Heat & Glo LifeStyle 4035-822 User Manual
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Electric Stove Set Up



















Sharp Edges


Shock Risk



• Wear protective gloves and safety glasses


Improperly grounded outlets could cause



during installation.


electrical shock.





• Always use properly grounded, fused and





polarized outlets.





• Always use ground fault protection where





A. Leg Leveling System


required by electrical code.





Thread allen bolts through nuts until flush. See

Figure 4.1

B. Plug into Outlet

• Slide assembled nuts and bolts into the slot on the legs

with the nuts on the bottom. Use a 5/32 in. (3.96 mm)


Allen wrench to adjust legs to the desired level. See


Figure 4.2.


Note: Two allen bolts and two nuts are included in the component bag.

Figure 4.1 Leveling Legs Components

Figure 4.2 Assembled Leveling Legs

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