HTC XV6800 User Manual
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42 Setting Up Your XV6800

Customize the Start menu

You can choose which items appear in the Start menu.

1.Tap Start > Settings > Personaltab > Menus.

2.Select the check boxes of the items you want to appear in the Start menu.You can select up to seven items.

Tip You can also create folders and shortcuts to appear on the Start menu. Connect your XV6800 with your PC, then in Windows Explorer of your PC,double-clickMyWindows Mobile-Based Device >Windows > Start Menu

and create the folders and shortcuts that you want.You will see the added items after you synchronize. For more information about synchronizing with the PC, see Chapter 5.

4.3 Customizing Phone Settings and Services

You can customize phone settings, such as the ring type and ring tone to be used for incoming calls, and the keypad tone to be used when entering phone numbers.You can also customize phone services.

To access phone settings and services

Tap Start > Phone, then tapMenu > Options on the Phone screen; or

Tap Start > Settings > Phone.

Ringer and tone settings

To change the ring tone

1.On the Phone screen, tap Menu > Options > Phone tab.

2.In the Ring tone list, tap the sound you want to use.

Tip To use custom*.wav,*.mid,*.mp3, or*.wma files as ring tones, use ActiveSync on your PC to copy the files to the

../Windows/Rings folder on your device. Next, select the sound from the Ring tone list. For more information about copying files to your device, see "Copying Files" later in this chapter.

To change the ring type

You can change the way you are notified of incoming calls. For example, you can choose to be notified by a ring, a vibration, or a combination of both.

1.On the Phone screen, tap Menu > Options > Phone tab.

2.In the Ring type list, tap the desired option.

Keypad tone

You can change the tone you hear when entering a phone number on the keypad. If set to Long tones, the tone is heard continuously for as long as the number on the keypad is pressed. Use this setting if you are

having trouble accomplishing tasks that rely on tones from your phone such as accessing messages from an answering machine. If set to Short tones, the tone is heard only for one or two seconds. If set toOff, no tone

will be heard.

1.From the Phone keypad, tap Menu > Options > Phone tab.

2.In the Keypad list, tap the option you want.

Setting Up Your XV6800 43

Optional phone services

Optional phone services can be easily activated and used on your device if provided by your wireless service provider. Contact your service provider first to ask about the availability of these services.

To enable optional phone services

1.Tap Start > Settings > Personaltab > Phone > Servicestab.

2.Select the service you want to use, then tap Get Settings.

3.Select desired options for the service, then tap OK.

The following are some of the optional phone services that you may find on your device. For more information about how to customize the settings of each service, see Help on your device.

Phone Services


Location Setting

Allow the mobile phone network to detect your current location via your device’s built-inGPS



chip.This is especially useful in times of emergency.



On the upper right of the Phone screen, one of these icons will be shown:



LOCATION ON (your location can be detected)



911 ONLY (your location cannot be detected except by 911)

Voice Privacy

Protect conversations from possible eavesdropping, especially when you're roaming.This



prevents devices such as scanners to pick up your frequency.

Network Service

Choose to accept roaming or restrict your device to phone calls from your home network




TTY Mode

Allow the use of aTTY (teletypewriter) device with the PDA phone for users who are visually



or hearing impaired.

Time Synchronization

Choose whether or not to synchronize the time on your device with the mobile network.




For more information about how to customize the settings of optional phone services, see Help on your device.

4.4 ProtectingYour XV6800

You can prevent unauthorized access to your device by using password protection.To keep your data more secure, you can set your device to prompt for a password every time the device is turned on or when your device has been idle after a specified amount of time.

To protect your device with a password

1.Tap Start > Settings > Personaltab > Lock.

2.Select the Prompt if device unused for check box, and in the box to the right, select how long your device must be idle before a password is required. In thePassword type box, select the type of password you would like to use. Enter the password and, if necessary, confirm the password.

If your device is configured to connect to a network, use an alphanumeric password for increased security for your device.

3.On the Hint tab, enter a phrase that will help you remember your password, but does not allow others to guess your password.

The hint will be displayed after the wrong password is entered four times.

4.Tap OK.The next time the device is turned on, you will be prompted to enter your password.

Notes • Each time a wrong password is entered, the device response time gets longer until the device appears to be not responding.

If you forget your password, you must follow the instructions in this user manual to clear the memory before you can access your device.

