HTC XV6800 User Manual
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30 Entering and Searching Information

2.8 Using Notes to Draw,Write, and RecordVoice Notes

Using Notes, you can draw directly on the screen, or write on the screen and save notes in your own handwriting.You can also create astand-alonerecording (voice note) or you can add a recording to a note.

For more information on what you can do with Notes, see“Notes”in Chapter 6.

2.9 Searching Information

You can search for files and other items stored in My Documents folder or on an installed storage card of your device.You can search by file name or by words located in the item. For example, you can search in e-mailmessages, notes, appointments, contacts, and tasks, as well as in online Help.

To search for a file or an item

1.Tap Start > Programs > Search.

2.In the Search for field, you can:

Enter the file name, word, or other information you want to search for.

Tap the down arrow icon ( ), and from the list, select one item that you have looked for before.

3.In the Type field, you can tap the down arrow icon () and select a data type from the list to help narrow your search.

4.Tap Search.The system then starts searching the matched files in theMy Documents folder and subfolders.

5.In the Results list, tap the item you want to open.

Note The storage card symbol (


) is displayed next to the names of files saved on a storage card.

Chapter 3

Using Phone Features

3.1Using the Phone

3.2Making a Call

3.3Receiving a Call

3.4Smart Dialing

3.5Voice Speed Dial


3.7Additional Dialing Information

32Using Phone Features

3.1Using the Phone

Like a standard mobile phone, you can use your device to make, receive, and keep track of calls and send SMS/MMS messages.You can also dial directly from Contacts.

The Phone screen

From the Phone screen, you can access Call History, Speed Dial, and Phone settings.To open the Phone screen, do one of the following:

Press theTALK button ().

TALK button

Directly dial the phone number by pressing numeric keys on the hardware keyboard.

Tap Start > Phone.

Turn the phone function on and off

In many countries, you are required by law to turn off your phone while on board an aircraft.

To turn off the phone function, do one of the following:

Tap the Signal icon () then tapComm Manager, or tap theComm Manager icon () on theToday screen. On the Comm Manager screen, tap thePhone button () to turn o the phone function.

To resume call function, turn on the phone function by tapping the Phone button () again on the Comm Manager screen.

Open Comm Manager, then tap the Flight Mode button () to enable flight mode.This turns o all wireless radios on your device, which include the phone function, Bluetooth, andWi-Fi.

To resume call function, disable flight mode by tapping the Flight Mode button () again.This also restores the previous state of Bluetooth andWi-Fi.

Adjust the device volume

1.Tap the Speaker icon ().

2.Under Volume, do the following:

Adjust the phone volume ( ) or device volume () by moving the slider to the desired volume level.

Tap On,Vibrate, orOff to change both the system and ringer volume settings.

Notes • To adjust the conversation phone volume, you must do it during a call. Adjusting the volume at another time will affect the ring, notification, and MP3 sound levels.

When you activate Vibrate mode, sound will automatically be

muted and your device will vibrate when an incoming call is Volume adjustment received.The Vibrate icon () will appear in the title bar to

indicate that Vibrate mode is activated

Using Phone Features 33

3.2 Making a Call

With your device, you can make a call from Phone,Contacts,Speed Dial, andCall History.

Make a call from Phone

1.Tap Start > Phone.

2.On the Phone screen, tap the desired phone number, and tap Talk.

Location Setting indicator

Voice Privacy notification indicator

Battery Power indicator

Talk button

Phone screen


Tips • If you tap a wrong number, tap the Back arrow (

) to erase each subsequent digit of a number.To erase

the entire number, tap and hold the Back arrow.


The icons on the upper right of the Phone screen indicate the battery power level and optional phone services. For more information about optional phone services, see Chapter 5.

Make a call from Contacts

Tap Start > Contacts, then do one of the following:

Tap the desired contact in the contacts list, and tap the phone number that you want to call.

Tap and hold the desired contact, and on the shortcut menu, tap CallWork,Call Home, orCall Mobile.

Press NAVIGATION up or down or roll the Jog Wheel to select a contact, and pressTALK twice (once to send the number to the Phone keypad, and once to dial the number).

To choose one of the numbers of a contact to dial

By default, the mobile telephone number (m) of a contact is dialed when you make a call from Contacts. However, you can specify that a different phone number is dialed instead.

1.Tap Start > Contacts.

2.Press NAVIGATION up or down to select a contact.

3.Press NAVIGATION left or right.The letters representing the number will change as you scroll through them.

Make a call from Call History

1.On the Phone screen, tap Call History.

2.Scroll to the desired contact or phone number, and tap Call.