Cisco Systems STEV SRT-M-66 User Manual
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Appendix A Repackaging the Router

Repackaging the Routers


Tools and Equipment

You need the following items to remove the router from the equipment rack and repackage it for shipping:

ESD-preventivewrist strap


Number 1 and number 2 Phillips screwdrivers

3/8-inch(10-mm)nutdriver (for systems equipped with theDC-inputpower shelf)

9/16-inch(14-mmwrench) wrench

3/4-inch(19-mm)socket and ratchet wrench

Safety hand truck with retractable safety leg wheels and security strap, such as the Stevens Appliance Truck Company “Escort,” Model STEV SRT-M-66(distributed byMcMaster-Carras Model 2654T6), or an equivalent safety hand truck.

Antistatic sacks or other ESD-preventivestorage environment

The original router shipping package supplied by Cisco. If you do not have the original router shipping package, contact your Cisco service representative for assistance.

Safety Recommendations

Before you begin the procedures in this appendix, review the following safety information:

The safety recommendations listed in the“Safety Recommendations” section on page 2-2 inChapter 2, “Preparing for Installation.”

The safety warnings listed in the publication Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for the Cisco 12000 Series Internet Router that accompanied your router


Cisco XR 12416 Router Chassis Installation Guide