FMI Mantel and Base W36TU User Manual

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W36TU and W36TO

Mantel and Base


Important: Read entire instruction sheet before assembling or installing mantel kit.

These mantels are only approved for use with any DESAHeating,LLC36"electricandgasfireplacesystems. Do not use mantel with any other product.

This mantel kit contains the following:

Mantel pieces - unassembled and numbered as follows:

#1 Base

#2 Right Side Assembly #3 Left Side Assembly #4 Header

#5 Top

Hardware Package

18 - 1 1/4" Wood Screws


* Extra hardware may be included

Tools required:

• Power Screwdriver with #2 Phillips Bit

If any wood pieces are missing or damaged, contact the dealer where you purchased this mantel for replacement. If hardwareismissingordamaged,contactDESAHeating,LLC at 1-866-672-6040for referral information. You can also visit DESA Heating, LLC’s web site

WARNING: Follow guidelines of paint or finish manufacturer. Use care when finishing or painting an unfinished mantel (W36TU only). Do not finish or paint mantelpiecesnearrunningheateroropenflame.These vapors are highly flammable.

IMPORTANT: Ifyouarestaininganunfinishedmantel(W36TU only), remove any sawdust, dirt or oils. This will prevent blemishes from appearing under the stain. Stain mantel before assembling according to manufacturer’s instructions. Apply sanding sealer.

IMPORTANT: Ifyouarepaintinganunfinishedmantel(W36TU only), assemble mantel before painting. Follow directions listed on paint for wood products. Apply base coat and top coat following directions listed on product.

Note: Gather all mantel pieces together before assembling mantel.

WARNING: Only use 11/4" screws to assemble mantel. Damage to mantel will result if other screws are used for this purpose.

Assembling Mantel

IMPORTANT: More than one person is required to lift assembledmantel.Liftmantelbylegassemblies.Lifting by header or mantel top could damage mantel.

Use the following illustrations to assemble mantel. Use only screws provided.

Header #4

Right Leg

Assembly #2

Left Leg

Assembly #3






Right Leg

Assembly #2

Left Leg

Assembly #3



Base #1


Figure 2 - Installing Mantel Base

IMPORTANT:Align mantel left to right on base before installing.Mantellegsmustbeflushwithbackofmantelbasebefore installation. Use a tape measure to insure accuracy.


Top #5

Figure 1 - Installing Header





Figure 3 - Installing Top

IMPORTANT: Align mantel top left to right before installing. Back of mantel leg must be flush with back of mantel top before installation.



Gas Fireplace Installation

1.Fireplace should be fully assembled. See Assembling Fireplace in fireplace owner’s manual.

2.Place mantel base close to installation location. See fireplace owner’s manual for installation clearances. Leave enough room to insert fireplace from back of mantel.

3.Install gas line. See Connecting to Gas Supply in fireplace owner’s manual. Remember to leave access to the gas shutoff valve somewhere on the base or where it is accessible to the user.

4.Check for leaks. See Checking Gas Connections in fireplace owner’s manual.

5.Position fireplace inside mantel (see Figure 4). Carefully position gas lines. IMPORTANT: Use caution when positioning fireplace on base. Base may scratch easily. Make sure fireplace is in proper position within mantel opening before continuing with installation.

6.Fireplace with louver door: Lower bottom louver door.

Use two screws provided in hardware package and attach fireplace to wooden base. Close louver door.

Fireplace with fixed louver: Before installing logs or burner assembly (see owner’s manual) remove screws securing floor to assembly. Lift floor for access to bottom of fireplace. Use two screws provided in fireplace hardware package and attach fireplace base to wooden base. Reinstall floor with screws removed previously.

7.Carefully push mantel and base into position against wall.

Electric Fireplace Installation

This mantel can be used with DESA Heating, LLC electric fireplaces. Electric fireplaces install from the front of mantel. To install electric fireplace see fireplace instruction manual.

Figure 4 - Installing Gas Fireplace



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