Denso BHT-6000 User Manual
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Chapter 2. Getting Started the BHT-6000and System Mode

2.2 Infrared Communications

The BHT-6000has an integrated infrared (IR) communications device which enables wireless transfer of programs and data between theBHT-6000and the host computer and between theBHT-6000s,instead of the conventional wire transfer.

Host computer



The IR communications device features the following:

Wireless communications

Small and lightweight design

High transmission speed

Freedom from the codes/regulations and licenses which differ from country to country, unlike radio devices

The BHT-6000’sIR communications device isIrDA-compliant.IrDA stands for Infrared Data Association, which has defined hardware (IrDA Serial Infrared Physical Layer Link,IrDA-SIR)and communications protocols for IR communications.

The BHT-6000’sphysical layer complies with theIrDA-SIR1.0, with a maximum transfer distance of 1 m and maximum transmission rate of 115.2 kbits per second.

The BHT-6000adopts the exclusiveBHT-Irprotocol which allows you to develop user programs for IR communications inBHT-BASIC3.0, as can be done with conventional wire communications.

User programs



Physical layer (IrDA-SIR1.0)


2.3 Components and Functions

• Reading confirmation LED

Illuminates in green when the BHT has successfully read the bar codes.

M1 and M2 keys

Press either of these keys to start bar-codereading.

(The trigger switch function is assigned to both these keys by default.)

• Connector cover

Inside this cover is the direct-connectinterface port.

Liquid crystal display (LCD)

Shows the characters and graphic patterns.

• Hand strap

Put your hand through this strap to prevent you from dropping the BHT accidentally.

• Clip

Allows you to clip the BHT on your pocket.

Bar-codereading window

• Battery cover lock

Use this lock to lock/ unlock the battery cover.

• Battery cover

Remove this cover to replace batteries.

Optical interface port

This is an infrared port to exchange data/programs with the host computer or the optical communications unit CU-6000.


Chapter 2. Getting Started the BHT-6000and System Mode

The functions of the keys may be set by user programs. Shown below is a set of sample functions.

• M1/M2 (magic) keys

These keys are assigned the trigger switch by default. Depending upon definition in System Mode or in user programs, they may be used as any of the

ENT key, SF key, and backlight function on/off key. They can be also assigned string data in user programs.

F5-F8Cursor keys

Used to move up to the preceding line, down to the next line, to the preceding character, and to the next character.

• PW (Power) key

Turns the BHT-6000on or off.













• BS (Backspace) key

Moves back one character.

• Numerical keys

Used for numerical input.

• ENT (Enter) key

Finalizes the inputted data or operations, and starts the corresponding processing.

• Function keys

Used for choosing functions.

• SF (Shift) key

Used in combination with numerical keys for special input procedures.

• C (Clear) key

Clears the last inputted data or returns to the original screen.