EVGA GeForce GTX 295 User Manual

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Driver Installation

With the hardware installed, it is now time to install the graphics driver.

1Power up your computer.

2Insert the driver installation CD or double click on the GeForce driver executable file that can be downloaded at www.evga.com/support/drivers. The Setup program takes over and will walk you through the driver installation process.

3You may need to reboot your PC once the driver installation is complete.

Enabling SLI

If you have installed multiple graphics cards in your system for SLI, you can set your SLI configuration in the NVIDIA Control Panel:

Note: Quad SLI is only supported under the Windows Vista operating system.

4 In Windows Vista, go to Start > Control Panel > Additional Optionsand select the NVIDIA Control Panel icon.

5 Click on Set SLI and PhysX Configuration in the left task pane and selectEnable SLI and clickApply.

6 Click Yes on the Applications Shutdown Requiredwindow.

Quick Start Guide

GeForce GTX 295

3 Remove any existing graphics card(s).

Attention: If your system has been running for a period of time prior to opening the panels, it is very important that you wait until the graphics cardin your system has cooled before taking the card out of the system. Graphics cards can get hot when they have been operating for any length of time.

4 Install the graphics card into the Primary PCI Express x16 slot.

Primary PCI

Express x16 slot

If you are installing an additional GeForce GTX 295 graphics card for Quad SLI configuration, continue with step 5. If you are only installing one GeForce card, go on to step 6.

Note: All of the graphic cards in Quad SLI configuration must be identical. Therefore, both graphics cards must be GeForce GTX 295.

5For Quad SLI, install the second GeForce card into the outer most PCI Express x16 slot on the motherboard.

Dual SLI Bridge Connector


Connect the two cards together using the dual SLI bridge connector that came with your SLI-readymotherboard.

6Connect BOTH a 6-pinAND an8-pinPCI Express auxiliary power connector from the computer power supply to the connectors on the top edge of the GeForce GTX 295 graphics card.

Attention: Make sure to plug the8-pinPCI Express power connector (),NOT the8-pinmotherboard connector (X ), into your graphics card.

7If you are going to be using your graphics card to output audio over an HDMI connection, connect the SPDIF cable as shown in the diagram to your primary graphics card:



Connect this end of the SPDIF cable into the SPDIF header on the motherboard, making sure to match the SPDIF and GND pins on the cable to the correct pins on the motherboard. Consult your motherboard documentation for information on the SPDIF pins on the motherboard.

8Reinstall the cover on your computer and reconnect any cables that you removed earlier in the installation.

The GeForce GTX 295 graphics card can be connected to PC monitors or TVs that support DVI, VGA, or HDMI inputs. Supported multi-displayconfigurations vary based on the operating mode of the graphics card that is set in the NVIDIA Control Panel:

Multi-display mode: Allows user to output to up to three displays per graphics card. The user can connect to any combination of display outputs on the graphics card.

Multi-GPU mode: In this mode, the GPUs work together to increase rendering performance and image quality. The user can output to up to two displays (only one display supported for

Windows XP), but must connect to the displays using the two DVI connectors on the primary graphics card (the primary graphics card is indicated by the blue LED on the bracket).

Connect your computer monitor(s) or TV(s) to the GeForce graphics card.

Note: When two or more displays are connected, only the one connected to the primary connector of the primary card willPOST. The other monitor will not come up until Windows loads.



Power Status LED

GREEN: Both power connectors are correctly connected

RED: One or both power connectors are incorrect or not plugged correctly

Primary Graphics Card LED

In a Quad SLI configuration running in Quad SLI mode, only one graphics card will have active displays. The blue LED indicates the Primary card with the active displays. Make sure to plug your displays into this card.


1.Primary DVI Connector

2.Secondary DVI Connector

HDMI Connector