Frigidaire DE-DG216PE User Manual

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Before Operating Your Dryer

Read your dryer Owner's Guide. It has important safety and warranty information. It also has many suggestions for best drying results.

To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS in your dryer owner's guide before operating this appliance.

Operating Steps

Read Drying Procedures in your Owner's Guide. It explains these operating steps in detail.

1.Prepare items for drying.

2.Check that lint screen is clean and in place.

3.Load the dryer. If desired, add a dryer fabric softener sheet.

4.Close the dryer door.

5.Turn cycle selector clockwise to desired setting.

6.Start dryer. Push the Push to Start button for 2 seconds.

7.At end of cycle, remove items immediately and hang or fold.

8.Clean lint screen after every load.

Cycle Selection

Always follow directions on fabric care labels.

Turn cycle selector clockwise to desired cycle and setting. Each cycle ends with a cool down period. The heat automatically turns off and the load continues to tumble for 5-10minutes. This reduces wrinkling and makes items easier to handle during unloading.

Drying time varies depending on size and dampness of load, weight and fabric type. Room temperature and humidity, type of installation and electrical voltage or gas pressure can also affect drying time.

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Cycle Selection (continued)

Time Dry Regular-HighHeat

This cycle provides up to 100 minutes of drying time at high heat for regular items. It is followed by a 10-minuteCool Down (no heat) setting.

When drying permanent press items, turn the cycle selector to 40-50minutes. This is the average time needed to dry most loads of permanent press items.

The Cool Down setting within the Time Dry cycle provides up to 10 minutes of tumbling without heat. Use Cool Down to freshen clothing, pillows or blankets or to dust draperies. Heatsensitive items such as plastics, foam rubber or similarly texturedrubber-likematerials or items containing feathers or down should be driedonly with the Cool Down setting.

When the items are dry, the heat automatically turns off and the load is tumbled for approximately 10 minutes without heat.

To avoid fire hazard, do not use heat to dry items containing feathers or down, foam rubber, plastics, or similarly textured,rubber-likematerials. Use Cool Down (no heat) setting only.

Auto Dry Regular-HighHeat

This cycle is best for regular and permanent press items that can be tumble dried at high heat. Drying time is determined automatically.

For items requiring more drying time, set cycle selector on MORE DRY.

For items requiring less drying time, set cycle selector on LESS DRY.

Energy Saving Tips

Keep the lint screen clean and exhaust the dryer correctly.

Sort laundry properly and select proper temperature and cycle settings. Choose an automatic dry cycle whenever possible for accurate drying time.

Dry only full loads. Single items and small loads usually take longer to dry.

Avoid overloading, adding wet items to a partially dry load, and overdrying.

Dry one load after another to take advantage of a warm dryer.

Opening the door needlessly causes warm air to escape, which prolongs drying time.

If possible, use the dryer on low humidity days.

Install the dryer in an area where the room temperature is at least 45°F (7°C).