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Residential Heating Selection Guide

This guide is intended to present an overview of the broad range of zone heating products we offer. For information about a particular product, talk to your dealer or download the spec sheet at www.empirecomfort.com.

Empire Heating Systems Residential Zone Heaters allow you to turn down the central furnace and heat just the rooms you use most. These systems also save your energy dollars by not suffering the heat-losscommon in a long vent run from the central furnace. The heat that’s produced in the room gets projected into the room.

Empire offers a variety of gas-firedheaters, employing three different technologies –Direct-Vent,B-Vent,and VentFree. Nearly all are available in LP and natural gas models.

Unlike a conventional furnace, most Empire heaters provide heat even when electric power fails.

The system you choose will depend on the amount of heat required, the efficiency you desire, the location of the heater, and local codes.


Vent-Freesystems draw room air to support combustion in a clean burning blueflame orradiant-plaquesystem. Rated at 99.9 percent efficient,vent-freeheaters release nearly all of the available heat energy into the room.

To ensure safe operation, all vent-freesystems include an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) to automatically turn off the heater if room oxygen level drops to an unsafe level.

Vent-freesystems are designed to provide supplemental heat and may not be used as a primary heat source.

Check local codes for installation requirements and ask your dealer to recommend a trained installation technician.


DV systems mount along an outside wall and have a vent-within-a-ventsystem to draw in outdoor air to support combustion and exhaust flue products to the outdoors. The vent cap usually installs on the outside wall of the home.

Because they do not draw your alreadyheated room air to support combustion, DV systems are among the most efficient of the vented heaters.

DV systems may be installed as the primary heating system.


B-Ventsystems use room air to support combustion and exhaust their flue products to the outdoors via a single pipe.B-Ventheaters can mount anywhere you have access to an existing flue or where you can install a vent run through the roof.

The ability to attach to an existing flue makes a B-Ventsystem an excellent replacement for an inefficient oil or wood stove.

Though less efficient than other technologies – because they draw the already-heatedroom air to support combustion –B-Ventsystems may be installed as the primary heating system.

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Total Comfort for Half the Cost of Electric Heat

Radiant or Blue Flame Design

99.9 Percent Efficient

Safe Operation with Auto Shut-offSafety Controls

Manual or Hydraulic Thermostatic Controls

Matchless Piezo Igniter

LP or Natural Gas Models

Mounts on Floor or Wall

All Models Heat without Electricity

Optional Manual and Automatic Blowers

Three-yearLimited Warranty on Parts and Labor

Empire Models Made In America

HearthRite Models Made in China

Blue Flame Heaters

Think warm tropical breeze! Our blue flame heaters warm the air, which rises to create natural circulation in the room. Ideal for any supplemental heat application.

BF Blue-FlameHeaters

BF-10(10,000 Btu)

BF-20(20,000 Btu)

BF-30(30,000 Btu)

Radiant Heat

Think cat on a windowsill! Our radiant heaters project warmth into the room like sunlight through a window. Ideal for warming any cold spot in a room.

SR Radiant Heaters

(Manual and Thermostat Models)

SR-6(6,000 Btu)

SR-10andSR-10T(10,000 Btu)

SR-18andSR-18T(18,000 Btu)

SR-30andSR-30T(30,000 Btu)



Empire Heating Systems • www.empirecomfort.com












HearthRite blue flame models are available in 6,000; 10,000; 20,000; and 30,000 Btu – manual and thermostat.

HearthRite Touch Pad Heaters

Radiant or Blue Flame Design

Digital Thermostat Controls

Programmable, with Child Lock-outFeature


Manual Override to Operate in Power Outages

HearthRite radiant models are available in 6,000; 10,000; 15,000; and 25,000 Btu LP and in 6,000; 10,000; 18,000; and 30,000 Btu Natural Gas Manual and thermostat.



HB20EL and HB20EN (20,000 Btu)

HB30EL and HB30EN (30,000 Btu)

HR17EL and HR20EN

(17,000 LP and 20,000 Btu Nat)

HR25EL and HR30EN

(25,000 LP and 30,000 Btu Nat

Touch Pad Controls

4 Empire Heating Systems • www.empirecomfort.com



MV Heaters

MV-120(8,400 Btu)

MV-130(14,000 Btu)

MV-145(20,000 Btu)

Empire MV direct-ventheaters are slim and compact, complementing any room décor.

