Delta XJ-S41 User Manual

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Technical data


Technology / resolution


Light flux


Contrast ratio


Colour depth




Projection ratio




min. distance


Size of projection surface


Projection range


Type / operating life

Keystone correction

Vertical automatic / manual




Video / audio


Video components






USB devices*

Computer compatibility



Horiz./vert. frequency

Video compatibility




Remote control



Measurements (W x H x D)




Case / colour


Integrated loudspeaker


Mains voltage


Power consumption


Operating temperature


Operating noise




Guarantee on bulb



Other functions


Supplied with:








1 x 0.55“ DLP™-Chip /XGA 786.432 (1,024 x 768) pixels


2,000 ANSI lumens

2,000 ANSI lumens


2,500 ANSI lumens

2,500 ANSI lumens


1800:1 (tele mode)




16.7 million



2x optical zoom (focussing: manual electrical control)



1.4 - 2.8 : 1 (distance : image width)








0.84 m




15“ (0.38 m) - 300“ (7.62 m)




60“ (1.52 m) picture diagonal: 1.7 bis 3.4 m, 100“ (2.54 m) picture diagonal: 2.8 bis 5.6 m



210 W high pressure metal vapour lamp / ca. 2,000 hours



+ 30° / ±30°





1 x 15pin HD




Composite: 1 x 3.5 mm mini-jack /1 x 3.5 mmmini-jackfor audio input/output



Opt. adapter via 15pin HD





1 x type A (USB 1.1)



1 x type A (USB 1.1)



USB memory stick, CASIO



USB memory stick, CASIO



wireless adapter YW-2Lor



wireless adapter YW-2Lor









CASIO multifunctional camera



CASIO multifunctional camera



system YC-400/YC-430



system YC-400/YC-430

800 x 600 (extended) - 1,280 x 1,024 (condensed)

31 - 68 kHz / 56 - 85 Hz

PAL-N/-M,PAL60, SECAM, NTSC Composite video, YC, YPbPr Wireless IR

270 x 43 x 199 mm (32 mm at the thinnest point) 1.8 kg

Resin / silver 1 W mono

100 - 240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz ca. 270 W

5°C - 35°C

31 dB/35 dB (whisper mode/normal mode)

3 years

500 hrs. or 180 days Kensington slot, password-protected

4x digital zoom, quick start function, direct power-offfunction, freeze mode, eco mode, pointer, colour modes, can be mounted on the ceiling with special bulb available as optional extra

RGB cable, video cable, mains cable, IR remote control, operating instructions on CD, carry bag

* Function can only be guaranteed for products shown by CASIO. For more information on the USB memory sticks supported, please see the CASIO website. The DLP™ logo and the DLP™ symbol are registered trademarks of Texas Instruments. Correct as at June 2007. Errors and technical changes excepted.



AV input






USB port


network connection


















(only XJ-S36






and XJ-S46)







CASIO Europe GmbH • Bornbarch 10 • D-22848Norderstedt

Phone: +49(0)40/528 65-0• Fax: +49(0)40/52865-525

* Correct as at June 2007

Top performance in

Extended range of products

The flattest* DLP™ projectors in the world with up to 2,500 ANSI lumens. 43 mm slim. 1.8 kg light. Smaller than a sheet of A4.

Give presentations without a computer!

Unbelievably flat, impressively strong,

You can take our super-slimprojectors with you wherever you go.

The new XJ-Sseries projectors are sure to cause a sensation at your next presentation: With their incredibly elegant and compact design, they give no hint at first glance of what they can do. But once it‘s switched on, anXJ-Sprojector shows what an impressive perfor­ mance today‘s intelligent technology can offer. TheXJ-Sseries projectors already have everything you need for a successful presentation integrated; they are extremely light,super-slimand smaller than a sheet of A4 paper!

There are four new high-performanceprojectors in the series:

+XJ-S31with 2,000 ANSI lumens

+XJ-S36with 2,000 ANSI lumens and USB port

+XJ-S41with 2,500 ANSI lumens

+XJ-S46with 2,500 ANSI lumens and USB port

In all four models, technical refinements have been packed into the smallest space. With the USB port included in the XJ-S36andXJ-S46,you can even leave your laptop at home next time and run your presentation from a USB memory stick.

The combination of unbeatably compact design and state-of-the-arttechnology makes this series of projectors the most mobile professional companion on today‘s market.

