Frigidaire Affinity FAFW3574A User Manual

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Front Load Washers


Signature Features

WashSense™ Technology

Save Your Settings

Our WashSense™ technology ensures

Automatically saves your last wash

clothes get clean with care.

setting so you can save time when



doing laundry.







Advanced Rinse Technology

Balance Control System

Final rinse uses fresh water to ensure

Vibration control technology keeps

whiter whites and reduce allergens.

even oversized loads balanced for


smooth, quiet operation. Ideal for use


on second floors.

3.5 Cu. Ft. Electric

Powerful Performance

7 Cycles Including –

Quick Cycle (Fast 25-minutewash cycle1) Whitest Whites

17 Options Including – Stain Clean

Energy Saver

5 Temperature Selections Including –

Automatic Temperature Control

Automatic Water Level Adjustments 5 Spin Speeds

3 Soil Levels



TimeWise™ Technology Energy Saver Option Stainless Steel Tub

More Easy-To-UseFeatures

Estimated Time Remaining

4 Status Indicators Including – Add-A-Garment

Delay Start - Up to 14 Hours SilentDesign™

SpaceWise™ Design

Optional 15" Largest Capacity2 Drawer Pedestals Classic White – PN # APWD15W

Classic Black – PN # APWD15E

Classic Red – PN # APWD15R

Classic Blue – PN # APWD15N

Classic Silver – PN # APWD15A



Total Capacity 3.5 Cu Ft. (IEC)

Overall Exterior Dimensions






















Available in:

















































1Based on 8 lb. load / quick cycle selected for various load compositions.

2Based on manufacturer specifications.329-3/4"when aligned with front of dryer unit.

Front Load Washers

FAFW3574K W/B/R/N/A 3.5 Cu. Ft. Electric

Front Load Washer Specifications

Product Shipping Weight (approx.) – 220 Lbs.

An electrical supply with grounded three-prongreceptacle is required. The power supply circuit must be installed in accordance with current edition of National Electrical Code (ANSI/NFPA 70) and local codes & ordinances.(Do not use same circuit as dryer.)

Voltage Rating – 120V / 60 Hz / 15 Amps

Amps @ 120 Volts = 8 Amps

Equipped with 120V 3-wirepower supply cord, approx. 60" long.

Always consult local and national electric & plumbing codes.

To maximize detergent effectiveness, ambient temperature should never be below 60° F.

Can be installed alone, with or without optional 15" Drawer Pedestal, or stacked below matching Frigidaire® Affinity Dryer, which requires

installation of optional Dryer Stacking Kit. (For installation details, refer to instructions included with optional pedestal or stacking kit or on web.)

Can be built in with matching Frigidaire® Affinity Dryer in undercounter, recessed or closet installation. (Refer to Built-In Installations on this page for cutout dimensions. For additional installation details, refer to Product Installation Guide on web.)

Closet installation requires vented door with 2 unobstructed louvered openings, minimum 60 sq. in. each, located 3" from top and bottom of door. Full-length120 sq. in. opening also acceptable. Allow additional 1" clearance between fronts of units and closed door.

Do NOT install in area exposed to dripping water or outdoor weather conditions, or where gasoline or other flammables, including automobiles, are kept or stored.

Floor MUST be solid with 1" maximum slope. To minimize vibration or movement, reinforcement of floor may be necessary. Do NOT install on carpeted surface.

Leveling legs supplied to level washer properly and reduce excessive noise and vibration.

H/C water faucets MUST be installed within 43" of washer’s water inlet and MUST be 3/4" to connect to 48-1/2"inlet hoses.

Water pressure MUST be between 30 and 120 psi with NOT more than 10 psi pressure difference between hot and cold.

Drain required with standpipe diameter of 1-1/4"min. and height of 24" min. / 96" max. above floor, capable of eliminating 17 gallons per minute. Attached 52" drain hose can reach74"-highstandpipe. For higher standpipe, optional Drain Hose Extension Kit available.

Note: For planning purposes only. Refer to Product Installation Guide on the web at for detailed instructions.

Optional Accessories

Dryer Stacking Kit – (PN # 134700600).

15" Classic White Drawer Pedestal – (PN # APWD15W).

15" Classic Black Drawer Pedestal – (PN # APWD15E).

15" Classic Red Drawer Pedestal – (PN # APWD15R).

15" Classic Blue Drawer Pedestal – (PN # APWD15N).

15" Classic Silver Drawer Pedestal – (PN # APWD15A).

Mobile Home Installation Kit – (PN # 137067200).

Drain Hose Extension Kit – (PN # 137098000).



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