Heat & Glo LifeStyle 4035-822 User Manual
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5 Operating Instructions

The operating controls are located on the back of the appliance.

A. Main Power Switch

When the main power switch is turned on, it provides power to all functions.

When used in conjunction with RC-ELEC-HNGthe switch should remain in the “ON” position.

B. Intensity Switch

Controls the intensity of the ember bed and flame.

C. Heater Switch

The heater switch provides power to the heater system.

The RC-ELEC-HNGremote control does not control this function.

D. Thermostat

The thermostat allows you to adjust to the desired room temperature.

To adjust the thermostat, turn the control knob clockwise all the way, then turn the knob counterclockwise until you hear a click.

To increase the desired temperature, turn the knob clockwise.

To decrease the desired temperature, turn the knob counterclockwise.


Heat & Glo • TiaraE• 4035-822Rev F • 01/05