Extremely attractive

+IF Design Award*

+Innovation Award 2007 “initiative mittelstand”**

XJ-Sseries: original size

Extremely simple

+ PC-freepresentation using USB stick + WLAN integration using USB adapter

* IF Design Award for the predecessor model XJ-S30** Award for the predecessor modelXJ-S35



Extremely mobile

Extremely fast

+ Weighs only 1.8 kg

+ Immediate start function

+ Measures only 270 x

+ Automatic settings


200 x 43 mm

+ Direct power-offfunction





Extremely innovative

+Newly-developedcolour wheel

+Newly-developedcooling system

+Aspherical lens

Extremely light-intensive

Extremely flexible

+ up to 2,500 ANSI lumens

+ 2x optical zoom


+ automatic vertical

+ contrast ratio 1.800 : 1

keystone correction


Presentations without a computer.

Comfortable and fast: Now your talk fits onto a USB stick.

Increase your mobility:

Give presentations without a computer.

For your next presentation, just leave your laptop at home! With the XJ-S36and theXJ-S46,things couldn‘t be simpler – or faster:

1.Instal the software supplied with the projector, EZ-ConverterPRO, on your computer (you can download a free test version in the Internet,

2.convert your films*, pictures or PC presentations, e.g. PowerPoint®, Word®, Excel® or PDF files, the data on any regular USB stick,

4.slot the USB stick into your projector, and you‘re ready to go!

The presentation runs automatically – you control it using the remote control.

Tip: You can also use this practical function on theXJ-S31andXJ-S41with the help of the presentation kitYP-100(see page 9)!

PC-freepresentations: It couldn‘t be simpler!

Convert the files, save them on a USB stick, slot the stick into the projector – and you‘re done!

The benefits at a glance

The advantages of computer-freepresentations.

+Run your presentation simply, spontaneously and di­ rectly from the projector.

+You save weight: instead of a laptop, you only have the USB stick to carry.

+You save time: there‘s no need to hook up the PC in future.

+You save costs: when you‘re working with a larger team, there‘s no need for each participant to have his own laptop – an inexpensive USB stick is adequate.

+You gain extra security: other people can‘t change your data during a presentation.




* For individual specifications, please visit



Enough power for daylight projection.

Bright & brillant: enough power even for bright surroundings.

Daylight projection with up to 2,500 ANSI lumenslight intensity and 1800:1 contrast!

With the XJ-Sseries there‘s no need to draw the blinds or curtains as you do with other mobile projectors. The technological heart of theXJ-Sprojectors is ahigh-performanceDLP™ chip.

With 2,500 ANSI lumens (XJ-S41andXJ-S46)or 2,000 ANSI lumens(XJ-S31andXJ-S36)and the incredible contrast ratio of 1800:1, your

presentation can be clearly seen even in bright surroundings. This turns a monologue in a dark room into a dialogue in friendly daylight.

Real colour reproduction thanks to newlydeveloped colour control.

You rightly expect your presentation to look just as convincing at the decisive moment as it does on your computer screen. The CASIO projectors have XGA resolution (1024 x 768 pixel) and a colour depth of 16.7 million colours.

The newly-developedcolour control with a broader spectrum ensures brillant and realistic reproduction of your data withfinely-gradedcolour nuances and brilliant, neutral white. That gives you the certainty that your presentation always appears in convincing,true-to-lifecolours.

CASIO XJ-S:Enough power for daylight projectors

CASIO XJ-S:Brillant and natural colours

darkened rooms

friendly daylight

Conventional colour reproduction

new XJ-Scolour control


Adapts flexibly to suit all rooms.

Variable and precise: The integrated 2x zoom lens.

Give a presentation wherever you want: The 2x optical zoom.

With the CASIO projectors you‘re prepared for every kind of room: You‘ve got a 2x zoom at your disposal that is unique in its class, giving you the opportunity to adapt to different room situations. E.g. for a 120 cm wide image you can choose a distance to the projection surface from 1.6 to 3.2 metres.

With conventional 1.2x zoom projectors you can only vary this diagonal between 2.4 and 2.9 metres. In other words, with CASIO XJ-Sseries projectors you are almost independent of the room size and the projection distance

– and with optimum reproduction quality at all times.

3.40 – 1.70 m

60 inch



The right size at all times: Perfectly adjusted pictures.

The zoom really shows what it can do in cases where the projection surface is fixed. In such surroundings, the ideal projector position rarely permits projection that fills the format.