44 Setting Up Your XV6800

To change your password

1.Tap Start > Settings > Personal tab> Lock.You will be prompted to enter your current password.

2.In the Password box, enter your new password.

3.Tap OK.

4.5Other Settings

Device name

The device name is used to identify the device in the following situations:

Synchronizing with a PC

Connecting to a network

Restoring information from a backup

Note If you synchronize multiple devices with the same PC, each device must have a unique name.

To change the device name

1.Tap Start > Settings > Systemtab > About.

2.Tap the Device ID tab.

3.Enter a name.

Note The device name must begin with a letter, consist of letters fromA toZ, numbers from0 to9, and cannot contain spaces. Use the underscore character to separate words.

Display settings

To adjust brightness

1.Tap the Backlight icon () on theToday screen, or tapStart > Settings > System tab >Backlight.

2.On the Brightness tab, move the slider right to increase the brightness, or left to decrease the brightness.

To set the backlight to dim after a time delay

1.Tap the Backlight icon () on theToday screen, or tapStart > Settings > System tab >Backlight.

2.Tap the Battery powertab, or the External powertab.

3.Select the Turn off backlight if device is not used for check box, and specify the time delay.

To increase or decrease the size of text on the screen

1.Tap Start > Settings > Systemtab > Screen >Text Sizetab.

2.Move the slider to increase or decrease the text size.

Setting Up Your XV6800 45

Button settings

To reassign programs or shortcuts to program buttons

Your device may come with programs already assigned to hardware buttons.You can customize these buttons to open the programs you use most, or to perform certain shortcuts such as changing the screen orientation, opening theToday screen, or opening Input Panel.

1.Tap Start > Settings > Personaltab > Buttons.

2.A list of buttons and their current assignments are displayed on the Program Buttons tab.

3.Tap the button you want to reassign.To help you identify the buttons, there are numbers and icons representing the original function of the button.

4.In the Assign a program box, tap the program or shortcut you want to assign.

5.Tap OK.

To adjust the speed for scrolling

Pressing and holding NAVIGATION up or down (Up/Down control) scrolls through the items in a list. Follow these steps to set the scrolling speed.

1.Tap Start > Settings > Personaltab > Buttons > Up/Down Controltab.

2.Do one of the following:

Under Delay before first repeat, move the slider to shorten or lengthen the time that elapses before scrolling begins.

To change the time it takes to scroll from one item to the next, under Repeat rate, move the slider to adjust the speed.

Word completion options

Word completion helps you enter text faster by suggesting words as you enter letters using the on-screenkeyboard or the handwriting recognition methods.You can set the number of suggested words to display, when to show the word list, and more.

1.Tap Start > Settings > Personaltab >Input >Word Completiontab.

2.Make sure the Suggest words when entering text check box is selected.

3.The suggested word list shows one word by default.You can change the number of words to display in the suggested list.

4.Tap OK.

Alarms and notifications

You can set up the correct date, time, and regional settings according to your use.

To set an alarm

1.Tap Start > Settings > Systemtab > Clock & Alarms > Alarmstab.

2.Tap <Description> and enter a name for the alarm.

3.Tap the day of the week for the alarm.You can select multiple days by tapping each desired day.

4.Tap the time to open a clock and set the time for the alarm.

5.Tap the alarm icon ( ) to specify the type of alarm you want.You can choose a flashing light, a single sound, a repeating sound, or vibration.

6.If you choose to play a sound, tap the list next to the Play sound check box and tap the sound you want.

46 Setting Up Your XV6800

To choose how to be notified about events or actions

1.Tap Start > Settings > Personaltab > Sounds & Notifications.

2.On the Sounds tab, choose how you want to be notified by selecting the appropriate check boxes.

3.On the Notifications tab, inEvent, tap an event name and choose how you want to be notified by selecting the appropriate check boxes.You can choose from several options, such as a special sound, a message, or a flashing light.

Tip Turning off sounds and the flashing light helps conserve battery power.

Chapter 5

Synchronizing Information

WithYour Computer

5.1About Synchronization

5.2Setting UpWindows Mobile Device Center


5.3Setting Up ActiveSync onWindows XP®

5.4SynchronizingWithYour Computer

5.5Synchronizing via Infrared and Bluetooth

5.6Synchronizing Music andVideo