GMC VUE User Manual
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Infotainment System 41

¥Press the NAV (Navigation) key to return to the current vehicle location on the map if the vehicle icon disappears from the screen.

¥Use the scroll feature on the map to set a destination. See ÒFrom MapÓ under Destination on

page 46 for more information.

¥Press the GO screen button to calculate the route from the current position to the destination mark, while scrolling on the map without a planned route.

Navigation Symbols

The following symbols are the most common symbols that appear on

a map screen.

The vehicle is shown as this symbol. It indicates the current position and the direction the vehicle is traveling on the map.

The distance to destination symbol indicates the distance to the

Þnal destination.

The stopover symbol displays on the map after a stopover has been added to the route.

The stopover symbols are numbered one through three, depending on how many stopovers have been set.

This symbol appears when the time to the destination is not available or while you are scrolling on

the map.

42 Infotainment System

The distance and time to destination symbol indicates the distance and the estimated time remaining to

the Þnal destination, depending on the option selected.

The straight line to distance symbol indicates the straight-linedistance to the destination.

This symbol appears before driving begins on the route or if on a

road where navigation guidance cannot be given.

The north up symbol indicates the map with North Up, known as North Up mode.

While in North Up mode, the vehicle icon follows the north direction on the map regardless of which direction the vehicle is traveling. Touch this screen symbol to switch between North Up, Heading Up, and 3ÐD view modes.

Infotainment System 43

The heading up symbol indicates that the vehicle is traveling up on the map and is known as Heading Up mode.

The shaded triangle indicates the North direction. While in Heading Up mode the direction at the top of the screen and the way the vehicle icon is heading indicates the direction the vehicle is traveling. Touch this screen symbol to switch between Heading Up, North Up, and 3ÐD view modes.

Three-dimensional(3ÐD) view mode changes the appearance of the map display to a road level view.

The No GPS symbol appears when the vehicle is acquiring or not receiving a Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite signal.

See Global Positioning System (GPS) on page 70for more information.

Select the Mark screen button to store the location on the screen in your address book.

The system automatically stores the point in the address book. See ÒAdding Destinations to the Address BookÓ under Destination on page 46 for more information.

Displaying Points of Interest (POI) on the Map Screen

Select the POI screen button to display or delete POI icons from the map.

Displaying POI icons on the map indicates where POIs

(e.g. restaurants, gas stations, etc.) are located. This screen appears after selecting the POI screen button.

44 Infotainment System

1.Select one of the POI categories to display or to delete POI icons from the map screen. Once a category has been selected the POI icon displays at the top

of the screen.

2.Select up to Þve categories to display on the map screen. When a category is selected those POI icons display on the map.

3.Press the POI screen button again to add more POI icons.

More: Select to view more POI categories.

POI Close to: Once a category has been selected, touch this button

to display the list of available POIs for the selected POI category.

The list provides the POI icon, the name, the direction, and the distance to the POI from the vehicleÕs current position.

1.Use the scroll arrows to move up and down the list.

2.Use the sorting screen buttons: Dist (distance), Icon, Name, and on Route as needed.

3.Select Go, next to the desired POI, to make this POI a destination or a stopover.

4.Select a POI name to receive information about the POI.

From this screen select: Address

Book, Go, Map, or Call (if the OnStar¨ account is active and if there areHands-FreeCalling minutes available).

Address Book: Press to add this POI to the address book. See ÒNavÓ underConfigure Menu on page 58 for information on editing address book entries.

Infotainment System 45

Go: Select to make this POI a destination or a stopover.

Map: Select to display the map showing the location of the POI.

Call: Select Call to dial the phone number for the POI using the OnStarHands-Freesystem.

The Call button is only available if:

¥OnStar Hands-FreeCalling is activated and calling minutes are available.

¥A paired Bluetooth phone is connected. For more information, see OnStar and Bluetooth in

the index of the vehicleÕs owner

manual. A paired phone has priority over OnStar¨.

OK: Select to display the map screen.

Show POI: Select to display or remove the POI icons from the map screen.

List all Categories: Select to list all POIs sorted alphabetically.

Delete: To delete a speciÞc POI category, select the category.

Clear All: Select this screen button to clear all selected POI categories.

Driving on a Route

When a destination has been routed while driving on route, the map screen automatically displays the next maneuver.

The pop-updisplays the next maneuver direction and how many miles or kilometers the vehicle

is from it.

When you are approximately 1/4 mi (400 m) from the next maneuver

in city driving, the screen displays the name and a detailed view of the next maneuver. On the freeway, these details appear at 1 mi

(1200 m) from the maneuver.