Cisco Systems SPA302DKITG1 User Manual

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Data Sheet

Cisco SPA302D Multi-LineDECT Handset

Product Overview

The Cisco® SPA302DMulti-LineDECT Handset is designed exclusively for use with the Cisco SPA232D MultiLine DECT ATA, and together these products enable the convenience of a cordlesson-premisesmobility solution forvoice-over-IP(VoIP) service. The SPA302D is a mobility enhanced handset, designed primarily for business environments that require a cordless phone to support not just one but multiple telephone numbers or lines, providing a highly innovative VoIP solution for users who tend to frequently move about their location but must always be reachable around the premises.

The intuitive, easy-to-usemenu structure on the Cisco SPA302D Handset allows you to easily navigate enhanced businesscall-controlfeatures, including multicall operation, and executebusiness-essentialfeatures such as call transfer, conferencing, hold, new call, mute, speakerphone, voicemail, intercom, andone-touchdial-outfrom callhistory logs. Wideband audio provides unsurpassedhigh-definitionvoice quality and enhanced sound clarity while thehigh-resolutioncolor screen provides clear visual information whether it is reflecting call status, displaying stored contact information from a private or shared phonebook, or configuring handset calling features. Superior performance and range along with highly efficient battery power usage based on DECT technology gives the SPA302D a distinct advantage and provides an affordable solution for customers who want to deployon-premisesmobility at a lower price point.

You can purchase the Cisco SPA302D individually or bundled as the Cisco SPA302DKIT Multi-LineDECT Handset with Base Station, providing flexible options to add up to a total of five handsets when needed and enabling more users withon-premisesmobility. The Cisco SPA302D and Cisco SPA232D are interoperable with many softswitch and SIP application servers (BroadSoft and MetaSwitch) andopen-sourceIP-PBXsolutions (Asterisk), to provide highly configurable and secure remote provisioning capabilities to enablemass-scaleVoIP service provider activation and deployment. The Cisco SPA232DMulti-LineDECT ATA has an integrated DECT base station and is also an affordable, highly reliable voice gateway for connecting an analog phone or fax machine to a service provider; it can also intelligently route VoIP calls to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and vice versa.

The Cisco SPA302D Multi-LineDECT Handset is ideal for any residential, home office, or business searching for an advanced, multiline cordless mobility solution with superior voice quality to boost efficiency for busy users who must be reachable whether they are in the office or elsewhere on the premises.

Features of the Cisco SPA302D Multi-LineDECT Handset (Figures 1 and 2):

Ability to make high-qualityfeature-richbusiness-qualityVoIP calls with cordless handset convenience

High-resolutioncolor display withhands-freespeakerphone andfour-waymenu navigation button

Superior performance and range along with highly efficient battery power usage based on DECT technology

Essential telephony feature support such as caller ID, call transfer, call waiting, call forwarding, three-wayconferencing, call history, and private and shared phonebooks

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Cost-effective,multilineon-premisesmobility solution capable of registering up to five handsets to a Cisco SPA232DMulti-LineDECT ATA supporting four simultaneous active calls

Highly configurable and secure remote provisioning capabilities to enable mass-scaleservice provider activation and deployment

Ideal solution for residential, small office or home office (SOHO), and business environments

Figure 1. Cisco SPA302DMulti-lineDECT Handset

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Figure 2. Cisco SPA232DMulti-LineDECT ATA and Cisco SPA302DMulti-LineDECT Handset

Product Benefits

The Cisco SPA302D provides an easy-to-usecordless mobility solution for VoIP that offers:

High-qualityvoice andbusiness-gradefeature support: The Cisco SPA302DMulti-LineDECT Handset together with the Cisco SPA232DMulti-LineDECT ATA offers anon-premisesmobility solution that delivers clear,high-qualityvoice communication in diverse network conditions. Excellent voice quality in a demanding IP network is consistently achieved with our advanced implementation of standardvoice-codingalgorithms.

Large-scaledeployment and management: The Cisco SPA302D offers all the important features and capabilities which service providers can provide customized VoIP services to their subscribers. It can be remotely provisioned and issoftware-upgradable.A secure profile upload saves providers the time, expense, and hassle of managing and preconfiguring or reconfiguring subscriber equipment for deployment. Service providers can remotely provision the SPA302D handset enabling subscribers to incrementally add SPA302D handsets at any time without the need to configureon-site.

Outstanding security: The Cisco SPA302D supports highly secure, encryption-basedmethods for communication, provisioning, and servicing.

Comprehensive feature set: The Cisco SPA302D is compatible with essential Internet VoIP provider features such as caller ID, call waiting, call transfer, call forwarding, three-wayconferencing, voicemail, and much more to provide a complete, affordable, and highly reliable VoIP solution.

Enhanced mobility: The integrated DECT base station of the SPA232D with exclusive support for Cisco SPA302D Multi-LineDECT Handsets provides a simple and reliable mobility solution for users that tend to frequently move about their location but must always be reachable around the premises.

Easy installation and changes: The Cisco SPA302D menu display enables quick deployment and easy changes.

