Frigidaire MWX233RE User Manual

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Before Operating Your Washer

Read your washer Owner's Guide. It has important safety and warranty information. It also has many suggestions for best washing results.

To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS in your washer Owner's Guide before operating this appliance.

Operating Steps

Read Washing Procedures in your Owner's Guide. It explains these operating steps in detail.

1.Sort laundry into loads that can be washed together.

2.Prepare items for washing.

3.Pretreat stains and heavy soil.

4.Add the measured amount of detergent to wash tub.

5.If desired, add diluted liquid bleach to Bleach Dispenser.

6.Add laundry load to wash tub.

7.Set cycle selector and washer controls according to type, size, and soil level of each load.

8.Close lid and pull cycle selector knob to start washer.

9.If desired, add diluted liquid fabric softener during the final rinse.

10.Remove items at end of cycle. Wait about 1 minute for safety lid lock to release.

Cycle Selection

Always follow instructions on fabric care labels.

The Regular, Perm Press and Delicates cycles provide a spray rinse during the first spin, followed by a deep rinse and final spin.

Regular Cycle

Provides up to 15 minutes of wash agitation for most fabrics.

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Cycle Selection (continued)

Perm Press Cycle

Provides up to 12 minutes of wash agitation for cottons and blends with a no-ironfinish.

Delicates Cycle

Provides 8 minutes of wash/pause agitation for the gentle care of knit and delicate items. Always set the Delicates cycle to begin at the START position.


Always follow instructions on fabric care labels.

WASH/RINSE TEMPERATURE sets the water temperatures for washing and rinsing. Select wash water temperature according to fiber content and soil level of the load, and type of detergent used. A cold water rinse saves energy and reduces wrinkling.

The following chart suggests wash/rinse temperatures for basic fabric types.



Fabric Type


Heavily soiled white/colorfast


cotton, perm press


Lightly soiled white/colorfast


cotton, perm press


Noncolorfast fabrics, knits,


delicates, washable woolens




LOAD SIZE sets the amount of wash and rinse water for the wash load. Select a water level appropriate for the load size. There should be enough water for items to move freely.

Energy Saving Tips

Wash full loads. Oversize loads use extra energy. Undersize loads waste energy.

When small wash loads cannot be avoided, use lower water levels.

Select the appropriate cycle and time for each load. Shorten wash times for lightly soiled loads.

To reduce drying time, select a fast spin speed to remove more water from heavy items such as towels and jeans.

Use warm water to wash most loads. Limit hot water washes to heavily soiled and white loads. Use cold water for lightly soiled items and rinsing.

Operate the washer in early morning and late evening when utility demands are low.

Follow proper laundry procedures to avoid rewashing.

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