HTC XV6800 User Manual
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20Getting Started

1.6The Start menu

The Start menu, located at the top left corner of theToday screen, displays a list of programs.You can start a program by scrolling through the programs list and then pressing ENTER, or by tapping a program with the stylus.







1 Tap to switch to theToday screen.

2Tap to start a program.The items displayed in

the Start menu can be customized by tapping

Start > Settings > Personal tab > Menus.

3 Tap to start arecently-usedprogram.

4Tap to view and select more programs that are installed on your device.

5 Tap to change device settings.

6 Tap to see a Help topic for the current screen.

1.7 Programs

The following are some of the programs that are already installed on your device.

Programs in the Start menu

Icon Description

Calendar Allows you to keep track of your appointments and create meeting requests.

Contacts Allows you to keep track of your friends and colleagues.

Get Applications Links you to a web site where you can purchase and download programs that you can install on your device.

Internet Explorer Mobile Allows you to browse Web and WAP sites as well as download new programs and files from the Internet.

Messaging Allows you to send and receivee-mail,MMS, and text messages.

Phone Lets you make and receive calls, switch between calls, and set up conference calling.

Help Displays help information for the current screen.

Programs screen

Icon Description

Games Lets you play twopre-installedgames:Bubble Breaker andSolitaire.

Office Mobile Use the complete suite of Microsoft® Office applications for your mobile device.

Excel Mobile Creates new workbooks or view and edit Microsoft® Office Excel® workbooks

PowerPoint Mobile Views Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® slides and presentations.

Word Mobile Creates, views, and edits Microsoft® Office Word documents.

ActiveSync Synchronizes information between your device and a PC or the Exchange Server.

Adobe Reader LE Enables you to view PDF (Portable Document Format) files on your device.

Getting Started 21

Icon Description

Calculator Lets you perform basic arithmetic and calculations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Camera Snaps photos or shoots video clips accompanying audio.

File Explorer Enables you to organize and manage files on your device.

Modem Link Activates your device as a modem for your notebook computer.

Notes Allows you to create handwritten or typed notes, drawings, and recordings.

Pictures &Videos Lets you view and manage your picture and video files on your device or a storage card.

Running Programs Allows you to check which programs are currently running and stop running programs to free up memory space.

Search Enables you to search contacts, data, and other information on your device.

Tasks Allows you to keep track of your tasks.

Text Messages Retry Resends SMS messages that failed delivery.

Voice Speed Dial Allows you to record voice tags so that you can dial a phone number or launch programs simply by speaking a word.

Voice Speed Dial Switch Enables or disables Voice Speed Dial to be launched when the VOICE COMMAND button is pressed.

Windows Media Player Mobile Lets you play back audio and video files.

Wireless Sync This software from Verizon Wireless allows you to synchronize and viewe-mails,and access information such as as calendar appointments, contacts, tasks, etc. that are stored on your device.

ZIP Enables you to save memory and free up storage space on your device by compressing files in the conventional ZIP format.

1.8 Settings

You can adjust the device settings to suit the way you work.To see all available settings, tap Start > Settings, then tap thePersonal,System, andConnections tabs located at the bottom of the screen.

Personal tab

Icon Description

Buttons Assigns a program to a hardware button.

Input Sets options for each of the input methods.

Lock Sets a password for your device.

Menus Sets what programs will appear in the Start menu.

Owner Information Allows you to enter your personal information on your device.

Phone Allows you to customize phone settings such as ring tone, optional phone services, and more.

SlidingSound Allows you to select aslide-inandslide-outsound for the hardware keyboard.

Sounds & Notifications Enables sounds for events, notifications, and more, and allows you to set the type of notification for different events.

22 Getting Started

Icon Description

Today Allows you to customize the appearance and the information to be displayed on theToday screen.

Voice Speed Dial Allows you to create voice tags for voice dialing contacts as well as for launching programs.

System tab

Icon Description

About Allows you to specify a name for your device. Also shows the Windows Mobile version and copyright information.

Backlight Sets the backlight timeout and brightness.

Certificates Shows information about certificates that are installed on your device.

Clear Storage Removes all your data and files from the memory and resets your device to factory default settings.

Clock & Alarms Switches the device clock to the date and time of your locale or to a visiting time zone when you're traveling. Alarms can also be set at specified days and times of a week.

Customer Feedback Allows you to send feedback to the Customer Experience Improvement Program of Microsoft.

Device Information Shows information about the firmware version, hardware, identity, and the duration of calls made on your device.

Encryption Enables or disables encryption of files on your storage card. Encrypted files will be readable only on your device.

Error Reporting Enables or disables the device's error reporting function. When this function is enabled and a program error occurs, technical data about the state of the program and your computer will be logged in a text file and delivered to Microsoft's technical support if you choose to send it.

External GPS Sets the appropriate GPS communication ports, if required.You may need to do this when there are programs on your device that access GPS data or you have connected a GPS receiver to your device. See Help for details.

Key Lock Locks the buttons on your device except for the POWER button when the device is in Sleep mode. This ensures you will not switch the device on by accident and consume unnecessary power.

Memory Shows the device memory allocation status and memory card information. Also allows you to stop currently running programs.

Power Shows the current battery level. Also allows you to set the timeout for turning off the display (switching device to Sleep mode) to conserve battery power.

Regional Settings Sets the regional format to use for displaying numbers, currency, date, and time on your device.

Remove Programs Lets you remove programs that you installed on your device.

Screen Allows you to change the screen orientation,re-calibratethe screen, and change the screen text size.

Windows Update Link to Microsoft’s Web site and update Windows Mobile on your device with the latest security patches or fixes.

Getting Started 23

Connections tab

Icon Description

Beam Enables your device to receive incoming infrared and Bluetooth beams.

Bluetooth Turns Bluetooth on, sets your device to visible mode, and allows you to scan for other Bluetooth devices.

Comm Manager Allows you to manage the device’s connections (includingBluetooth,Wi-Fi,and cellular data connection), turn the phone function on or off, change to ringer or vibration mode, and more.

Connections Sets up one or more types of modem connections for your device, such as phonedial-up,Bluetooth, and more, so that your device can connect to the Internet or a private local network.

USB to PC Sets the USB connection between your device and PC, and helps with problems connecting ActiveSync.

Wi-Fi Allows your device to scan for available wireless networks.

Wireless LAN Shows information about the active wireless network, and allows you to customizeWi-Fisettings.

24 Getting Started

Chapter 2

Entering and Searching


2.1Using the Hardware Keyboard

2.2Entering Information

2.3Using On-screenKeyboard

2.4Using Letter Recognizer

2.5Using Block Recognizer


2.7Using Symbol Pad

2.8Using Notes to Draw,Write, and RecordVoice Notes

2.9Searching Information