Built-inThermostat, Safety Thermocouple, and Matchless Piezo Igniter.

DV Wall Furnaces

DV-210(10,000 Btu)

DV-215(15,000 Btu)

Clean and cost-efficientcomfort makes the DV210/215 wall furnaces ideal for smaller rooms, such as bedrooms or studies. The compact beige cabinet tucks out of the way on any outside wall.

DV-25(25,000 Btu)

DV-35(35,000 Btu)

Heat larger areas economically with Empire's DV25/35 wall furnace. Delivering ample, room-fillingwarmth, each furnace is stylishly crafted and fits against an outside wall.





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Wall Furnaces

DV-20E(20,000 Btu)

DV-40E(40,000 Btu)

DV-55E(55,000 Btu)

Advanced technology makes these heaters more than 80 percent efficient A.F.U.E. The 20,000 Btu DV-20Eis ideal for heating basements, family rooms or several small rooms. The DV40E andDV-55Eare perfect for heating large family rooms, offices, apartments or even entire homes.

Counterflow Direct-VentWall


DVC-35(35,000 Btu)

DV-55(55,000 Btu)

Rated at 76 percent efficient A.F.U.E., our counterflow wall furnaces heat large areas and use minimum floor space. Warm air exits at floor level for more even distribution.

Choose standing pilot or electronic ignition. DVC-35may be recessed between standard wall studs, larger models surface mount. Options vary by model but include side or rear register outlets, automatic blowers, and thermostats.



6 Empire Heating Systems • www.empirecomfort.com



Console Room Heaters

RH-25(25,000 Btu)

RH-35(35,000 Btu)

RH-50B,RH-50C(50,000 Btu)

RH-65B,RH-65C(65,000 Btu)

Our console heaters feature an open design for maximum heat dispersion and include a draft diverter to eliminate pilot outages.

Choose closed cabinet for heat only or visualflame (with optional log set or ceramic radiant package) for a fireplace-likeexperience. Installs easily with standard vent pipe. An optional automatic blower enhances heat circulation (standard onRH-50B/656B.)

Floor Furnaces

3588 (32,500 Btu)

5088 (45,000 Btu)

7088 (65,000 Btu)

America's most popular floor furnace provides whole-housecomfort for a fraction of the cost of electric heat and requires no electricity to operate.

B-VentGravity Wall Furnaces

GWT-25(25,000 Btu)

GWT-35(35,000 Btu)

GWT-50(50,000 Btu Total; 25,000 Btu/Room)

Our economical Gravity Vented Furnaces utilize state-of-the-arttechnology for the highest fuel efficiency. This furnace recesses into a wall or surface mounts with the optional kit. Heat two adjoining rooms with theGWT-50.

B-VentCounterflow Wall Furnaces

FAW-40(40,000 Btu)

FAW-55(55,000 Btu)

Counterflow wall furnaces circulate warmth at floor level to provide comfort at a fraction of the cost of electric heat. The front panels remove easily for cleaning and servicing.

Choose standing pilot or electronic ignition. Optional side and rear registers help disperse heat to other areas.




Empire Heating Systems • www.empirecomfort.com




Heater Type

Btu Input

AFUE Efficiency %

Use as Primary Heat Source

Works Without Electricity






Vent-FreeBlue Flame Heaters

6,000 to 30,000



Vent-FreeRadiant Heaters

6,000 to 30,000








Direct-VentMV Wall Furnaces

8,400 to 20,000







Direct-VentDV Wall Furnaces

10,000 to 30,000







Direct-VentHigh-EfficientWall Furnaces

20,000 to 55,000








Direct-VentCounterflow Wall Furnaces

35,000 to 55,000








B-VentConsole Room Heaters

25,000 to 65,000







B-VentFloor Furnace

32,500 to 65,000







B-VentGravity Wall Furnaces

25,000 to 50,000







B-VentCounterflow Wall Furnaces

40,000 to 55,000









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