual
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48 Synchronizing InformationWithYour Computer

5.1 About Synchronization

You can take information from your computer wherever you go by synchronizing them to your device.The following types of information can be synchronized between your computer and your XV6800:

Microsoft Outlook® information, which include Outlooke-mail,contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes

Media, such as pictures, music and video

Favorites, which are the bookmarked links to your favorite web sites

Files, such as documents and other files

Ways to synchronize

Before you can synchronize, you need to install and set up first the synchronization software on your computer. For more information, see“Setting Up Windows Mobile Device Center on Windows Vista®”and “Setting Up ActiveSync® on Windows XP®.”

You can synchronize your XV6800 with your computer by using one of the following methods:

Connect and synchronize using the supplied Mini USB cable.

Upon connecting the sync cable to your device and your computer, the synchronization process starts automatically.

Connect and synchronize using infrared.

Use your device’s infrared port to create a direct connection between the device and PC quickly. Align the infrared ports and start the connection from your device. For more information, see“Synchronizing via Infrared and Bluetooth”later in this chapter.

Connect and synchronize using Bluetooth.

You must first set up a Bluetooth partnership between your device and your computer before you can synchronize information through Bluetooth. For more information about setting up a

Bluetooth partnership, see Chapter 11. For information about synchronizing through Bluetooth, see “Synchronizing via Infrared and Bluetooth”later in this chapter.

Try to synchronize frequently in order to keep information up-to-datein both your device and your computer.

Note You can also synchronize Outlooke-mail,contacts, calendar, and tasks on your device with the Exchange Server at your work. For more information about setting up your device to synchronize with the Exchange Server, see Chapter 8.

5.2 Setting UpWindows Mobile Device Center onWindowsVista®

MicrosoftWindows Mobile® Device Center is the replacement for Microsoft® ActiveSync® on Windows Vista®.

Set up synchronization

When you connect your device to your PC and start Windows Mobile Device Center for the first time, you are asked to create a Windows Mobile partnership with your XV6800 device. Follow the steps below to create a partnership.

1.Connect your device to your PC. Windows Mobile Device Center configures itself and then opens.

2.On the license agreement screen, click Accept.

3.On the Windows Mobile Device Center’s Home screen, click Set up your device.

Note ChooseConnect without setting up your device if you only want to transfer media files, check for updates, and explore your device but not sync Outlook information.

Synchronizing Information WithYour Computer 49

4. Select the information types that you want to synchronize then click Next.

5. Enter a device name and clickSet Up.

When you finish the setup wizard, Windows Mobile Device Center synchronizes your device automatically. Notice that Outlook e-mailsand other information will appear on your device after synchronization.

UseWindows Mobile Device Center

To open Windows Mobile Device Center, click Start > All Programs >Windows Mobile Device Center on your Windows Vista computer.

On Windows Mobile Device Center, you can do the following:

Click Mobile Device Settingsto view and change synchronization settings.

When you click Pictures, Music and

Video > _ new pictures/video clips are available for import, a wizard guides you to tag and transfer photos from your device to the Photo Gallery on your Windows Vista PC.

Click Pictures, Music andVideo > Add media to your device fromWindows Media Playerto synchronize music and video files using Windows Media™ Player. For more information, see“Using Windows Media Player Mobile”in Chapter 12.

Click File Management > Browse

Windows Mobile Device Center

the contents of your device to view


documents and files from your device.


Note See Windows Mobile Device Center Help for more information.

50 Synchronizing InformationWithYour Computer

5.3 Setting Up ActiveSync onWindows XP®

The Getting Started Disc that comes with your XV6800 contains Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 or later. Follow the steps in this section to install and set up ActiveSync on Windows XP or other compatible Windows systems.

Note For a list of compatible Windows systems, please go to:

Install ActiveSync

1.Insert the Getting Started Disc into the disc drive on your PC.

2.ActiveSync is available in English and several other languages. Select the desired language then click


3.Click Setup and Installation.

4.Select the ActiveSync check box and clickInstall.

5.Read the license terms and click Accept.

6.When installation is complete, click Done.

7.On the Getting Started with Windows Mobile screen, click Close.

Set up synchronization

Follow the steps below to set up a synchronization partnership.

1.Connect your device to your PC.The Synchronization Setup Wizard automatically starts and guides you to create a synchronization partnership. Click Next to proceed.

2.To synchronize your device with your PC, clear the Synchronize directly with a server running Microsoft Exchange check box then clickNext.

3.Select the information types that you want to synchronize then click Next.

4.Select or clear the Allow wireless data connections (such as MMS or Internet Calling) on your device while it is connected to your computercheck box according to your preference.

5.Click Finish.

When you finish the wizard, ActiveSync synchronizes your device automatically. Notice that Outlook e-mailsand other information will appear on your device after synchronization.

5.4 SynchronizingWithYour Computer

Connect and synchronize your XV6800 with your PC using the USB cable, infrared or Bluetooth connection.

Start and stop synchronization

You can manually synchronize either from your device or PC.

From your XV6800 device

1.Tap Start > Programs > ActiveSync.

2.Tap Sync.

To end synchronization before it completes, tap Stop.

Tip To delete a partnership with one PC completely, tapMenu > Options, tap the computer name, then tapDelete.

Synchronizing Information WithYour Computer 51

FromWindows Mobile Device Center

1.Click Start > All Programs >Windows Mobile Device Center.

2.Click at the lower left of the Windows Mobile Device Center. To end synchronization before it completes, click.

From ActiveSync on your PC

When you connect your device to your PC, ActiveSync automatically opens on your PC and synchronizes.

=To manually start synchronization, click .

=To end synchronization before it completes, click .

Change which information is synchronized

You can change the information types and the amount of information to synchronize for each type either on your device or your PC. Follow the steps below to change synchronization settings on your device.

Note Before changing synchronization settings on your device, disconnect it from your PC.

1.In ActiveSync on your device, tap Menu > Options.

2.Select the check box for any items you want to synchronize. If you cannot select a check box, you might have to clear the check box for the same information type elsewhere in the list.

3.To change synchronization settings for an information type, for instance, E-mail,select it and tap


You can then set the download size limit, specify the time period of information to download, and more.

Notes • Some information types such as Favorites, Files and Media cannot be selected in ActiveSync Options on your device.You can only select or clear these items from your PC’s Windows Mobile Device Center or ActiveSync.

A PC can have sync partnerships with many different Windows Mobile powered devices, but a device can have sync partnerships with at most two PCs only.To ensure that your device will synchronize properly with both PCs, set up the second PC using the same synchronization settings you used on the first PC.

Outlook e-mailcan be synchronized with only one computer.

Sync connection problem

The desktop Microsoft ActiveSync 4.0 and later versions utilize a network type of connection with Windows Mobile powered devices, since this allows faster data transfer than a serial USB connection. When the PC is connected to the Internet or a local network, in some cases, the PC may disconnect the connection with your device in favor of the Internet or network connection.

If this happens, tap Start > Settings > Connectionstab > USB to PC, then clear the Enable advanced network functionalitycheck box.This makes your PC utilize a serial USB connection with your device.

The USBtoPC( ) icon appears on theToday Screen when serial USB connection is used.