Delta DBN125 User Manual

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Disconnect tool from air supply.

1.Open magazine and remove remaining fasteners (Fig. 28 and Fig. 29).

Remove fasteners from tool before opening the fastener guide plate. Fasteners are under pressure and may shoot out of magazine which could cause injury.

2.Open the quick release latch and the fastener guide plate (Fig. 30).

3.Remove the jammed fastener (Fig. 31).

4.Close the fastener guide plate, and the quick release latch.

Fig. 28

Fig. 29

Fig. 30


Fig. 31







Disconnect tool from air supply before cleaning and inspection. Correct all problems before placing the tool back in use.

Wipe tool clean and inspect for wear or damage. Use non-flammablecleaning solutions to wipe exterior of tool only if necessary. DO NOT SOAK tool with cleaning solutions. Such solutions can damage internal parts.

Inspect trigger and safety mechanism to assure system is complete and functional: no loose or missing parts, no binding or sticking parts.

Keep all screws tight. Loose screws can cause personal injury or damage tool.

If tool is used without an in-lineoiler: place 5 or 6 drops of Delta Air Tool Oil into the air inlet of the tool at the beginning of each workday.


All quality tools will eventually require servicing or replacement of parts due to wear from normal use. These operations should ONLY be performed by either an AUTHORIZED DELTA SERVICE STATION or a PORTERCABLE•DELTA FACTORY SERVICE CENTER. All repairs made by these agencies are fully guaranteed against defective material and workmanship. We cannot guarantee repairs made or attempted by anyone other than these agencies.

Should you have any questions about your tool, feel free to write us at any time. In any communications, please give all information shown on the nameplate of your tool (model number, type, serial number, etc.).



Disconnect tool from air supply before performing any Service Procedure.




1.Air leak near top of tool or in trigger area.

Loose screws.

Tighten screws.

Worn or damaged

Install Overhaul Kit.

o-ringsor seals.


2.Tool does nothing or operates sluggishly.

Inadequate air supply.

Verify adequate air supply.

Inadequate lubrication.

Put 5 or 6 drops of oil into air inlet.

Worn or damaged

Install Overhaul Kit.

o-ringsor seals.


3.Air leak near bottom of tool.

Loose screws.

Tighten screws.

Worn or damaged

Install Overhaul Kit.

o-ringsor bumper.



Tool jams frequently.

Incorrect fasteners.

Verify approved fasteners of




correct size.



Damaged fasteners.

Replace w/undamaged fasteners.



Magazine or nose

Tighten screws.



screws loose.




Magazine is dirty.

Clean magazine.



Driver is worn or damaged.

Install “DRIVER” Maintenance Kit.








Contact a Porter-Cable/Delta




Service Facility.



A complete line of accessories is available from your Porter-Cable• Delta Supplier,Porter-Cable• Delta Factory Service Centers, and Delta Authorized Service Stations. Please visit our Web for a catalog or for the name of your nearest supplier.

Since accessories, other than those offered by PorterCable • Delta, have not been tested with this product, use of such accessories could be hazardous.For safest operation, onlyPorter-Cable

• Delta recommended accessories should be used with this product.

Two Year Limited New Product Warranty

Delta will repair or replace, at its expense and at its option, any new Delta machine, machine part, or machine accessory which in normal use has proven to be defective in workmanship or material, provided that the customer returns the product prepaid to a Delta factory service center or authorized service station with proof of purchase of the product within two years and provides Delta with reasonable opportunity to verify the alleged defect by inspection. For all refurbished Delta product, the warranty period is 180 days. Delta may require that electric motors be returned prepaid to a motor manufacturer’s authorized station for inspection and repair or replacement. Delta will not be responsible for any asserted defect which has resulted from normal wear, misuse, abuse or repair or alteration made or specifically authorized by anyone other than an authorized Delta service facility or representative. Under no circumstances will Delta be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from defective products. This warranty is Delta’s sole warranty and sets forth the customer’s exclusive remedy, with respect to defective products; all other warranties, express or implied, whether of merchantability, fitness for purpose, or otherwise, are expressly disclaimed by Delta.



Parts and Repair Service for Porter-Cable• Delta Power Tools are Available at These Locations (Obtenga Refaccion de Partes o Servicio para su Herramienta en los Siguientes Centros dePorter-Cable• Delta)

(Locations où vous trouverez les pièces de rechange nécessaires ainsi qu’un service d’entretien)




Cleveland 44125

Tempe 85282 (Phoenix)

Forest Park 30297 (Atlanta)

Minneapolis 55429

8001 Sweet Valley Drive

2400 West Southern Avenue

5442 Frontage Road,

5522 Lakeland Avenue North

Unit #19

Suite 105

Suite 112

Phone: (763) 561-9080

Phone: (216) 447-9030

Phone: (602) 437-1200

Phone: (404) 608-0006

Fax: (763) 561-0653

Fax: (216) 447-3097

Fax: (602) 437-2200

Fax: (404) 608-1123







North Kansas City 64116

Portland 97230

Ontario 91761 (Los Angeles)

Addison 60101 (Chicago)