With the CASIO 2x wide-anglezoom, you simply adjust the image size, which is infinitely variable, to fit the projection surface, and you‘ve always got a 100% perfect picture – especially over small distances. The lens ismotor-driven,so that you can easily zoom and focus from where you are, using the remote control


Format (4:3)

Min. distance

Max. distance

in inches

in metres

in metres

in metres


0.8 – 0.6




1.2 – 0.9




1.6 – 1.2




2.0 – 1.5




3.0 – 2.3




4.1 – 3.0







Convince your audience automatically: The vertical keystone correction.

You can even set up an XJ-Sprojector at an angle of +/- 30° to the projection surface. The vertical distortion of up to + 30° thus caused is automatically com-

pensated for by the sensor system. This means you can concentrate completely on your presentation. With the new CASIO projectors, distorted images belong to the past.

Situation: The projector is far away

projection too big

projection perfectly zoomed in

Situation: The projector is set up close to a wall

projection too small

projection perfectly zoomed out

Situation: The projector is set up at an angle to the wall

distorted image without correction correction produces a straight image


Get going right away and save time.

A reliable partner for your business.

New cooling system:

Your benefit from the latest developments

Nice and quiet: the XJ-Sseries‘ patented cooling technology not only ensures that the projector is kept cool, it also keeps running noise to a minimum.

Moreover, the special heat-pipesystem in combination with the newlydeveloped fan draws off the heat produced so that it flows solely in the direction of the projection – a refreshing advantage for your audience, especially in cramped conference rooms.

Immediate start function:

Technology that does all the work for you.

From the word go, the XJ-Sseries projectors relieve you of all the tasks that might impair your concentration: simply hook up the laptop or the USB stick, and start the projector.

The projector automatically recognizes the incoming signal, and you can get started straight away.

Direct power-offfunction: No time wasted waiting.

After your presentation, you don‘t need to wait till the projector has cooled down: the new direct power-offfunction allows you to pull the plug as soon as you‘ve finished presenting.

The benefits at a glance

The advantages of the mobile XJ-Sseries are obvious.

+You have your presentation tool with you at all times

– even at an in-housemeeting, you can present your facts in convincing size without any trouble.

+Thanks to the compact measurements of 27 x 20 x 4.3 cm, you can take your laptop and the projector with you in a single briefcase.

+With the computer-lesspresentation via USB stick (integrated into theXJ-S36andXJ-S46),you can even leave your computer at home.

+With brightness of 2,000 or 2,500 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 1800:1, you no longer need to draw the blinds or curtains in a light room.

+The 2x zoom means that you‘re completely flexible in your choice of presentation location. Projection distance and image size can be adjusted without any loss.

+Integrated technologies for immediate start, auto­ matic distortion correction and direct power-offsave time and make your life easier.

+The low weight of 1.8 kg makes the projector easy to transport – and that‘s also the best protection from theft.


Practical accessories.

Intelligent solutions: Perfectly coordinated to suit the XJ-Sprojectors.

USB connection for everyone:

Presentation kit YP-100.

With the help of the multi-functionalpresentation kitYP-100,you can enjoy the practical functions of a

USB port on every XJ projector, and on many other projectors, using a VGA cable. The YP-100is the perfect data supplier, making the use of a PC in your presentation superfluous. Just connect it to the projector, and off you go!

After you have connected the YP-100to the projector, the following data can be transmitted directly to the projector:

+Pictures in JPEG and BMP format

+MPEG4 videos* with audio

+PowerPoint® presentations, Word®, Excel® or PDF files which have previously been converted to JPEG format using the software supplied.

Using the YP-100,the multifunctional camera systemYC-430can be hooked up directly to the projector. You no longer need a notebook.

Tip: The combination of theYP-100and two CASIO WLAN adapters enables theXJ-S31andXJ-S41to be linked in a wireless network.

The wireless WLAN connection for up to 4 users.

You can also connect the XJ-S36andXJ-S46with your laptop in a wireless network. All you need is the CASIO

wireless adapter, which you slot into the USB interface of the projector and of your computer. The WLAN connection complies with the standard IEEE802.11b. If you‘ve got a laptop with wireless technology, all you need is a wireless adapter for the projector. After installation of the software supplied, up to four Windows computers (Windows® Vista®, XP® or 2000®) can access the projector without a cable. This way, several presentations can be shown in one meeting from different computers.

