Heat & Glo LifeStyle 4035-822 User Manual
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Location and Clearances


















Fire Risk!


Electrocution Risk!



Due to high temperature, this appliance


• NEVER locate this stove where it may fall



should be located out of high traffic areas.


into a bathtub or other water container.



• Keep combustible materials such as









furniture, pillows, bedding, papers,





clothes and curtains at least 3 ft (.9 m)








from the front of the appliance.






Fire Risk


A. Selecting Stove Location

High Temperatures


Figure 3.1 illustrates a variety of ways the appliance may be

Keep combustible household items away


from appliance.


located in a room. The stove may be installed directly on the


Do NOT obstruct combustion and ventilation


floor or raised on a hearth.











• Do NOT place combustible items on top


B. Clearances

of or in front of appliance.


Figure 3.1 also shows all clearances that must be main-

• Keep furniture, draperies away from




tained around the stove.




1 in. [26mm]

1 in. [26mm]

1 in.

1 in.

[26 mm]

[26 mm]

2 in. [51mm]

Minimum Clearances

from the Stove to Combustible Materials

Glass Front

36 in.

(914 mm)


0 in.

(0 mm)


2 in.

(51 mm)


1 in.

(26 mm)

Floor to Ceiling

30 in.

(762 mm)

1 in. (26mm) - minimum clearance from the corners and sides of the stove or warming shelves.

2 in. (51mm) - minimum clearance from the back of the appliance.

Figure 3.1 Appliance Locations

Note: Minimum clearances must be maintained at all times. Illustrations throughout these instructions reflect typical installations and are for design purposes only. Actual installation may vary slightly due to individual design preferences.

The illustrations and diagrams used throughout these installation isntructions are not drawn to scale.


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