1141 Swift Avenue

4916 NE 122 nd Ave.

3949A East Guasti Road

400 South Rohlwing Rd.

Phone: (816) 221-2070

Phone: (503) 252-0107

Phone: (909) 390-5555

Phone: (630) 424-8805

Fax: (816) 221-2897

Fax: (503) 252-2123

Fax: (909) 390-5554

Fax: (630) 424-8895

St. Louis 63119




San Diego 92111

Woodridge 60517 (Chicago)

7574 Watson Road

Willow Grove 19090 (Philadelphia)

7638 Clairemnot Blvd.

2033 West 75th Street

Phone: (314) 968-8950

520 North York Road

Phone: (858) 277-9595

Phone: (630) 910-9200

Fax: (314) 968-2790

Phone: (215) 658-1430

Fax: (858) 277-9696

Fax: (630) 910-0360


Fax: (215) 658-1433




San Leandro 94577 (Oakland)


Flushing 11365-1595(N.Y.C.)

3039 Teagarden Street

Elkridge 21075 (Baltimore)

175-25Horace Harding Expwy.

Carrollton 75006 (Dallas)

Phone: (510) 357-9762

7397-102Washington Blvd.

Phone: (718) 225-2040

1300 Interstate 35 N, Suite 112

Fax: (510) 357-7939

Phone: (410) 799-9394

Fax: (718) 423-9619

Phone: (972) 446-2996


Fax: (410) 799-9398


Fax: (972) 446-8157


Houston 77043

Arvada 80003 (Denver)


Charlotte 28270

8175 Sheridan Blvd., Unit S

Franklin 02038 (Boston)

9129 Monroe Road, Suite 115

4321 Sam Houston Parkway, West

Phone: (303) 487-1809

Franklin Industrial Park

Phone: (704) 841-1176

Suite 180

Fax: (303) 487-1868

101E Constitution Blvd.

Fax: (704) 708-4625

Phone: (713) 983-9910


Phone: (508) 520-8802


Fax: (713) 983-6645


Fax: (508) 528-8089


Davie 33314 (Miami)


Columbus 43214


4560 Indianola Avenue

Auburn 98001(Seattle)

4343 South State Rd. 7 (441)

Madison Heights 48071 (Detroit)

Phone: (614) 263-0929

3320 West Valley HWY, North

Unit #107

30475 Stephenson Highway

Fax: (614) 263-1238

Building D, Suite 111

Phone: (954) 321-6635

Phone: (248) 597-5000


Phone: (253) 333-8353

Fax: (954) 321-6638


Fax: (248) 597-5004


Fax: (253) 333-9613



Tampa 33609




4538 W. Kennedy Boulevard




Phone: (813) 877-9585




Fax: (813) 289-7948




Authorized Service Stations are located in many large cities. Telephone 800-438-2486 or731-541-6042 for assistance locating one. Parts and accessories forPorter-CableDelta products should be obtained by contacting anyPorter-CableDelta Distributor, Authorized Service Center, orPorter-CableDelta Factory Service Center. If you do not have access to any of these, call800-223-7278 and you will be directed to the nearestPorter-CableDelta Factory Service Center. Las Estaciones de Servicio Autorizadas están ubicadas en muchas grandes ciudades. Llame al800-438-8665 ó al731-541-6042 para obtener asistencia a fin de localizar una. Las piezas y los accesorios para los productos PorterCableDelta deben obtenerse poniéndose en contacto con cualquier distribuidorPorter-CableDelta, Centro de Servicio Autorizado o Centro de Servicio de FábricaPorter-CableDelta. Si no tiene acceso a ninguna de estas opciones, llame al800-223-7278 y le dirigirán al Centro de Servicio de FábricaPorter-CableDelta más cercano. Des centres de service agréés sont situés dans beaucoup de grandes villes. Appelez au800-438-8665 ou au731-541-6042 pour obtenir de l’aide pour en repérer un. Pour obtenir des pièces et accessoires pour les produits PorterCableDelta, s’adresser à tout distributeurPorter-CableDelta, centre de service agréé ou centre de service d’usinePorter-CableDelta. Si vous n’avez accès à aucun de ces centres, appeler le800-223-7278 et on vous dirigera vers le centre de service d’usinePorter-CableDelta le plus proche.




Bay 6, 2520-23rdSt. N.E.

1699 Dublin Avenue

Calgary, Alberta

Winnipeg, Manitoba

T2E 8L2

R3H 0H2

Phone: (403) 735-6166

Phone: (204) 633-9259

Fax: (403) 735-6144

Fax: (204) 632-1976



8520 Baxter Place

505 Southgate Drive

Burnaby, B.C.

Guelph, Ontario

V5A 4T8

N1H 6M7

Phone: (604) 420-0102

Phone: (519) 767-4132

Fax: (604) 420-3522

Fax: (519) 767-4131


1515 Ave.

St-JeanBaptiste, Suite 160

Québec, P.Q.

G2E 5E2

Phone: (418) 877-7112

Fax: (418) 877-7123

1447, Begin

St-Laurent,(Mtl), P.Q.

H4R 1V8

Phone: (514) 336-8772

Fax: (514) 336-3505

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