XJ-S36/XJ-S46:The WLAN connection couldn‘t be simpler to set up

Plug in WLAN adapter

Connect up to four PC‘s

Black leather bag

Practical bag made of quality leather with carrying handle and shoulder strap. Ideal for transporting a projector with all cables and other accessories. 31.5 W x 32.5 H x 7.5 D cm.

Weight: 800 g

Black leather case

The leather case offers optimum protection, but is still so small and flat that it can be packed inside a notebook bag, for example.

29 W x 22 H x 4 D cm. Weight: 300 g

Silver-greynylon bag

Bag made of quality nylon with carrying handle and shoulder strap. Ideal for transporting a projector with all cables and other accessories.

28,5 W x 23,5 H x 7,5 D cm. Weight: 500 g


Multifunctional camera system YC-430.

Revolutionizes your presentation.

Everything in one compact unit.

The multifunctional camera system YC-430consists of a sturdy, lightweight aluminum tripod and ahigh-qualitydigital camera.

+10 million pixels camera

+Optical triple zoom

+Digital 22x zoom

+Extremely compact: 16.8 x 29.6 x 4.4 cm

+Extremely light: weighs only 1.7 kg

YC-430:Really easy to manage when folded up

A perfect duo: Spontaneous integration of topical presentation content without a PC

The combination of an XJ-Sseries projector with the multifunctional camera system opens up com-

pletely new possibilities for structuring a presentation, enabling

material of topical relevance such

as photos, handwritten notes, sketches, printouts or newspaper clippings to be spontaneously integrated into a presentation. Just connect the YC-430to the USB port of theXJ-Sprojector, and you can capture your material and present it in large format right away.


+Spontaneous inclusion of new content in the presentation

+Less to carry thanks to compact size

+You don‘t need a laptop

The persuasive trio: Even more flexibility by hooking up a PC as well

By also hooking up a PC you get a wealth of extra applications that literally revolutionize the presentation possibilities in lessons, seminars or workshops. And the software that comes supplied enables you to use additional functions.

Scanner function

Replaces the scanner and quickly supplies high-resolutionpictures or documents which you can use the software to automatically save in chronological order, to archive or to show later as a slide show.


Live video mode: Ideal for product training and demonstrations

In the live video mode you can project full-format,VGA-resolutionvideos directly in a large format. You can use this function to show at training events the different functionalities of technical equipment like a camera, a cellphone or a pocket calculator. In lessons, the live video mode can also be used to better illustrate experiments in physics or chemistry, for example.

Situation: product training and interaction

Demonstration under the camera

Presentation as live video

Flipchart / whiteboard function

You can project diagrams on to a whiteboard for example, add handwritten notes and record the current status by swivelling the tripod and hitting the shutter release on the camera. This way, all relevant information can be captured and given to the participants as a printout, or sent to them later by e-mail.No more hectic copying down of extra information!

Or simply record all the facts on the blackboard, the flipchart or the whiteboard using the camera system.

Situation: Object presentation and interaction

Perfect for educational use

Ideal for documentation

Document camera

Integrate handwritten notes, printouts or newspaper clippings in the twinkling of an eye: just place them on the document tray and click on the shutter release. Even 3-dimensionalobjects can now be presented to a larger audience without any trouble.

The software supplied with the projector loads the photo automatically on to your PC, makes any adjustments necessary to correct distortion and saves the data, which you can then present directly using the projector.


Multifunctional camera



system YC-430



1/1.8“ square pixel primary colours CCD




(total pixels: 10.1 million)



XGA (1.024 x 768), SVGA (800 x 600),



Film sequence (640 x 480)



f = 7.9 - 23.7 mm (35 mm-Format:38.0 - 114.0 mm).



F 2.8 - 5.4



1.8x (document camera mode, scanner mode).



3x (whiteboard / business camera mode)



22x, scrollable



Contrast autofocus

Focus range


6 - 33 cm (document camera mode, scanner mode)



40 cm - (whiteboard / business camera mode)

Shutter / aperture

automatic / automatic

White balance



Image rotation


possible (90°, 180°, 270°)



USB (2.0 full-speed)x 1

Operating systems

Windows® Vista®/XP®/2000®/Professional®

Power supply


100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz


folded up: (W x H x D) 168 x 44 x 296 mm



when running: (W x H x D) 327 x 404 x 264 mm



1.7 kg




*The complete range of functions of the multifunctional camera system YC-430is only available when the system is connected to a computer and the software has been installed.