Heat & Glo LifeStyle SL-550 User Manual

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KITS: DF-550M,DF-750MandDF-950M

Leave this manual with party responsible for use and operation.

CAUTION! Risk of Cuts or Abrasions. Wear protective gloves and safety glasses during installation.

Installing the optional door on the Fireplaces

Step 1. SL-TR/TV Series: Remove the top louver assembly, which was originally shipped with the fireplace, and discard.

SL-TRS Series: Lower louver must be ordered separately. Proceed to Step 3.

Note: Install shoulder screws to the side of the unit (see Figure 1).

Step 2. SL-TR/TVSeries:Remove the lower louver assembly by lifting the louver out of the slots of the fireplace.

Step 3. Cut the top 2 ½” louver off of the lower louver assembly as shown in Figure 2.Note: Assure all the sharp burrs are removed after cutting.

Step 4. Reinstall the lower louver assembly.

Step 5. Install the door option.

Step 6. Install the top louver assembly which came with the optional door.

Cleaning Instructions for Doors

Use a microfiber cloth and Windex® Original Glass Cleaner or 03M003 Stove Bright® Glass Cleaner to clean the door immediately after installation to remove acids deposited by the installer or technician. Spray the cleaner onto the microfiber cloth and carefully wipe the entire surface. The door should be cleaned in this manner annually by the homeowner to remove fingerprints or other contaminants. Once oxidation of the paint pigment has occurred, cleaning will not restore the original color.




Figure 1



Figure 2

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