Peace of mind: Cisco solutions deliver the solid reliability you expect from Cisco. All solution components have been rigorously tested to help ensure easy setup, interoperability, and performance.

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Product Specifications

Table 1. Product Specifications

*Note: Many specifications are programmable within a defined range or list of options. Please refer to the SPA232D Administration Guide for details.






1910 to 1930 MHz (SPA302D-G1andSPA302DKIT-G1)


1880 to 1920 MHz (SPA302D-G7andSPA302DKIT-G7)


Range: Indoor: 165 ft (50m); outdoor: 980 ft (300m)



Physical specifications



On-hook/Poweroff button






Two soft-keybuttons






Dedicated speakerphone and mute buttons






Four-waynavigation keypad






Headset jack: 2.5 mm


Removable belt clip






Charging cradle stand



Handset features

2.0-in.TFT (176 x 220 pixels), 65,000 colors, backlit withscratch-resistantlens


Software upgradable over the air (SUOTA)


Outgoing default line (when configured with multiple lines)


Line status


White illuminated keypad backlight


Status icons (do not disturb [DND], call forward, mute, off-hook,speakerphone, signal status, and battery




Date and time display


Handset name display


Dial key lock


Speed dial: Eight programmable


Private phone book (50 records)


Shared phone book (50 records)


Call history (50 records filtered by Outgoing, Incoming, and Missed)


One-touchdial from call history


Missed call(s)


Message-WaitingIndicator (MWI) tones


Visual MWI (VMWI)


Five ringtones


Keypad and handset parking tones


Distinctive ring support


Administrative personal identification number (PIN) code support


Factory reset


Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC)



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Caller ID




Call mute




Call hold/resume


New call (support for two active call segments)




Call forward (conditional, unconditional, busy, or no answer)




Call transfer (attended or blind)




Call waiting and indication (CWI)




Call blocking










Three-wayconferencing with local mixing




Call parking and unparking




Secure calls (Secure Real-TimeTransport Protocol [SRTP])


Intercom (handset to handset)




* Some features may require support by the call-controlserver.



DECT Base Station*

* Please refer to the Cisco SPA232D Multi-LineDECT ATA data sheet for additional technical details.


Five handset registrations on a Cisco SPA232D (DECT Base Station)



Four simultaneous active calls


11 individual SIP accounts (10 DECT and 1 FXS)


Page/Registration button


Interfaces: FXS, FXO, LAN, and WAN (10/100BASE-T)


T.38 Fax


Codecs: G.722, G.711a-lawandmu-law,G.729b and ab, and G.726


SIPv2 (RFCs 3261, 3262, 3263, and 3264)


Dual-tonemultifrequency (DTMF):In-bandandout-of-band(RFC 2833) (SIP INFO)


Caller ID generation (name and number): Bellcore, DTMF, and ETSI




Handset display language support for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese



Regulatory compliance

FCC (Part 15 Class B), CE, ICES-003,A-Tickcertification, Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), and UL



Power supply

DC input voltage: 5 DC at 1.0A maximum






Power consumption: 5W






Switching type (100–240V)automatic






Power adapter: 100–240V,50–60Hz(26–34VA) AC input, 1.8m cord




2 Ni-MH800-mAh(1.2V) AAA batteries (rechargeable)


10 hours of talk time


120 hours of standby time



Indicator lights/LED

Charging cradle power and charge




Quick Start Guide


User Guide


Administration Guide: Available online


Provisioning Guide: Available online







Dimensions (H x W x D)

2 x 5.8 x 1 in. (5 x 15 x 2.5 cm)



Unit weight

5 oz. (142g)



Operating temperature

32 to 113ºF (0 to 45ºC)





Storage temperature

–77to 158ºF(–25to 70ºC)



Operating humidity

10 to 90% noncondensing



Storage humidity

10 to 90% noncondensing



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Package contents

Cisco SPA302D Multi-LineDECT Handset


Two Ni-MH800-mAh(1.2V) AAA batteries


Charging cradle


5V/1A power adapter


Belt clip


Quick Start Guide


CD with documentation including license and warranty



Warranty Information

Cisco SPA302D is covered by a Cisco standard 1-yearlimited hardware warranty with return to factory replacement and90-daylimited software warranty. To download software updates, please

Ordering Information

Table 2 gives ordering information for the Cisco SPA302D.

Table 2.

Ordering Information








Product Name

Part Number






Cisco SPA302D Multi-lineDECT Handset










Cisco SPA302DKIT Multi-lineDECT Handset with Base Station




















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Cisco Services

The Cisco Small Business Support Service provides “peace of mind” coverage at an affordable price and helps you get the most value from your Cisco Small Business solution. This device-level,subscription-basedservice includes software upgrades and updates, extended access to the Cisco Small Business Support Center, and next-business-dayhardware replacement as necessary. It also providescommunity-basedsupport to enable small businesses to share knowledge and collaborate using online forums and wikis to help boost business efficiency, identify and reduce risks, and serve customers better.

For More Information

For more information about Cisco Small Business solutions, visit For more information about the Cisco SPA232D and other voice gateways and analog telephone adapters (ATAs), or contact your local Cisco account representative.

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